Bulls Island

Step top top the ferry and also into the wild. Enjoy birding, hiking, coast combing, and naturalist-guided tourism within Cape Romain nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

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Pictured here, sunrise at Boneyard beach on Bulls Island. Photo by Tom Blagden.


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Coming come Charleston v a group? Let"s acquire something plan that will be the to mark of her time in the Carolina Lowcountry!

Pictured here, all smiles after ~ a day of long walking on Bulls Island and an instant Trust loss with the group.


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If girlfriend really desire to acquire a feel for the regional history, determine the indigenous wildlife, and get to distinct places, you"ll need someone knowledgeable to display you the way. We"ll obtain you there.

Pictured here, a bottlenose dolphin checks the end a kayaker together they paddle by on a salt marsh estuary tour.



The lot of hidden and also exposed shores of Charleston and South Carolina have so numerous incredible things to discover. That knew that treasure countless years old waiting to it is in found, all hidden in plain sight?
Hello adventurers, and also welcome back to the blog! What is just one of your favorite points to carry out while visiting and also exploring the beaches, barrier islands, sand bars, dunes, and also any coast you can find a haven top top right right here in southern Carolina? perform you like to splash in the waves, go or a dip, read, relax, or perform you prefer to go on a endowment hunt? ours waterways, coastlines, and shores of every kinds organize so numerous different kinds of treasures; the sunsets, views, wildlife, tree life, sights, and sounds are all wait to it is in discovered. Littered follow me the lapping waters is endowment aplenty the you’ll discover tourists and locals alike spending hours looking for; seashells, fossils, sea glass, doubloons, message in bottles, and also perhaps even a shark this or two!
There is miscellaneous so powerful and mystifying about finding a shark this from the very little to the palm-sized and ancient Megalodon-sized teeth. These incredible pieces of the marine world are a link to some of the ocean’s most an effective and mysterious creatures. Because that many, recognize a shark tooth is the the next they’ll ever get to a genuine shark. We are just as transfixed end shark this as girlfriend are, so lot so that we have actually three expeditions dedicated to them; finding them, learning just how to discover them, just how to identify them in fossil form, and also much more. V so lot love and also adoration about shark teeth, we wanted to talk a little more about them, provide some advice on exactly how to find them, and also more. Us hope this blog helps inspire you to go on your following treasure hunt and also to help you uncover even more treasures 보다 you have ever found before.
Before they end up being the prizes you can find on your next adventure, we have to talk about shark this while they’re still simply functioning as daily teeth for our sharky friends. The number of teeth a shark has actually depends top top the dimension of the shark itself. Shark teeth have actually no root, therefore they space constantly fallout’s gout. That’s okay! Sharks have between three and 15 rows of developing teeth at any kind of given time in their mouths, and their gums naturally move these teeth right into their proper biting positions constantly, kind of prefer a conveyor belt. When shark this look ominous in their mouths, what provides these teeth even much more terrifying is the strength in a shark’s jaw, which gradually has continued to prosper stronger and stronger. Placed the 2 together, and you have actually something really dangerous.
According to national Geographic, their this come in all shapes and also sizes and a shark can lose end 50, 000 this in their lifetime. Follow to fossils and also other explorations made end time, sharks have been roughly for much more than 400 million years, says national Geographic. That method they’ve been about since prior to the dinosaurs. So perform the math, if all the sharks the have ever lived in over 400 million years have lost roughly 50,000 this each in their lifetime, the quantity of shark’s this waiting to still be found and discovered all over the people is huge. Through the current population of sharks globally, finding shark teeth will continue to it is in a renowned activity. There space still loads of tremendous teeth come be discovered for many years to come.
There is a possibility that you might find a freshly lost shark tooth, yet it is rare. They will be white in color, similar to typical tooth color, yet being blended in with various other white shells and being in the water, it can make it tough to find them or even identify them against so many other priceless white shells and also broken piece of fossils and also bones commonly found on the shores. What you will largely be finding room shark this in fossil form, which will certainly be back, grey or tan. According to thoughtco.com, shark this are comprised of calcium phosphate. Unless they to wash up top top shore reasonably soon ~ falling out of a shark’s mouth, they will disintegrate over time. That is, however, uneven they go v the fossilization process. A this will loss out of a shark’s mouth and also is hidden in the ocean floor. This will naturally keep the tooth, keeping it safe from oxygen and bacteria that have the right to lead to decomposition. The dark colour of a shark this fossil come from soaking up minerals discovered in the ground approximately them. It takes thousands of years because that a shark’s tooth to finally come to be a fossil. So, psychic those sharks us talked around existing 400 million years ago? over there is a chance their teeth and their ancestors could wash increase on the short today. Fossilized shark teeth that you find will be hundreds of years old, which is a pretty incredible fact to mental every time you find one.
