Food Network star male Fieri has made a name for himself for his wild outfits and spiky, bleach blonde hair. The Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host has a personality like no other, and it’s assisted him come to be a family members name.

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It turns out Fieri have the right to cook, too, and his older son, Hunter Fieri, shows up to it is in following carefully in his father’s TV cook footsteps. But Guy Fieri has an additional son, Ryder — why don’t fans hear much more about him?


Guy Fieri, right, through his child Hunter, left, and also son Ryder, middle, in 2019 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Guy Fieri’s older boy is almost everywhere TV with his father

For years, man Fieri’s children didn’t do too numerous television appearances. Every as soon as in a while, he’d attribute his boy on his show. However it no until newly that Fieri’s larger son, Hunter, started taking an interest in his father’s career as a TV personality.

Hunter began attending much more tapings v Guy, and it seems the pandemic has actually turned Hunter right into Fieri’s right-hand man. Once restaurants shut under at the start of the pandemic, Fieri couldn’t proceed filming his Triple D show. Rather, he recreated the show from home, with chefs mailing the the necessary ingredients to placed the dish together.

Hunter began making guest appearances ~ above the show to aid Fieri cook. And the two of them came to be somewhat the a tags team. Now that Triple D has actually restarted filming, Hunter has actually posted picture on set to his Instagram, suggesting that he’s along for the journey on location, too.

Guy Fieri frequently brings follow me his son, Hunter, for TV appearances.

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Guy Fieri share a younger son, Ryder, through wife Lori Fieri

Fieri’s enlarge son has made a number of television appearances, and it’s looking much more and more like Hunter is going to permanently re-superstructure the spotlight with his father. But Fieri and his wife, Lori Fieri, share another son, too: Ryder Fieri.

Hunter and also Ryder are practically a te apart. Hunter is 24 while Ryder is only 15. Fieri functions his older child more, and also though he’s never totally explained why, it’s likely since of Ryder’s age. Ryder is quiet a kid, and Fieri didn’t bring Hunter right into the spotlight till he remained in his 20s. It’s possible Fieri wants Ryder to reap his youth prior to tagging in addition to his father and also making a genuine name for himself. Plus, Ryder is a teenager, and it’s feasible that he’s simply not as interested in the spotlight right now as his larger brother.

Guy Fieri with his sons Hunter (left) and Ryder in 2011 | Jason LaVeris/Getty images

It’s possible Ryder Fieri will certainly come around more down the road

Who’s come say Ryder won’t join his dad’s movie crew as time walk on? together a teenager, Ryder is likely too preoccupied with school and friends to worry around building a career in TV — yet. Plus, Ryder appears to have actually a strong interest in maintaining to himself — he doesn’t have a large social media presence, and also his Instagram profile is private. Though, indigenous what we can see, the enjoys make Tik Toks.

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Fieri hasn’t said much about whether Ryder has an attention in cooking, but his age, plus his seemingly much more private lifestyle, make Fieri’s younger son less likely to show up in the spotlight 보다 his brother.