DEON Derrico paid tribute to his mommy on her birthday after it was revealed he has a an enig son.

The 50-year-old reality personality mutual a sweet post with a photo of mother Marian ~ above Friday and vowed come "turn up" to celebrate with her.

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Deon Derrico shared this photo of his 'loving and kind' mom on Friday as he vowed come 'turn up' for she birthdayCredit: Instagram / Deon Derrico

It comes after it was revealed that Deon has actually a mystery adopted boy who has actually never met his siblingsCredit: TLC


"She’s type to all that will open their hearts come her and also I’ve had actually the blessed life the being raised by together a exorbitant lady!
marianderrico we room going to revolve it increase today! and also I’m thanking GOD, for your continued greatness."

Deon and also his mam Karen, 41, star on Doubling Down v the Derricos with your 14 children. 

This come after it was revealed that Deon has actually a an enig son that has actually never met his sons.

But lacking from the collection is Deon’s son Derron, 30, who he embraced when he to be a preteen. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Derron revealed his broken bond v his father and how he has yet to meet his younger siblings. 



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Derron said The Sun: “We don't have the ideal relationship… us don't speak as lot as we should. It was caused because my father and also I just didn't watch eye come eye.”

Derron, who is a dad to a daughter, is unsure that the critical time he also saw his dad. 

He said: "I can't phone call you and as far as the critical time I observed my father since I'm not even sure. I don't know any type of of the quints and never have seen them besides on TV or online. I don't know them and I'm sure they don't know of me or also that they have an enlarge sibling."

Deon and also Karen’s quintuplets are currently seven year old. 

Deon embraced Derron prior to he married Karen. 

The son claimed of being placed with Deon: “I was 11 or 12 at that time. It to be a blessing in disguise. Ns didn't think it would have actually happened, but I to be blessed sufficient for it come be. He helped me uncover my mom later down the line. No one knows my biological father. 

“I asked him to adopt me and also I asked dad God and also it was granted. Some civilization come in your life for a season, a reason, or whatever it might be. Take it me a long time to understand that and see it. And I perform now. 

"Through me coming into his life, he confirmed God he can raise me and also he got blessed with more children and also a display and much more to come.”

Deon and also Karen have actually not discussed Derron ~ above the fight TLC show. 


Derron said of no being included in filming: "I haven't been invited I suppose. That the show’s and also I intend my father's choice.”

Despite the rift, Derron only wishes the best for his father and also family. 

He said: “I hope they proceed to prosper and have more shows. I'm happy to see and know that some of the things my father has asked for has concerned pass. I love my family members regardless that what ns or they do go through and I wish them nothing yet blessings love and happiness in whatever that lock do. 

“I hope with time that whatever works chin out and we can be family again some day. I would love to have a partnership with my family and also I would love for my daughter to recognize she has actually grandparents and get to know my family.”


The TLC series premiered in 2020 and just wrapped up season two. 

The display features Deon, Karen and their 14 children. 

Most recently, Karen common that she suffered a legacy in late 2020. 

Karen and Deon told People of their 3rd miscarriage: "Even though us aren't strangers come miscarriages, it's quiet a hard heartbreak come endure! ours hearts are broken and also pieces of that go out to others that have sustained this pain.”

The pair added: "However, us must proceed to thank God for our children and many various other blessings that we have, and also in addition we stay prayed up!”

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Deon's secret son said The Sun: "We don't have actually the finest relationship… us don't speak as much as we should. It to be caused due to the fact that my father and I just didn't check out eye come eye."Credit: Facebook