Chase Chrisley is a renowned reality TV star native the display Chrisley to know Best. The show features his dad, a millionaire and also real legacy mogul, and his family.

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Chase Chrisley biography

Chase Chrisley was born ~ above June 1, 1996. The talented TV star is the kid of Todd Chrisley and also his 2nd wife, Julie. He was born in south Carolina, USA.

How old is follow Chrisley?

He is 25 years old together of 2021.

He has four siblings, two from his dad’s very first marriage v Teresa Terry and also two indigenous his existing one. His siblings are Savannah, Lindsie, Grayson, and also Kyle. It have to be together a delight to have many siblings come play and share life with.

Savannah, Todd, Julie, Chase and Lindsie Chrisley at the 2016 NBCUniversal Summer push Day ~ above April 1, 2016. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Chase is an especially close to his sisters Savannah, and his nephew Chloe. The is an animal lover and often filling his feed on his Instagram account with animal pictures. He has even created an Instagram page for his dog Lilo. That is additionally a music lover.

The 24-year-old attended a private Christian college for his studies. That was increased as a spiritual person, and also he constantly short articles messages and also images proclaiming his confidence on his social media platforms.


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Chase even tattooed a bible verse top top his body at part point. The action, however, did no augur well with his parents.

It seems that his mischief is not simply as checked out on the show; he may be normally naughty. Cultivation up, the TV star was an athlete and also wanted to become a professional baseball player.

What is follow Chrisley's job?

Chase Chrisley increased to fame for being part of the reality TV show Chrisley to know Best. The show, i beg your pardon airs ~ above the USA Network, features Chase’s dad Todd Chrisley and also his family.

Chase has end up being a favorite due to his mischievous action of the show. The is watched in a constant attempt to outsmart his dad, and he also gets his sisters Savannah to be on his team.

Chase has likewise appeared in talk shows choose Steve Harvey (2012). He had actually at some suggest began a podcast present named ‘The chase Chrisley Podcast.’


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The fact TV personality currently lives in a lavish residence in Los Angeles along with his sister Savannah. The two moved out of their dad’s house and also are experimenting their stays as adult now.

The pair gave a tourism of their new home on the spinoff to the show to Chrisley to know Best, namely cultivation Up Chrisley. The spinoff reality collection Growing up Chrisley adheres to Chase and Savannah Chrisley to California together they chase their dreams.

Savannah and Chase Chrisley pose for a photograph in studio. Photo: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Savannah has actually an interest in ending up being a beauty guru and also launching a assembly line. Chase, on the other hand, desires to end up being a expert actor. He also started a brand dubbed Chase Chrisley Collection, a arsenal of scented high-end candles.

Chase Chrisley girlfriend

Chase supplied to day Emmy Medders. He took their connection to his Instagram in July 2020. In an interview through Life and Style, he common that they met a couple of year ago.


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However, in august 2021, Chase informed that he and also Emmy were officially called it quits in one interview with E! Online.

Chase with his ex-girlfriend Emmy Medders. Photo:
emmymeddersSource: Instagram

Before his connection with Emmy, the was dating Kayla Puzas. That has also dated Lindsay Merrick and also Brooke Noury. That is out there the Todd, chase dad, no quite like Brooke.

Is follow Chrisley gay?

Todd Chrisley has often been questioned about his sexuality. The problem was a huge deal once Kyle Chrisley declared that his father is gay and had been keeping his sexuality status a secret.

Chase’s dad handle the rumors in February 2018 and also that that doesn’t stroked nerves him that civilization keep asking. Human being may have thought that chase was gay due to the rumors roughly his dad.

However, the TV star there is no come out together gay. Having actually dated four girls therefore far, one cannot assume the he is gay uneven he specifically says so.


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Body measurements

Chase has a slim frame, and he weighs around 60 kg. His hair is brown, when his eyes space dark brown. Chase Chrisley height is 5 feet 5 inches.

Chase Chrisley teeth

The remarkable TV star has actually remarkably white teeth that some people say are too white for regular teeth. Others are of the opinion that his teeth room too big for his mouth, claiming the they space veneers.

It is not just him that has challenged such trolling in the family. At one point, Savannah post a snapshot with her niece Chloe, stating the she has actually such an excellent teeth. The trolling that ensued were implying the the teeth aren’t real.

People always have various opinions, and while part think the Chase’s this make his smile perfect, others space busy looking in ~ his faults. Having not handle the problem himself, that is best to let that be!

Chase Chrisley network worth

The TV star's network worth is estimated at $2 million. This is attributable come his career together a fact TV personality. However, there room doubts concerning his true gaue won position.

Their family has been in the limelight for having money problems and also evading taxes. In 2019, follow was challenged with a Federal taxes Lien that close come $17 000, but he regulated to salary it off.

Social media presence

The commemorated TV personality was already active on social media prior to he came to be famous. His popularity, however, grew due to the success of the reality TV display in which he is featured.

The talented TV personality has actually a vast following on social media. He currently has end 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 277k on Twitter, and 902k ~ above Facebook.

Chase Chrisley is a effective young male whose life is inspiring. Not only has he managed to record the hearts of numerous in the truth TV display in which that features, however he has actually gone ahead to go after an exhilaration career for himself. He can only be intended to keep doing well, provided his resolve and commitment. recently published the biography of Joey Heatherton. Joey Heatherton is a film and also TV actress, dancer, and also singer indigenous the unified States. She was featured on several television collection , and also is likewise known for her dance moves which plenty of American TV viewers were uncomfortable with at the time.

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She performed for plenty of years top top USO tours presented by Bob Hope. She is a talented performer who has worked on several films, and also TV projects.


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