VICE president Mike Pence has actually three kids with longtime mam Karen - Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey.

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Mike Pence has actually been married come Karen due to the fact that 1985 after conference at a church throughout a mass ceremony. 


Mike, Karen, Charlotte, Michael and Audrey Pence at a White residence event along with their significant othersCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How many children does Mike Pence have?

Mike and also Karen Pence have three children: Michael 28, Charlotte, 27, and also Audrey Pence, 25.

His youngsters all lead relatively private lives regardless of their dad being Vice chairman of the US.


Mike Pence is to run for re-election together President Trump's to run mateCredit: Reuters

What carry out his kids do?

Michael is a second lieutenant in the maritime Corps.

He married buy it Pence in 2016 after meeting in a political science course at Purdue college in Indiana. 

Michael to be awarded the wing of gold badge native the navy Air station in Mississippi in 2018.


Mike and also Karen Pence through Charlotte and also Audrey in AustraliaCredit: Getty images - Getty

Charlotte is a published author of 2 books, having actually written whereby You Go: Life class from mine Father, i beg your pardon is a story of Mike called from her perspective, and also Marlon Bundo's work in the Nation's Capital.

She has likewise worked as a documentary filmmaker, including the project For the Records and also Fleeced.


Charlotte and Audrey room the couple's only daughtersCredit: Getty images - Getty

Mike and also Karen’s youngest daughter, Audrey, got involved in 2019 to her college friend Daniel Tomanelli.

She graduated from Yale regulation School in may of this year. 

Who is Mike Pence’s mam Karen?

Karen Pence is the mam of Vice president Mike Pence and also the second lady of the US.

The 63-year-old was the very first Lady of Indiana native 2013 to 2017 and was additionally a school teacher and also painter.


Karen Pence was a school teacher and also painterCredit: AP:Associated Press

When did Karen and also Mike Pence acquire married?

Before marrying Mike, Karen was formerly married to her high institution sweetheart man Steven Whitaker.

The pair married in 1978 and divorced soon after.

Karen Pence married Mike Pence in 1985 after meeting at churchCredit: AFP or licensors

Karen met then met Mike at Mass in ~ St. Thomas Aquinas Church and also the 2 got engaged in 1984.

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They married in June the 1985.

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