"Jon & Kate to add 8" was one of the most popular reality TV reflects on TLC. The collection followed then-married pair Jon and Kate Gosselin as they navigated life as parents to eight kids: pair daughters, born in 2000, and also sextuplets, born in 2004. Viewers an initial got a look at the Gosselins" chaotic life v their young children Mady, Cara, Alexis, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Leah, and also Aaden ~ the clan to be featured in two exploration Health specials the aired in 2005 and 2006, per us Weekly. TLC choose up a show about the household –- and also the remainder is reality TV history.

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Fans gobbled increase the collection about the too-cute clan together they celebrated birthdays and also went ~ above trips come a pumpkin patch, the zoo, amusement parks, and also more. As the present gained popularity, therefore did the Gosselins" paychecks. Viewers experienced them go on lavish vacations and move right into a substantial home in Pennsylvania, and there was also an episode specialized to Jon and Kate"s wedding vow regeneration in Hawaii, v the 2008 episode "Hawaii here We Come," via IMDb. Unfortunately, just a couple of years after ~ they opened up up their stays for the world to see, Jon and Kate referred to as it quits, and a messy divorce came to be the family"s next chapter.

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Jon and also Kate" Gosselin"s divorce came to be official in 2009, however it didn"t mark the finish of the mom of eight"s time ~ above TV. Kate and also the kids continued on v the change the name show, "Kate add to 8," and they continued to be in the family"s Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home.

While they no longer showed up together ~ above TV, the former couple continued to slam each various other in court and also the media, with Kate telling human being that Jon to be "not the same person" she had married in 1999. At the time, the exes agreed come "rotate" in and out the the house, yet that setup did not pan out and also custody later came to be an issue.

In 2016, Kate opened up up to civilization to describe a sheathe photoshoot that did not incorporate her son Collin. She said the outlet that her sextuplet son had actually "special needs," and also that that was sent out to a live-in regimen to aid him "learn the skills he needs to be the best him he have the right to be." Viewers no much longer saw Collin top top "Kate plus 8," and also in 2019, two an ext Gosselins flew the coop as soon as twins Mady and also Cara both left house to begin college at different universities in new York. The final "Kate add to 8" unique aired the year and featured Mady and Cara acquiring ready come head come college.

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With the older Gosselin daughters far at school, Kate right now only has four of her children living with her. That"s due to the fact that sextuplet siblings Hannah and Collin are now living through their dad full-time in his Pennsylvania home. Hannah moved in v Jon and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad in 2018, and Jon won custody the Collin later that year after claiming he was erroneously institutionalized by his mother, per Hollywood Life. 

On the "First class Fatherhood" podcast in 2020, the dad the eight declared he had been battling his ex in court because that 12 years and spent $1.3 million in legitimate fees before getting custody of two of his kids, every Entertainment Tonight. He"s also been vocal about how he feels reality TV damaged his children, and also in one interview with DailyMailTV, he accused his ex of continuing to film with their children against his wishes. 

In 2021, Kate ultimately sold the family"s familiar mansion because that a whopping $1.1 million, according to the new York Post. There have actually been reports the the fact star pack up her brood and also moved to north Carolina, through an insider telling In Touch Weekly the children were no all "on board" v the move. Jon, meanwhile, remains estranged from many of his kids. In an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Jon claimed his kids are all welcome in his home any type of time, together reported by E! News.