Shakespeare never offers Romeo a specific age. Although his age might be anywhere between thirteen and twenty-one, the is commonly portrayed together being roughly the period of sixteen.

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In plot 1, scene 2 of william Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet, Lord Capulet, Juliet"s father, speak Paris , one of Juliet"s suitors, the Juliet "hath not viewed the change of fourteen years" (1.2.9). In fact, follow to Juliet"s mother and also Nurse in plot 1, scene 3,...

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In act 1, step 2 of wilhelm Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet, Lord Capulet, Juliet"s father, speak Paris, one of Juliet"s suitors, the Juliet "hath not watched the adjust of fourteen years" (1.2.9). In fact, follow to Juliet"s mother and Nurse in action 1, scene 3, Juliet is a little much more than 2 weeks shy of her fourteenth birthday. Lady Capulet states, "She"s not yet fourteen" (1.3.14), and Juliet"s nurse, who"s been intimately involved with Juliet because the day she was born, says definitively that in a little an ext than two weeks, "Come Lammas eve at night chandelier she be fourteen" (1.3.21).

There is no such direct evidence the Romeo"s period anywhere in the play. It appears odd the Shakespeare makes an effort to clearly establish Juliet"s age—an period which is notably younger than the average age for a woman to acquire married in Shakespeare"s time—but Shakespeare never ever mentions Romeo"s age.

In among two major sources for Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet, Arthur Brooke"s narrative poem "The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet," published in 1562, Juliet "Scarce witnessed she yet complete sixteen years: also young to be a bride!" (line 1860), but nothing is said about Romeo"s period except "Upon whose tender chin, together yet, no manlike beard over there grew" (line 54).

In the other significant source because that Shakespeare"s play, the story that "Rhomeo and Julietta," novel 25, in william Painter"s The palace of Pleasure, published in 1567, Julietta is "a yong Gentlewoman that Verona," no age given, and Rhomeo, "of the family of Montesches," is "of the age of 20 or 21 Yeares."

Shakespeare"s Romeo appears younger and an ext immature than Painter"s Rhomeus that "20 or 21 Yeares." Nevertheless, Painter"s Rhomeus, prefer Shakespeare"s Romeo, drops in love v Julietta at first sight, impulsively marries her, kills Tybalt, is banished indigenous Verona, goes come live in Mantua where he he"s told, mistakenly, the Julietta has actually died, buys poison, and returns to Verona established to death himself at Julietta"s tomb.

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Back in Verona, Rhomeo finds Julietta seemingly dead in her tomb, whereupon he

drew the Poison out of his box, and also swallowing under a great quantity that the same, cry out: "O Iulietta, of whole the human being was unworthy, what death is it feasible my heart could pick out more agreeable 보다 that which however suffereth hard by thee? what Grave much more Glorious, 보다 to be buried in your Tombe? what more worthy or wonderful Epitaph can be vowed for Memory, 보다 the mutual and pitiful Sacrifice of our lives?"

Whether he"s twenty-one year old, together in Painter"s "Rhomeo and also Julietta," or in his mid-teens, together he appears to it is in in Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet, Romeo is tho the same romantic, love-struck, immature, impetuous, passionate, and also reckless "star-crossed lover" who, v Juliet, through their "misadventur"d piteous overthrows" and also the "fearful i of your death-mark"d love," by their deaths "bury their parents" strife" (Pro. 6–9).