Nancy Grace and her family have tested optimistic for COVID-19. The legal commentator, her husband, David Linch, and also their 13-year-old-twins, john David and also Lucy Elizabeth, were diagnosed through the coronavirus this week, DailyMail reported on Friday.

Additionally, Nancy"s 88-year-old mother, Elizabeth, additionally contracted the virus and also is gift treated in ~ a hospital in Georgia, the website reports. Elizabeth is "slowly improving" when Nancy has actually "ongoing cough and flu-like symptoms." The twins have actually only mild symptom of headaches and also sore throats.

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"We"re praying for my mother that she returns house as soon as she can. We"d favor to thank the significant doctors and nurses who room taking together wonderful care of her," Nancy called DailyMail. "David, the twins and also I, will continue to isolate at residence while we recover and we look forward to mommy coming home as soon as we room all better."

"Covid is no joke, we thought we had done whatever right. Please store wearing masks, social distancing and also stay for sure – no family should go through this," she added.

This week, both Carrie Ann Inaba and Ellen DeGeneres likewise tested optimistic for COVID-19. The talk co-host common the news in a video she posted on she Instagram ~ above Thursday. She said that she had a fever, a bad cough and also "lots of aches and also pains," warning her pendant to not let your guard down once it involves following coronavirus security protocols.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host likewise revealed she diagnosis top top Thursday, telling her fans that she"s "feeling fine right now."

"Anyone who has been in close call with me has been notified, and I am complying with all proper CDC guidelines," she wrote.

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DeGeneres told her fans that she"ll "see you all again after ~ the holidays," prior to concluding by writing, "please continue to be healthy and safe."

Watch the video below to hear an ext on her diagnosis and also how the Ellen display is moving forward ~ the news.

Ellen DeGeneres Tests positive for COVID-19, Is ‘Focused on acquiring Better’ (Exclusive)

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