Celine Dion can not imagine what life would be prefer without her three sons. The “My Heart will certainly Go On” songstress is devoted to her legend music career, however nothing fills Celine with delight like being roughly her lovely kids, René-Charles, Nelson and also Eddy.

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The Canadian singer shares she boys through her late husband, René Angélil, whom she married in 1994. The couple welcomed your eldest son, René-Charles, in January 2001, complied with by the births of their twins, Nelson and Eddy, virtually 10 years later in October 2010.


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Celine to be over the moon once she first experienced parenthood, however the road to coming to be a mother was anything but easy. ~ announcing a break from to sing to focus on beginning her household in beforehand 2000, the “Power the Love” demonstrate consulted numerous doctors to acquire pregnant.

When nothing appeared to work, Celine and also René do the efforts in-vitro fertilization. The “It’s every Coming ago to Me Now” crooner lastly conceived through among their IVF measures in may 2000. In ~ the time, Celine marveled over the pregnancy throughout an interview on a Canadian television show, speak she feel “emotionally fulfilled,” follow to CNN.


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Celine’s happiness skyrocketed even an ext when she organized her an initial baby in she arms. Shortly prior to undergoing her 6th round the IVF in beforehand 2010, which led to her pregnancy through Nelson and Eddy, Celine dubbed motherhood the many “challenging and rewarding job” she ever before had.

“I think us are really blessed to have the opportunity and also a blessing to it is in a mother,” she told abc News. “I think when you space — as soon as you have actually a child, it’s favor there’s one more heart that grows inside of you. You have actually this favor a second heart.”


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Now the it’s been two decades because Celine came to be a mom, the Grammy compensation winner has virtually perfected her role. Also though she’s sustained her fair share of struggles, including the fatality of she husband in January 2016, Celine has ongoing to the finest mom to she boys.

“Celine is career-driven, yet her children will always come first,” one insider solely told Closer Weekly in September 2020, note the music symbol is taking benefit of life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. “She’s spending top quality time through her kids. Celine is see this much-deserved break together an chance to relax and wind down prior to things gain busy again.”

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René-Charles Angélil

Celine’s eldest son, René-Charles, to be born on January 25, 2001. René-Charles started making a surname for himself at the young period of 18 once he made his music debut in 2018. In ~ the time, that released two songs ~ above SoundCloud by his rapper name big Tip.

When René-Charles exit his music, though, he didn’t tell his mom about the songs until they reached No. 1 and also No. 2 on the SoundCloud Canadian R&B charts. When talking with the Montreal Gazette, the aspiring musician revealed how Celine reaction to his tunes.

“She love it. She was simply kind that stunned at first, since she’d never heard anything native me,” he gushed. “It was kind of a monster conversation: ‘Ma, ns No. 1 and also No. 2 ~ above the charts best now.’ She to be like: ‘Why didn’t you tell me first?’ but she’s an extremely supportive the my passion for this.”

In December 2020, René-Charles hinted this i will not ~ be the critical fans would certainly hear indigenous him. “New music on the way,” he wrote via society media. The following month in January, he released his “first-ever project,” a mini-album titled CasiNo.5. The artist announced the news ~ above Instagram and revealed his music was “now accessible on apple Music.”

Celine proved how proud she was of her oldest boy once she payment tribute to his recent birthday. “20 years ago, I had actually the privilege to hear the word mother for the very an initial time … my dream came true, and you changed our stays forever!” she sweetly wrote on Instagram. “Go the end there and take on life, and remember to never stop believing in yourself, since I believe in you.”


Eddy Angélil

Eddy is among Celine and René’s twins, who was born on October 23, 2010. Unequal his other brother, Eddy has actually yet to make his debut in showbiz, however the cultivation youngster is talented in other ways.

According to reports, Eddy was named after Eddy Marnay, the so late French songwriter. Eddy is also bilingual, together he is fluently in both French and also English.

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Eddy often makes appearances top top his mom’s Instagram, so the isn’t too rare to catch a glimpse inside your life. For his recent birthday in October 2020, Celine uploaded the cutest pics together a loving tribute.

“Nelson and also Eddy, you have been pass so much joy, love and laughter into our stays every solitary day because that the previous 10 years,” the doting mama penned. “You make me, your huge brother and your Dad, that is for sure watching end you, so really proud. Happy birthday, mine beautiful boys! we love friend so really much.”