Food Network cook Ree Drummond hasn’t let coronavirus social distancing protect against her from bringing fans she sweet treats and also savory eats by way of her TV display over the past couple of weeks. Nope. If self-isolating in ~ the sprawling Oklahoma livestock ranch where she lives with her husband, Ladd, and their four children, this savvy mompreneur found a method to make her popular TV show, The Pioneer Woman, a full-blown family affair.

due to the fact that traditional TV crews couldn’t come right into their home, Ree Drummond enlisted her kids — Alex, Paige, Bryce and Todd — come film one-of-a-kind The Pioneer Woman: staying Home episodes on their iPhones!

yet who are the Ree Drummond children? Viewers the The Pioneer Woman have seen Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd thrive up top top the screen since their mom’s show started a te ago. They have grown increase from little kids come beautiful young women and men.

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obtain to understand Ree Drummond’s 4 kids, Alex, Paige, Bryce and Todd.

Alex Drummond

in ~ 23, daughter Alex is Ree and Ladd Drummond’s eldest child. Together mama Ree has shared in the past, Alex was a honeymoon baby and was born in 1997, a year ~ the Drummonds acquired married. And as of last week, Alex is the very first of the Drummond youngsters to be engaged to be married! Alex left the household ranch several years back to attend Texas A&M University, i m sorry is where she met husband-to-be Mauricio Scott throughout their an initial year as undergrads.

Alex graduated from Texas A&M in the feather of 2019, and now resides on her very own in Dallas. In fact, it to be at the Nasher Sculpture facility where Mauricio popped the question on august 2! and the mom of the bride gushed on her blog that she couldn"t it is in happier!

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Ree and also Ladd’s second-born son is the stereotypical 20-year-old college student. Paige attends the college of Arkansas, where she is a member the the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. If her Instagram profile is any indication, Paige loves her household — both her actual family and her sorority of sister — she faith, and also snowboarding.

She loves to hit the slopes in snowy destinations favor Vail, Colorado, whenever she can. And in a sweet blog post written by her mom when Paige was a teenager, Drummond common that she younger daughter takes remarkable photos v her iPhone, loves come ride horses, has a sweet heart, several enthusiasm and a knack for baking remarkable cupcakes. We wonder wherein she gained that from?

Born in 2002, Bryce is the oldest of the Drummond boys at 17, and also is quite the athlete. That just gone into his senior year the high school, where he dram football, wrestles and runs track. He’s legit the high school quarterback, having actually played because that the Pawhuska High school Huskies since his freshman year.

yet Bryce doesn’t need to stress over college applications this year: he’s currently committed to playing football for the college of north Texas! however when he’s not tearing it increase on the football field, Bryce help his dad top top the family’s livestock ranch.

The baby of the Drummond bunch, Todd to be born in 2004. Prefer his huge brother, 16-year-old Todd likewise plays football because that the Pawhuska Huskies, and also is one award-winning wrestler because that the school too.

Todd was called in honor of his so late uncle, his dad’s enlarge brother, who tragically died in a vehicle accident the summer before Ladd left house for college. In in between his high college studies and also sports practices, Todd – like large brother Bryce – is among his dad’s ranch hands.

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