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Life together a family’s youngest child is filled through ups and downs. Parents often coddle their last born learning they’re the final bird to fly the coop. The youngest becomes a “tag-along” because that the enlarge siblings, i m sorry isn’t always met through applause and also fanfare.

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I imagine those sentiments ring especially true for LaMelo Ball, the youngest sphere in a family chock-full of pop culture phenomenons. Yet when it’s all said and done, LaMelo could become the best of the bunch ~ above the hardwood.

LaMelo arrived at the nationwide stage playing alongside his brother Lonzo and also LiAngelo at Chino Hills High School. He scored 27 clues in his first varsity game as a 13-year-old freshman and was later on named MaxPreps national Freshman that the Year. The next season, he pulled up and buried a half-court shot 2 seconds right into a game. He complied with that viral minute up by scoring 92 points against Los Osos, the second highest single-game complete in California high institution history.

He spent lot of that video game cherry-picking and also not play defense.

After gift a MaxPreps Sophomore All-American, LaMelo’s trip to end up being a blue-chip high institution recruit go haywire. His father LaVar Ball (Don’t worry, we’ll acquire to that later) chose to release the Ball’s Melo ball 1 signature shoe v the family’s large Baller Brand firm knowing it would certainly threaten LaMelo’s NCAA eligibility and also end his amateur status.

The basketball shoe was priced in ~ $395. It obtained backlash for being an exact ripoff of one more pair.

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Turns out, if you simply let your boy be themselves and play ball, they’ll do just fine.

LaMelo sphere Projected together 2020 NBA Draft’s No. 1 Pick

LaMelo ball going No.1 next year?