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BABYMETAL are a Japanese “kawaii metal” band under Amuse, Inc. Currently consisting the SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. It began as a subunit of group Sakura Gakuin but now is its own group. They debuted together a trio ~ above October 22, 2011 with the song “Doki Doki Morning”. Top top October 20, 2018 YUIMETAL left the band due to health concerns.

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Babymetal official Fandom Name: The One

Babymetal main Accounts:Twitter: BABYMETAL_JAPANInstagram: babymetal_officialYouTube: BABYMETAL

SU-METALStage Name: SU-METALReal Name: Nakamoto Suzuka (中元 すず香)Position: Leader, main Vocalist, DancerBirthday: December 20, 1997Zodiac Sign: SagittariusHeight: 161 centimeter (5’2’’)Weight: 37 kg (81 lbs)

SU-METAL Facts:– She is a former member that Sakura Gakuin and Karen Girl’s.– She was a college student in Actor’s institution Hiroshima before joining Karen Girls.– She is the youngest of 3 sisters.– one of her sisters is former Nogizaka46 member Nakamoto Himeka.– She collects books and also stationary.– She began her modeling job in 2000.– Her mother works through gemstones and will sometimes offer gemstones to the members together gifts.– She ranked nine on Oricon’s list of “2018 Rankings for Anticipation of brand-new Adults”.– She is a fan of labelmate Perfume.– Amuse, Inc. Signed her after she was runner-up in the 2nd Star youngsters Audition hosted by the company.


Stage Name: MOAMETALReal Name: Kikuchi Moa (菊地最愛)Position: lead Vocalist, Screamer, Dancer, YoungestBirthday: July 4, 1999Zodiac Sign: CancerHeight: 156 cm (5’0″)Blood Type: A

MOAMETAL Facts:– former member YUIMETAL and also MOAMETAL join Sakura Gakuin in ~ the exact same time, in 2010.– She joined Amuse, Inc. In 2007.– She is an just child.– besides BABYMETAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL were likewise in the subunits Twinklestars (baton-themed subunit) and Mini-Pati (cooking-themed subunit).– She is an otaku and loves the now-disbanded group ℃-ute. She additionally loves city hall anime, specifically Love Live.– former member YUIMETAL and also MOAMETAL wrote the song “Song 4” top top a bus trip under the name black color Babymetal.– She is currently acquainted with her former oshi from ℃-ute, Suzuki Airi.– She deserve to play the guitar.– several of her favourite Western bands are carry Me The Horizon and Metallica.

The Avengers (Back-up Dancers)RIHO-METAL

Stage Name: RIHO-METALBirth Name: Sayashi Riho (鞘師里保)Position: DancerBirthday: might 28, 1998Zodiac Sign: GeminiHeight: 156 centimeter (5’1.4’’)Weight: –Blood Type: AB

RIHO-METAL Facts:– She was born in Higashi, Hiroshima, Japan.– She attended Actor’s college Hiroshima.– She joined BABYMETAL in ~ the finish of June 2019 as one of the avengers.– She has a younger sister and also a younger brother.– She has a pets fish named Kuroe and also two hamsters called Omochi 1 & Omochi 2.– She is a former idol under Hello! task as a ninth generation member of Morning Musume.– She i graduated from Morning Musume on December 31, 2015.– ~ above December 7, 2018, it was announced the her contract with UP-FRONT promo expired at the end of November 2018 and also she had actually subsequently i graduated from Hello! Project.– She debuted together a soloist on respectable 4, 2021.– She deserve to bend both she thumbs every the way back.– exterior of gift an idol, she claimed she would be a pond artist.– She has said the she is very shy when meeting brand-new people and making brand-new friends.– She is a substantial fan that Takahashi Ai.– her charm allude are her eyes.– She is very clumsy.– she weak point is being really nervous at doing presentations.– her favorite pet is a tiger.– her special an abilities are penmanship, massage, calligraphy and kendama.– she hobbies are listening to music, dancing, sleeping, drawing, looking roughly zakkayasan (boutiques)– Her favorite sports room baseball and also dodgeball.– Her favourite colors space pink, white, black, green and also blue.– Her favorite movie is recognize Nemo.– Motto: “If you deserve to sing you deserve to rock the stage”.– Her favourite songs space “Gangnam Style” by Psy & “Zurui Onna” by Sharam Q.


Stage Name: MOMOKO-METALBirth Name: Okazaki Momoko (岡崎百々子)Position: DancerBirthday: March 3, 2003Zodiac Sign: PiscesHeight: 162 cm (5’4’’)Weight: –Blood Type: –

MOMOKO-METAL Facts:– She was born in Fukuoka, Japan but moved to Kanagawa once she to be 3 year old.– She is a former member and also the Ganbare Chairman that idol girl group Sakura Gakuin and its sub-units Minipati and also Kagaku Kyumei Kiko LOGICA?:ver.2.0.– after graduating native Sakura Gakuin, she go to examine abroad in Australia or brand-new Zealand.– She has history of play in musicals.– She was a version for a Japanese fashion magazine called LOVE berry (ラブベリー)– Her favorite hairstyles are half up or and ponytail.– her feet size is 24cm.– her hobby is hear to west music.– Her favorite dish in the lunchbox is hamburg steak.– What she likes around herself is the she doesn’t gain jealous easily.– What she no like about herself is the she can not be honest.– She’s currently participating in Girls world 999.


Stage Name: KANO-METALBirth Name: Fujihira Kano (藤平華乃)Position: DancerBirthday: respectable 28, 2004Zodiac Sign: VirgoHeight: 155.8 centimeter (5’1.3’’)Weight: –Blood Type: A

KANO-METAL Facts:– She was born in Chiba, Japan.– She is additionally a member of
under the stage name KANO.– She is likewise a former member that Sakura Gakuin, whereby she i graduated from the group on might 29, 2020.– she hobbies room collecting stationary and squeezing toys.– her special skills are dancing, imitating, and also high bar.– her favorite team is Morning Musume.– Her favourite hairstyle is a ponytail and braided v a headband.– Her favorite food is she mom’s homemade potato salad.– She is left-handed.

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Former Member:YUIMETAL

Stage Name: YUIMETALReal Name: Mizuno Yui (水野 由結)Position: lead VocalistBirthday: June 20, 1999Zodiac Sign: GeminiHeight: 156.5 centimeter (5’0″)Blood Type: O

YUIMETAL Facts:– YUIMETAL and also MOAMETAL join Sakura Gakuin at the exact same time, in 2010.– She has actually an larger brother and a younger brother.– She loves tomatoes and eats tomato at the very least once a day.– as well as BABYMETAL, YUIMETAL and also MOAMETAL were likewise in the subunits Twinklestars (baton-themed subunit) and also Mini-Pati (cooking-themed subunit).– She to be a fan of Karen Girl’s, SU-METAL’s group before joining Sakura Gakuin. A member of her household was in the hospital and also she would certainly listen come Karen Girl’s in the wait room. She claims their music gave her the stamin to get through the experience. BABYMETAL covered Karen Girl’s’ track “Over The Future” in a concert, and also YUIMETAL states that’s when her desires came true.– She wants to walk to space.– YUIMETAL was missing from BABYMETAL’s U.S. And also European tours in 2018, leading fans to speculate about her ongoing participation in the group. Their management agency stated she is tho a member of the group.– YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL composed the song “Song 4” top top a bus pilgrimage under the name black color Babymetal.– ~ a five-month hiatus, Yui left the band on October 20, 2018, due to health concerns.

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