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The Brown household is dedicating the following season that Alaskan bush glossesweb.com to so late patriarch Billy Brown, civilization can exclusively announce.

Billy died on Feb. 7 after experiencing a seizure. He to be 68. In a very first look at the upcoming season 13 that the family's discovery series, Billy's wife Ami Brown, daughters Rain and Snowbird and sons Bear, Matt, Bam Bam, Gabe and also Noah reflect top top his legacy. 

"Dad always told us sooner or later we'd have to bring on there is no him," starts Bam Bam, 36. "But us weren't all set for him come go."

The clip then cut to Gabriel, 31, phone call 911. "This is Gabriel Brown — just send an ambulance," the says.

"Looking back, Dad knew his time in this civilization was coming to one end, and we have the right to see now he to be laying out a plan for us, preparing us to achieve the vision," add to Snowbird, 26. "If only we interpreted his setup sooner."

"Life now is unequal anything we've challenged before," she continues. "We'll never give up our fight for complete freedom, but can we carry out it without Dad?"



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"It's a specifying year for the Browns together Billy's final vision to realize the family members dream becomes their greatest adventure yet," a narrator says as the trailer pivots come the months leading as much as Billy's death.

"I'm prepared to start thinking favor we used to think, friend know, let's get some craziness the end here," Billy tells his household at one point, as clips role of him building a zip line, looking for gold and working top top the family's Washington state ranch after that was damaged by wildfires. 

Snowbird, meanwhile, begins thinking about returning come Alaska. "I find myself hear the contact of Alaska," she says, later on adding, "It's difficult answering, execute I want to move back?"



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Everything rather is thrown come the wayside, though, once Billy dies and the family members must lay him come rest. 

"There's tho a component of me that feels really lost," Snowbird states through tears to she mom, that advises, "You have to go where the roadway calls you."


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