The singer has actually three boy — René-Charles, 19, and also twins Nelson and Eddy — with late husband René Angélil



Céline Dion is proud of her youngest boy — and also she knows their late father René Angélil is too.

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On Friday, the singer, 52, commemorated her pair boys Nelson and Eddy together they rotate 10 year old, share throwback photos of the pair as toddlers ~ above Instagram, and side-by-side then-and-now comparisons to highlight exactly how much they've grown.

Dion explained that her late husband René Angélil, who passed away of cancer in 2016, is surely simply as proud that them as she is. The artist also shares boy René-Charles, 19, with Angélil.

"Nelson and Eddy, you have actually been happen so much joy, love and laughter right into our lives every solitary day for the previous 10 years," Dion captioned the post. "You make me, your huge brother and also your Dad, that is for sure watching end you, so really proud."

"Happy birthday my beautiful boys! we love friend so very much... - Mom, RC and also Dad xx... 🐾," she concluded.

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To note her eldest's date of birth in January, Dion praised René-Charles because that his achievements and for being a "true gentleman." She mutual two snaps of she son, including an adorable throwback of him as a baby, and another much more recent photo of the 2 smiling together.

"I desire you to understand that her father's guidance continues to support and protect you… together I do. Store being the finest of yourself… strong, passionate, and also wise, as you pursue every one of your desires in life – the sky's the limit!" Dion added.

The "My Heart will certainly Go On" singer concluded the post, writing: "And over all, have a good time!…. Her happiness, is mine happiness. I love you so much, my dear son! mom xx…"

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Dion and also her so late husband were married for 22 years before he died of throat cancer at the period of 74 in January 2016. Showing on she love for her husband 4 years ~ his death, Dion opened up around how lot she misses her beloved.

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"There is not a day the goes by without me thinking around your beautiful smile," Dion wrote alongside a photo of Angélil smiling with a sleeping puppy in his arms.

"We miss out on you, say thanks to you for watching over united state my love. I love you," she added, signing turn off the post, "Céline xx…"

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