Chip and Joanna Gaines instantly came to be household names once Fixer Upper first debuted ~ above HGTV in 2013. The couple not only fully transformed the very nice one of the tiny Waco, Texas, known mostly together the house of their alma mater Baylor University at that point, but turned your Magnolia realty company into an ext than they might have ever dreamed of.

One the the ideal parts about the Gaineses, is lock have always stressed the importance of family. Even while shoot a effective TV show, building the Magnolia market at the Silos, opening up their restaurant Magnolia Table, and also even to run a partnership through Target, the Gaines family controlled to emphasis on your kiddos and also give them as typical a life together possible. Joanna and her husband Chip would consistently take viewers right into their it s as beautiful as picture Waco farm in illustration of Fixer Upper, where Joanna would make cookie or cupcakes through the kids prior to being the end all night staging their recent house. In the process, the human being got to watch the Gaines youngsters grow up over the food of the show. If girlfriend can think it, Chip is actually the an ext strict parent between the two.

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"I thrived up in an setting that to be pretty much "back by dark" -- didn"t normally know what we were doing, and it was every good, clean fun," Chip called People. "So ns thought, "Oh, I"m gonna it is in a wild parent." and also when I gained to be a parent, i don"t recognize what the is around it ... I feel a little bit choose a drill sergeant sometimes. Some aspects of mine personality, as a parent, I"m not genuine crazy about."

"It"s funny, I"m a little an ext laid back than I believed I"d be," Joanna added. " particular things that i really treatment about, however I think the funny part, with Chip, is simply the video games, the TV. That"s where he kinda gets a little strict. It"s, "You walk play outside." "

Here"s a closer look in ~ the five children of Chip and also Joanna Gaines.

Drake (16)

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Drake was named after the Drake Hotel in brand-new York City wherein Chip and also Jo went on their honeymoon. It"s important shocking the he"s currently old enough to have actually a driver"s license. It to be an emotional experience for Chip and also Jo, Chip explained to People. Due to the fact that Drake is in high school, we can"t wait to watch where he decides to go to college. Possibly Baylor?

"I was so excited leading as much as it, and also Jo was too, kind of," the recalls. "Then we obtain this child his license, and the an initial morning that goes to drive, Jo bawls she eyes out. She was just devastated and wanted no part. She desires to hire him a chauffeur!"


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Eldest daughter Ella has constantly been quieter in front of the cameras, yet Joanna has actually shouted her praises because that years the she inherited her mom"s knack for internal design. Mom"s also praised her cooking skills, bragging about how Ella"s summer job in 2018 was marketing baked products from Joanna"s cookbook roughly the Magnolia office.


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Middle son fight it out was a complete cutie ago when he was watched on Fixer Upper v his siblings. While all of the Gaines children were encouraged to beat outside and enjoy the family farm, fight it out really gravitated in the direction of the garden whereby Joanna would consistently plant points with the kids. Based upon this Instagram post, it appears that duke likes to pickle peppers through his mom!