After a 12-season absence, pro football returned to Baltimore, Md. In 1996 in the kind of the brand-new Baltimore Ravens. "This is a new beginning and a new era for us," Ravens owner arts Modell told pan at the team naming ceremony.

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With fans play an integral role, the selection of the nickname "Ravens" was inspired by the city of former Baltimore resident, Edgar Allan Poe. Indigenous a perform of much more than 100 possible nicknames gift by NFL Properties, society executives narrowed the list to 17. Focus groups of 200 human being from the Baltimore area trimmed the list to six. A telephone survey of 1,000 pan shortened the list to Ravens, Marauders and also Americans. Fans to be then invited to participate in a phone-in poll performed by the Baltimore Sun. That 33,288 voters, practically two-thirds (21,108) choose Ravens.


"Ravens provides us a strong nickname the is not common to teams at any kind of level, and also it provides one that means something historically to this community," Modell stressed.

Although the team does indeed lug "a new era" of pro football come Baltimore, numerous of the on-the-field "growing pains" a new team generally endures may be escaped by the Ravens. A veteran team the had currently played together a unit, the Ravens hired head coach Ted Marchibroda. The popular veteran coach was head coach the the Baltimore Colts indigenous 1975 come 1979. In his an initial year at the Colts" helm, Marchibroda took a society that had actually posted a 2-12 mark in 1974 and also engineered the then biggest seasonal come back in NFL history by creating a 10-4 record in 1975. The turnaround to be the an initial time in league annals the a team moved from last to first in one season.

The Ravens wasted no time earning their an initial victory in franchise history. In their inaugural continual season game, the Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders, 19-14, ~ above September 1, 1996. A Memorial Stadium record crowd that 64,124 observed the historical moment.

Under the direction the Ozzie Newsome, general Manager & executive, management Vice president of Player Personnel, the Ravens have come to be one the the upstream franchises in the NFL.

The team rental long-time NFL assistant coach Brian Billick in 1999 to handle the coaching reins. In just his 2nd season, Billick, aided by a defense that permitted the fewest quantity of points throughout a 16-game continual season in NFL history, guided the Ravens to a thrilling 34-7 win in Super key XXXV.

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Today the franchise is under the coaching leadership of john Harbaugh who was hired before the 2008 season. In 2012 Harbaugh, together with quarterback Joe Flacco, notched an impressive an initial when they ended up being the very first coach and also quarterback in NFL background to victory a playoff game in every of their first five seasons. The duo aided lead the team come a success in Super bowl XLVII.