country music star Kenny Rogers was one of the most commemorated performers the his time. He “passed away peacefully at house from natural reasons under the treatment of hospice and surrounded by his family” on in march 20, 2020, in ~ the age of 81.

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He pipeline behind a loving family, including his five children, Carole Lynne, Kenny Jr., Christopher Cody and also the twins, Justin and also Jordan. Prior to his death, Rogers was the proud dad the the five kids.

Here are an ext details on Kenny Rogers’ children.

Kenny Rogers Kids and also wife Wanda Miller

Carole Lynne Rogers

Carole is the oldest child and also only daughter that the nation music star. Unfortunately, Rogers was no able come play an active duty in Carole’s childhood. This is because of an setup made through his first wife, zenith Gordon.

Kenny Rogers and also Carole Gordon married when Rogers was simply 19 year old. The couple tied the node in 1958 after Rogers came to be pregnant. Rogers wanted to execute what he believed was the appropriate thing, therefore he married Gordon prior to their daughter to be born. They invited Carole right into the civilization on September 15, 1958.

In his autobiography, Luck or Something like It, Rogers stated he was fully prepared to take it on the duty of a husband and also father. “I interpreted how girls gained pregnant and also that guys had an obligation as soon as they did,” Rogers wrote. “When mine Janice got pregnant, ns was fully prepared to take it the step into married life. It never emerged to me come walk away from the responsibility.”

However, Gordon’s parents weren’t happy through Rogers’s career choice. During that time, the “Coward that the County” crooner was still building his musical career. “The truth is, Janice’s parental never obtained used come the idea of your son-in-law gift a musician, whether ns was make money with a collection of day tasks or not,” Rogers common in his autobiography lucky or Something favor It.

“Once they witnessed that ns wasn’t walk to readjust my job ambitions away from music, they wanted small to execute with the marriage. They composed me off together a irreversible breadwinner, and also our marriage turned sour and lasted just until the following October of 1959.”

According to Rogers, his marriage took a revolve for the worse ~ he and Janice gained into one argument.

“The whole thing ground come a halt one day as soon as our daughter, Carole, was around six months old. Janice and I were having actually what some might call an argument, yet it to be actually an ext of a difference of opinion. Ns don’t even remember what it to be about. Ns am qualified of gaining pretty heated during an exchange of views, and Janice to be the kind of human being who hated confrontation,” Rogers said.

Rogers and Gordon’s marriage didn’t survive that disagreement. After their divorce, Rogers to be granted just one visit per week v his daughter, and also each visit was only two hours at a time. A couple of years later, his nation superstardom began. He to be constantly ~ above the road and also scrambling as a singer the he drifted far from Carole and was just visited her as soon as in 15 years.

When Carole to be 22, the attempted to mend fences, Rogers flew Carole and her mommy in for a visit and also a Hawaiian vacation. However, the reconciliation did no last for long. In his 2012 interview with Fox News, the country star revealed the he does no have any kind of contact through his just daughter.

Shortly after their divorce, Gordon remarried and also her husband has adopted Carole once was a child. Rogers likewise explained the he and Gordon both agreed the he would certainly play a minimal role in his daughter’s life upon your split.

“That to be my promise come them, the I would certainly be her father however he (his ex-wife’s second husband) would certainly be her Dad, and I don’t desire to disrupt that. That stepped in in ~ a time that was yes, really awkward for every one of us and he became her Dad, and I love him for that. He was a great guy.”

Kenny Rogers Jr.

Rogers’ very first marriage certain didn’t it seems ~ to make him hesitate to conveniently tie the knot again After cut ties with his first wife and officially divorce in 1960, the former Hollywood heartthrob married wife No. 2 Jean Rogers that October. However, their marriage only lasted three years and also the country crooner go on come tie the knot v his third spouse, Margo Anderson, in 1964 and also it come at a time that he was additionally building his music career right into something more solid.

Kenny and Margo invited the star’s second child, Kenny Jr. However, in the late 1960s, as soon as the demands of music were farming bigger and also bigger, it take it a toll fee on your relationship. “So then i met this girl and that to be a really interesting relationship, i m sorry lasted 12 years, and also out of it we had actually a son,” Rogers recalled.

“In fact, the very first nine years were as great as the gets, and also it was only the last couple of that gained ugly. Ns was touring a lot and also that is part of what eliminated the marriage.” Rogers and Anderson divorced in 1976, i beg your pardon was just as his country music career to be really acquisition off. Their divorce developed a divide in between Rogers and also his son.

In his 1980 interview through People, Rogers stated that he has actually hardly viewed Kenny Jr. Since 1975, and if he had one wish, Rogers said, “I would wish desperately that my relationship with Kenny Jr. To be better.” Rogers likewise described his son, in that claimed interview, as a young that has a genius-level IQ. During that time, Kenny Jr. Attends college in Palm Springs, whereby his mom has resettled.

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Today, he is now 55 year old and also has operated as a composer ~ above movie soundtracks such together Shenanigans, get Him to the Greek and Pacino is Missing. He has also appeared in TV shows and movies too, favor About a Bum and a Boy. He also directed his first short movie in 2014, Up all Night.