Remember, southern Carolina is home to countless fossils, you simply need to understand what you’re spring for. Good news for you, this is something we are professionals at helping our patrons with! follow to the SC department of Parks, among the very first fossils ever uncovered was uncovered right here in southern Carolina, the tooth of a Columbia Mammoth. The creature live here more than 10,000 years ago. Today, the Columbia Mammoth is the state fossil of southern Carolina.
Now, we’ve all remained in at the very least one gift shop where shark teeth room made into a piece of jewelry, keychains, and also other tchotchke items. However, there might be a couple of things about shark this that you can want to recognize that go past their wearability.
Before they were provided as statement pieces in jewelry, they were provided as tools or to assist prepare and cook food. Incredibly crucial or valuable teeth to be passed down with generations, both in royal and also nonroyal families.
According to some, the shark tooth as soon as worn is said to it is in a kind of protection. Surfers, swimmers, and other faithfulness of this tales will certainly wear shark teeth in the belief that it deserve to prevent a shark attack.
While shark teeth aren’t difficult to find, over there is tho a little thrill in recognize them. While some space common, others have the right to be very rare and be really valuable.
Now you could be thinking, if this fossils room so old, dark in color, and can come in every shapes and sizes just how is it possible to uncover them and recognize castle while you’re looking? we can assist with that! follow to Garden and also Gun, we space living in a fossil-rich area. Friend can find fossilized shark teeth that are between ten thousand and also seventy-five million years old!
One good rule of thumb is to uncover an area on the coast that has a pile of shells or gravel come look in. If you find one tooth, that is very possible to find another. What collects with each other on the coast is very comparable in size and weight, which is why it is so regularly that you find your shark teeth mixed in through your sea sells.
As us mentioned, many shark this you find will be fossilized, so narrow your search by searching for black objects.
The fossil will certainly be an extremely dense, when the shells are very brittle. If friend can easily break the item friend find, it’s most most likely not a shark tooth.
Look because that symmetry and also patterns in these thick black objects. These patterns aren’t something the is commonly found in larger shells. Patterns in old shells are usually eroded over time because of sand and also erosion.
Remember, while countless of our explorations are focused on finding and also recognizing shark teeth, the fossils you can find on the beaches are exceptional and additionally plentiful. Friend can find fossils the are simply as old and impressive as plenty of shark teeth. Follow to Garden and also Gun, friend can uncover Ice Age animal fossils, saber-tooth tiger teeth, bison teeth, and much more when looking.
Look to check out that the black color thick object you’ve found has a gumline and ridges that make the look favor a tooth. Those ridges room a telltale sign of it being a shark tooth and not other else.

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The tooth will certainly shine favor onyx.
We will teach you all of this and much more on ours tours!
While we space looking for and also look at shark teeth that can more than 10,000 years old, we will likewise be talking about the importance of sharks in today’s ecosystem during our tours. We will see the living and also breathing naval life of today and also step ago in time as we teach friend even more on just how to recognize not just shark teeth however incredible and very important fossils! On our shark tooth kayak pilgrimage on Shem creek, you can find teeth from an excellent White, Bull, Hammerhead, Lemon, sharp Nose, black Tip, Mako, Tiger, and Megalodon Sharks! Sound amazing to you? You bet it is! Let’s obtain going!
How have actually your current treasure hunts been? room you still unsuccessful in your attempts in ~ finding your dream shark this or even any shark teeth at all? Don’t be discouraged! Come join us top top your next adventure and discover what you’ve always been waiting for! We room so excited to share these next adventures v you and seaside experiences. Come and also join us outdoors and also find specifically what you are looking for. As one of our very first blogs that 2021, us hope that you are ready to begin a brand-new year with us! We are thankful for all of your support that you verified us last year, and hope to provide, protect, and support the Lowcountry and South Carolina as finest and much better than us did in 2020. We look front to see you soon, and to continue your love of the outdoors!