BASKETBALL Wives is just roughly the corner from being back on displays with a mix of new fresh faces.

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Fans space eagerly anticipating the return the the display after it stayed off-air for much more than a year.


Basketball Wives airs top top VH1Credit: VH1

Who is in the cast of Basketball Wives season 9?

Shaunie O’Neal


Shaunie O'NealCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Shaunie was married to legend basketball player Shaquille O'Neal.

The pair were together for nine years and had four children together prior to they divorced in 2009 citing irreconcilable differences.

After their divorce, the basketballer’s attorney penned a letter to VH1 to prevent his ex-wife from discussing their marital relationship on Basketball Wives, however Shaunie went on come star in the show.

Malaysia Pargo



Evelyn LozadaCredit: Getty Images

Evelyn is best known as one of the six key original actors members since Basketball Wives' beginning in 2010.

Evelyn was previously married come Antoine pedestrian from 1998-2008.

Evelyn moved onto previous NFL large receiver Chad Johnson that she to be married to because that a couple of months in 2012.

Chad to be arrested for domestic battery the year after gift accused of headbutting Evelyn in an argument.

Jackie Christie


Jackie ChristieCredit: Getty images - Getty

Jackie Christie, a producer, and actress has been married to Doug Christie since July 8, 1993.

They have actually three youngsters together. She husband, who retired after ~ 15 seasons in the NBA, is currently a commentator for the Sacramento Kings.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer WilliamsCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Jennifer Williams was wed to former NBA agree Eric Williams indigenous 2007-2010.

In 2020, Jennifer dated a guy who she accused of stealing her range Rover ~ the two damaged up.

On Instagram, she composed "Aaron Nichols stole from me. The goes by numerous alias consisting of Nick, Daniel or Chris. He has actually conned numerous women and also men as well out that vehicles and huge amounts of cash."

Kristen Scott

Kristen ScottCredit: Instagram

Kristen, who joined the Basketball Wives cast in season 7, married cutting board Scott in 2012.

Thomas used to be on the coaching employee of the new Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers and also the Los Angeles Lakers. Cutting board is the child of NBA legend, Byron Scott. 

Ogom ChijinduCredit: Getty images - Getty

OG is a is a Nigerian experienced athlete who has played soccer, basketball, volleyball and also track & field.

A Basketball Wives newbie, she is dating abroad player Kwame Alexander.

OG to be embroiled in an ongoing tension v Evelyn Lozada in season 8 the Basketball Wives, and also fans accused Evelyn the bullying, which executive producer Shaunie O'Neal was triggered to address.

Nia DorseyCredit: Instagram

Feby, Liza and also Nia and also Noria all showed up in season 8 the Basketball Wives and also are supposed to make a reappearance in season 9.

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Feby is an influencer who as soon as dated Lance Stephenson, when Liza Morales is famous for being the mama baby of former NBA player Lamar Odom.