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A photo from Chip's high school yearbook. Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Born in Albuquerque, new Mexico, in 1974, Chip relocated to Colleyville, Texas, when he was in 3rd grade.

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According to us Weekly, Chip, now 46, spent lot of his childhood in ~ his grandfather"s ranch in north Texas.

1990: together luck would have actually it, Joanna also ended up moving to Texas through her family.


A photo of Joanna as a young child. Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1978, Joanna moved to Austin, Texas, as soon as she was 12 years old. She later moved to Waco during her small year that high school.

No stranger to love stories, Joanna, now 42, has defined her parents" connection as "one friend hear about in the movies" — "an example of exactly how to love, struggle for, prolong grace to, and also honor" one an additional in a marriage.

Joanna"s parental met in 1969 once her father was stationed in Korea.

1998-2001: Chip and also Joanna both graduated from Baylor college in Waco, Texas — three years apart.


The two never ever crossed courses on campus. Chip Gaines/Instagram

Chip, a self-described "serial entrepreneur," i graduated from Baylor in 1998 through a degree in marketing. In college, he began a couple of small businesses including a prepaid laundry service, a fireworks stand, and multiple landscaping companies.

Joanna, who graduated in 2001, specialty in Communications and hoped to become abroadcast journalist.

"I always dreamed that the idea of television however never believed it would need to do with architecture or renovations," she told Popsugar. The aspiring newscaster likewise starred in local commercials for her father"s auto shop, Jerry Stevens Firestone, and worked the former desk.

2001: after college, Chip and Joanna met because that the an initial time in Waco.


Chip was instantly smitten. Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Chip knew Joanna was "the one" as soon as he experienced a picture of she behind the counter at her father"s shop. "I knew I"d marry she one day simply by the photo on the wall," he told Popsugar.

Determined, Chip started taking his pickup come Firestone, in the hopes of meeting Joanna. "My buddies supplied to constantly joke that no one can get their brakes done as often as I acquired my brakes done," Chip told KWTX News 10.

Naturally, when the two finally met in person,the first thing Chip stated to Joanna was, "Hey, you"re the girl in the commercials." The two then sat external the auto shop and also talked for 30 minutes.

The following day, Chip dubbed Joanna and asked her out.

2001: Chip and also Joanna go on their very first date.

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Joanna originally had second thoughts. Joanna Gaines/Instagram

In an interview with Texas Monthly, the pair revealed the they invested their first date sitting on theporch the a restaurant "housed in a historic mansion" and also eating fried chicken.

However, Chip was practically an hour and a half late to choose Joanna up,according to this excerptfrom your memoir, "The Magnolia Story." Joanna writes:

"He didn"t apologize because that being late, either. He had actually so lot confidence. I don"t know. I can"t explain it. Just Chip might be an hour and also a fifty percent late and have nobody mad about it."

Chip, who insists that was only 20 minute late, additionally looked nothing choose Joanna remembered:

"This guy had actually no hair. I"d imagine he had hair under the baseball cap, yet nope. Just stubble. And also his face was weathered and also flushed red, choose he"d to be working external in the hot sun all day long. He was wearing a reddish-toned leather jacket, too, and also I thought, "Is this red guy also the same male I was talking to in ~ the shop?" the turned out that Chip had actually shaved his head to assistance a friend of his that was battling cancer."