Some space wondering if Ed Henry has actually a mam in the wake of sex-related misconduct allegations. The Fox news anchor has because responded.

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Many will certainly be familiar with Edward “Ed” Henry together the co-host that America’s Newsroom top top Fox News.

Alongside Sandra Smith, the 48-year-old journalist has been a popular figure in the realm of news because that years. That left CNN after a number of years to join Fox News earlier in 2011 and has continued to be there… until now, that is.

In the age of the Me as well movement, we’ve witnessed a wealth of victims coming forward and publicly detailing the ordeals they’ve suffered, naming their abusers in the hopes that justice will certainly be served.

As you’ll know, plenty of popular figures have been called up, cancelled or charged together a result.

Ed is the latest to be named under such allegations.


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Fox fires Ed Henry end allegations

As highlighted by the BBC, Ed Henry has been fired through Fox News early out to cases of “wilful sex-related misconduct”.

The allegations associated a colleague and also are claimed to have taken place several years ago.

This to be announced top top Wednesday, July first 2020 by his former co-host, Sandra Smith. The relocate was do after they got complaints ~ above June 25th from the former employee’s lawyer.

Fox was fast to take action, through the source including the he to be suspended ~ above the really same day.

The statement issued by Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott and also president Jay Wallace – as check out by Sandra – included: “We strive to maintain a safe and also inclusive rectal for every employees.”


Ed Henry: walk he have a wife?

Yes, Ed Henry is married come Shirley Henry.

The pair married ago in 2010 and also have two youngsters together, Mila and also Patrick; castle both met while working at CNN.

She is the chief Washington Editor because that NPR News and also began functioning for NPR in 2014, i beg your pardon writes the she i graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s level in journalism and one in international relations. Subsequently, she obtained a master’s level in public plan from Georgetown University.

As detailed by the day-to-day Mail, Ed had actually a four-month leaving of lack which ended in 2016 due to reports of him having an affair through a woman called Lima. She cases they actually very first met in 2011 but didn’t start to have actually an to work until 4 years later.

When points ended, Lima expressed that she feeling “used”.

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He has denied the allegations

On Wednesday, July 1st 2020, Ed available an upgrade on Twitter, posting a statement indigenous his attorney – Catherine Foti.

It reads: “Ed Henry denies the allegations referenced in the Fox announcement and is confident that he will certainly be vindicated ~ a complete hearing in an suitable forum.”