During his glorious life, John McCain did it every from offer his nation as a politician and a military office — but he was also an remarkable father come his seven kids.

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John bound the knot with his very first wife, Carol, in 1965. In ~ the time, Carol was a solitary mom to 2 boys, Doug and also Andy — who John would finish up adopting as his very own children. During the very first year of your marriage, the couple would welcomed their an initial child together, a daughter, named Sidney. Unfortunately, the pair would part ways in 1980.

That exact same year, John would certainly marry again, this time come businesswoman, Cindy McCain. The duo would certainly go top top to have four children — Meghan, Jack, James and also Bridget — the last who was adopted. The two would remain married till John’s fatality in 2018.


Douglas McCain, 59

Douglas, who is the eldest child of Carol, is a former Navy pilot and now a captain for American Airlines. Above is a photo of his adopted father in 1990.


Andrew McCain, 57

After graduating from Vanderbilt with a Bachelor of arts in Mathematics and MBA, Andrew walk on to occupational for Hensley Beverage Company, eventually coming to be the President and also Chief operating Officer.


Sidney McCain, 52

The only daughter that John and his very first wife welcomed, Sidney has been rather successful. She has worked as the VP the a major record label, and also is now a promotions director for a radio station in Milwaukee.

She is at this time married to Jason Sweet.


Meghan McCain, 34

Perhaps the most famed of John’s kids, Meghan McCain is an author, news contributor and also a cohost on The View. She has actually been quite open due to the fact that the passing of she dad, also sharing she thoughts and feelings ~ above Instagram. “I miss out on you every. Single. Day. I still can not go earlier home to Arizona,” the TV personality when wrote about her father.

Meghan is right now married to conservative writer and commentator Ben Domenech. The pair do not have any kind of children, however did expose that they experienced a miscarriage earlier in 2019.

John “Jack” Sidney McCain IV, 33

Better recognized as Jack, the is currently a MH-60 Seahawk helicopter pilot, as he attend the very same naval academy that his so late father went to.

Jack is married to previous Air pressure Reserve captain, Renee Swift McCain. The pair invited their an initial child in 2016.

James “Jimmy” McCain, 31

Also in the military, Jimmy has actually served his nation in Iraq and also Afghanistan — but his family members once tried to store his deployment private for his safety.

Jimmy is personal as well, although, we understand that the did tie the knot through Holly Ross in 2016. The pair deserve to be seen above.

Bridget McCain, 28

In 1991, while visiting one orphanage in Bangladesh, Cindy experienced baby Bridget, and also would soon embrace her into the family … all without man knowing. That of course taken on her with open arms upon learning the news.

While she’s an extremely private, John once said the his daughter is the “toughest” that his four children with Cindy. “The youngest always has to it is in the toughest,” he added.

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