The cast of little Women: LA room all at exciting points in your lives, be it because of an unanticipated pregnancy, a surprising brand-new direction for their careers, or a new marriage. But seeing how they periodically struggle to make points happen, it"s a reminder the the eras of the little Women: LA cast doesn"t affect how lot they"ve to be able come accomplish. The present may it is in designed to show that little people live completely normal lives, but it likewise shows just how normal that is because that a team of ladies to every be in various stages of your careers and an individual lives at various times.

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By the time most of this ladies endured their 20s, they"d currently made (and regularly changed) effective careers, however most of castle hadn"t met your husbands or began a family — and also even those who were married or had kids didn"t always see things job-related out perfectly. This season, we"re seeing that some of them are still searching for the perfect relationship or aren"t entirely satisfied with their jobs.

And you can always count on your Instagrams to deliver truly beloved Throwback Thursdays... Memory from growing up, embarrassing college photos, really "90s hair — something that allows you understand it all simply gets far better with age. Right here are some timelines the the cast"s stays to display just just how much they"ve each accomplished, and how different every one of their paths have been.

Terra: age 34

-Age 21: functioned with Tonya for the third time, prompting a friendship that would certainly last because that the following 13 years.

-Age 24: started impersonating Britney Spears, a gig that would last a decade.

-Age 33: Performed with Miley Cyrus ~ above the Bangerz tour, until she left to begin filming little Women: LA Season 1.

-Age 33: Fulfilled her lifelong dream to have actually a dance music video clip with "Booty Bee." Terra had actually an awesome thirty-third year.

-Age 34: ended up being pregnant with her first child v boyfriend Joe Gnoffo, and also is early in march 2015.

Tonya: 40s

-1984: join the entertainment sector as a stuntwoman and actress.

-1991: had actually her daughter, Angelique, who she"s elevated as a solitary mother.

-2000: Her connection with Angelique"s father, Kerwin, became an open, be separate relationship.

-2008: started performing as "mini Beyoncé," alongside an excellent friend Terra, who would pat "mini Gaga."

-2012: began dating again, ~ Angelique went away to college... That is part motherly devotion.

Elena: period 29

-Age 16: Started interacting with tiny people online due to the fact that it to be her just outlet.

-Age 26: Left Russia, the country where she was born and also grew up, in bespeak to pertained to the U.S.

-Age 26: acquired married to her wonderful and also supportive husband, Preston

-Age 28: opened her Britney Spears lookalike display on Dec. 27, 2013, which happens to be the same specific day the Britney opened her own Vegas show.

-Age 29: started thinking around leaving the entertainment industry for graphic and fashion architecture rather than having actually kids. We"ll see what she decides.

Briana: age 32

-Age 26: to be married come Leif Manson, the very first little human being contestant ~ above Survivor.

-Age 27: had actually her daughter, Leiana, with Manson. Currently Briana is at this time a stay-at-home mom, among many other things, taking care of the utterly adorable Leiana.

-Age 31: started pursuing her singing career after ~ going through a divorce.

-Age 32: Swore off dating tiny people... And started a brand-new relationship v Matt the so much is moving incredibly fast.

Traci: age 39

-Age 9: received the Cabbage Patch kid in the Instagram!

-Age 26: came to be friends with fellow performers like Christy and also Terra while working as a stand-in and actress.

-Age 36: began dating Eric digital after conference on a dating site for tiny people — the two relocated in together quickly, however didn"t consumate the connection until after your wedding because of Traci"s spiritual beliefs.

-Age 39: graduated from college in wishes of ending up being an start teacher.

-Age 39: gained married come Eric, and started trying to conceive a child.

Christy: 30s

-Age 19: was in front of the camera because that the first time.

-2002: had actually one of her greatest onscreen duty in fatality to Smoochy and also met some of her friends choose Traci.

-1999: had actually her two kids, Autumn and also Trenton.

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-2013: Met Todd, and the two obtained along so well the they to be married by the end of Season 1.