When it pertains to celebrity couples, friend can’t acquire much sweeter than Nicole Kidman and also Keith Urban. So, it’s tiny wonder that the pair’s children are simply as exceptional as their parents’ love story. What is a little bit harder to believe is simply how fast the couple’s daughters are growing up. Top top July 7, 2020, your daughter Sunday increased Kidman metropolitan turned 12 — an interpretation Kidman and also Urban officially have a tween in the house!


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But given how exclusive (understandably) castle are around their girls, Sunday Rose rarely makes windy cameos. Her mom and dad remain pretty buttoned-up when it comes to their now-12-year-old, too. Of course, there space a few facts about Sunday climbed that have the right to be uncovered through a rapid Google search. We obviously recognize she was born on July 7, 2008. She Australian parents invited her right into the civilization in their embraced hometown that Nashville, Tennessee. And a few years after her birth, she became a huge sister to sibling belief Margaret.

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We dug a little deeper, though. Kidman and Urban’s tween daughter currently has rather the personality, similar to her charismatic parents. Keep reading to find fun facts around Sunday climbed that underscore what a cool and interesting boy she is.

Her surname Was motivated by Both Art and Family

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Happy date of birth darling Sunday ❤️ #Paris

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Sunday climbed is certainly a unique name, therefore it’s only natural to wonder whereby Kidman and also Urban got the idea because that it. Well, follow to the little girl’s maternal grandfather, Dr. Antony Kidman, “Sunday” was influenced by the art world. “There was a lady called Sunday Reed that was a prominent patron the the art in Victoria,” Dr. Kidman called The everyday Telegraph. “I have actually read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John. She was a key mover and shaker in the arts approximately the beginning of the century. The surname Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and also I discussed it.”

Reed reportedly had an work with famous Australian artist Sidney Nolan, coming to be Nolan’s muse. As soon as Kidman and Urban checked out a Sidney Nolan arts exhibit just before giving birth to their Sunday, there were claimed to have actually been moved by a quote indigenous the artist: “When you space young you are offered a an excellent view that life, because of her closeness come birth.” in between that and also the reality her parental had currently suggested Sunday, Kidman had discovered her daughter’s an initial name.

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As because that Rose, Urban’s brother Shane told an Australian radio station that the was motivated by the brothers’ late grandmother, Rose.

She Looks choose Her Dad

When mine daughters execute this……I've currently WON!!!! – KU #ACMawards pic.twitter.com/ZjWJ535aIV

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Shortly after Sunday was born, Kidman offered fans a sneak emergence of the tiny girl throughout an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “Keith take it this, it was on his iPhone and I do him publish the photo. That’s my baby; that’s she sleeping,” she claimed of a black-and-white snapshot. She included that Sunday’s resemblance to her renowned dad was undeniable, joking, “I didn’t even get a look at in. I think she got my fair skin and that’s around it.” Kidman even admitted she playfully describes Sunday as “Keith-ette.”