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In a June tiktok video, Conway and two friends hosted up a banner reading "Black resides Matter" while dancing come audio repeating "f--- 12," an anti-police slogan.

While the teenager has actually been making use of TikTok because that years — she started posting videos on in 2015, before the application was to buy by the Chinese agency ByteDance in 2017 and linked with tiktok — she profile drew thousands of brand-new viewers in June when users uncovered her political and also anti-Trump content.

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Conway participated in numerous trends top top the app, including #savebarron, a satirical movement of social-media customers hoping to "save" Barron Trump from his father and the White residence (the hashtag has produced over 200 million views on TikTok).

In other videos, she voiced her support for the black Lives issue movement and encouraged followers to leave one-star evaluate of Trump"s hotels, golf courses, and also restaurants.

The sudden social-media attention moved Conway"s monitor count above 31,000 by the end of the month, with numerous of she videos receiving numerous thousands the views. Accordingly, the comment sections of her videos flooded v criticism native Trump supporters calling her social-media presence "disrespectful" and support from newfound fans declaring her "legendary" defiance.

Conway has 1.5 million tik followers.



On June 30, Conway called"s Connor Perrett the her TikToks stemmed from her efforts to learn much more about politics and also move far from she family"s conservative ideology.

"I took the moment to education myself and also took the moment to branch out and also be exposed to various other sides and also other biases and also whatnot," she said in a phone interview wherein her father, George Conway, to be present.

Establishing her own identification in the shadow of a renowned parent, however, showed to be a challenge.

"Growing up as soon as your mom is Kellyanne Conway, it"s really, really difficult to disassociate yourself with that image, because people look in ~ me and also are like, "Oh, that"s Kellyanne Conway"s daughter, she must love Trump." In reality, ns really don"t," she said.

The 16-year-old included that she and also her parental argued around politics "all the time" and that she felt repeatedly "shut down" by she "entire family."

Still, she insisted at the time, she viewed her mom as she "best friend" — and also she defined her parents as "the many generous, well-educated people" who she wished "nothing but success and an excellent fortune."

Conway likewise said she "respectfully declined" her mother"s inquiry to take under the viral videos.


George Conway condemned media coverage the his daughter, sparking tensions in between the 2 online. Chip Somodevilla/Getty images

As Conway"s check out counts and overall visibility skyrocketed, she showed up to clash with her parental — and several that her clearly political videos likewise disappeared from her profile.

On July 3, George Conway condemned the media coverage the the teenager"s social-media presence, instructing the push to "desist" contacting his daughter — come which she responded, in a since-deleted tweet: "You"re simply mad that i"m lastly getting my voice heard. Sorry your marriage failed."

Apparent household tensions escalated once Conway ongoing tweeting at she parents, asking them to "please avoid shutting turn off my phone."



On July 10, Conway took to Twitter, where she has much more than 500,000 followers, to announce the she would certainly no longer talk about her household online, claiming the her dad attempted to delete her social-media profiles.

She went on to discourage her followers from sharing your impassioned responses, writing, "no hate to anyone."

In another tweet, Conway clarified that she felt her Twitter account have to not be dedicated to speaking about her clashes through her parents.

"You have questions? walk ask them," she wrote, adding that the constant speculation about her family members and personal life to be unappreciated.

Conway madeheadlines three days later on when she announced ~ above Twitter that her parents to be "forcing" her to delete social media.

"Apparently, ns don"t have actually a platform! it"s fake!" she wrote. "love you every so much. Save fighting."


On July 15, Conway reappeared on TikTok: this time, with a tongue-in-cheek video clip voicing she newfound "love" for Trump.

In the clip, which appeared to be addressed to she mother, she said:"Hi Smelly Kelly, the rumors are true, I have been cured from my radical leftism. And now i love Trump and also I love our president."

The 16-year-old concluded the video by speak "MAGA" v a wink.

The short article was later removed, but Conway continued sharing content, consisting of a video clip of a Zoom speak to in which her mother made one appearance and also waved at participants.



♬ initial sound - claudiamconway

Upon her go back to the platform, Conway suggested that her phone had actually been take away away and also most likely would it is in taken far again.

"Got mine phone back!" she tweeted ~ above July 29. "Probably wont have actually it for long though considering i"m around to revolutionize twitter brb."

Within 24 hours of go back to the platform, Conway responded to numerous of the Trump"s tweets, calling his statements around the coronavirus "racist"; voicing she love because that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of new York, questioning the congresswoman come "adopt" her; and writing, "eat the rich."


On July 30, Kellyanne Conway tweeted a tribute to Herman Cain, writing that the businessman and also political activist had "led a exceptional life and also will it is in missed."

Claudia Conway, however, took concern with she mother"s framing of the situation.

"Yes the is sad but wasn"t your administration complicit in his death ?? yikes," she responded the complying with day.

Caindied after being hospitalized with COVID-19. While it to be unclear exactly how he contracted the virus, the tested confident 11 days after attending one indoor campaign rally for Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The disagreement between mother and also daughter continued when Kellyanne Conway reiterated a comment native Robert Redfield, the manager of the Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention, regarding mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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"#CDCDirector: an ext deaths among high college students native suicides & medicine overdoses 보다 from#COVID19," she tweeted. "He stated lockdowns & a absence of windy schooling led to a disproportionally an unfavorable impact ~ above young peoples" psychological health."

The 16-year-old"s response was swift.

"How can you maybe compare SUICIDE prices to COVID-19 fatality rates among TEENAGERS?" she responded. "As her daughter who has struggled v suicidality in the past, you do no sense."

Conway go on to postscreenshots of a text conversation with a phone contact labeled "mother." In the texts, "mother" — presumably, Kellyanne Conway — told she daughter the she to be "tired that this," instructing her to to trust "the nation"s command doctors" and "learn the facts."

"What an idiotic argument backed with no logic," the younger Conway responded. "This is no a issue of bipartisan politics. Suicidality is no to be compared to covid-19 deaths. I"m very disappointed in you."