Celebrities choose to live their stays in the spotlight, yet their kids, top top the various other hand, commonly don"t acquire a choice. Take Chip and Joanna Gaines, because that example. The pair from Waco, Texas, very first found fame in 2013 as soon as their show Fixer Upper premiered on HGTV and also became a surprise smash hit. The display often featured the couple"s 4 children: Drake, Ella, Duke, and also Emmie. The pair went on to include a 5th child come their family members after the final episode the Fixer upper aired in 2018. At the moment they announced the end of the series, Joanna stated they were planning come "step earlier and just obtain kind of new vision, acquire some rest, but additionally just hunker down through our kiddos." however soon thereafter, the Gaineses revealed they"d be ago with a new Fixer Upper 2.0 top top their own network, Magnolia. This time, however, we may be seeing less of the Gaines kids. During a current interview with People, Joanna mutual that her youngsters "don"t necessarily love" being on TV, so once it involves their new series, they"ll it is in doing things a little differently. Check out on because that more, and if friend love the Gaines" aesthetic, examine out these Amazing house Décor tips From Joanna Gaines.

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For the upcoming resurgence of Fixer Upper—which will launch in 2021—the Gaines children may not be for this reason omnipresent. "We want to it is in smart when it concerns our kids," Joanna called People. "When we an initial started the show, they to be younger, and also since they"re a component of so lot of what us do, it was simply organic to incorporate them. Yet toward the finish I started noticing, lock don"t have to love this."

Going forward, the Gaineses space leaving the kids" level of participation up to them. "Now, if they volunteer to it is in a part, us are much more than happy, yet we never ever want come just pressure it because that a scene. They have the right to make the choice. We"ll view as much of the kids as they desire to offer us," Joanna explained.

While several of the Gaines children seem to love the camera, others have tended come shy away from the spotlight. On the new Fixer Upper, pan will watch which Gaines youngsters choose to make an appearance on the present once more. Read on come see exactly how much they"ve grown up, and also for more kids with famed parents, check out Pierce Brosnan"s model Sons Will completely Remind you of their Dad.

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Drake Gaines

Ella Gaines, who frequently helped her mommy on Fixer Upper, is currently 14 years old; she was just 6 once the show began.

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