There is nothing Carrie Underwood loves much more than she husband, Mike Fisher, and also their 2 adorable sons, Isaiah and Jacob. The couple’s trip to parenthood started when castle met in 2008. The “Before he Cheats” singer and the former pro hockey star bound the node on July 10, 2010, and five year later, they welcomed their an initial baby boy.

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“Tiny hands and also tiny feet … God has actually blessed us through an impressive gift!” Carrie composed on Facebook next to a snap the Isaiah’s tiny hand in February 2015. Since the musician wanted her youngsters to it is in close in age, she tried to do Isaiah an older brothers as soon as possible, but sadly she suffered three miscarriages prior to she got pregnant v Jacob in august 2018.


“I just had actually an honest conversation through God. I was hurt, and I said him exactly how I felt,” the loving mother candidly mutual in their web collection Mike and also Carrie: God & Country. Mike added, “You have actually all this mountaintops, but we hadn’t had a ton the valleys favor this.”

When Carrie welcomed Jacob ~ above January 21, 2019, she offered him a big shout-out on Instagram. “His mom, dad and large brother couldn’t be happier for God to trust them v taking treatment of this small miracle!” she composed in she birth announcement. “Our hearts space full, ours eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed. Life is good.”

Now, together a mother of two, Carrie has been make the efforts to discover the perfect balance between her work and family life. She’s controlled to execute it every by bringing her youngsters with she on tour.

“One that my favourite things around is having my family out on the roadway with me,” she sweetly penned via Instagram in September 2019. “I just hope ns making my boys proud of their mama.”


By spending even much more time with each other on the road, Isaiah and also Jacob have grown closer together. Isaiah particularly loves come pretend his small brother is his own.

“He says, ‘My baby. Where is my baby?’” the Grammy award winner laughed around her son on the ACM red carpet in April 2019. “He is yes, really sweet.”

Scroll listed below to view all the cutest pics of Carrie v her family!



Carrie shared pics of Isaiah as he “made his baseball debut” in September 2021. “I got an ext nervous the town hall him than I supplied to acquire when ns watched his dad play hockey!” the artist captioned a photograph collage ~ above Instagram, which included one snap of her boy as much as bat.



The proud mama likewise shared an image of Isaiah in the field. To stay safe, the kiddo wore a protective confront mask!

So Heartwarming!

Mike mutual a precious an individual photo that Isaiah offering Carrie a big hug throughout a tender mother-son moment to mark his birthday in February 2021. “Happy 6th birthday Isaiah! i’m blessed to be your dad and proud of exactly how you love Jesus and also others therefore well! and also please stop farming up therefore fast!!” the former NHL star composed in the caption.

Hitting the Slopes

Carrie and Mike have made certain their boy learned exactly how to ski from very early age, together Isaiah showed off his an abilities during a household trip to Telluride, Colorado, in February 2021.

Fishing Buddies!

Carrie’s husband, Mike, shared a sweet picture of their sons fishing next by side over a pond. In the June 2021 Father’s day post, Mike wrote, “Man is the fun and also sometimes challenging:),” around being the dad to two young sons.

Big Boy

Carrie celebrated Jacob’s second birthday with a rarely tribute on Instagram. Alongside a throwback pic indigenous his child days, the “Two black Cadillacs” singer praised her tot for being a “silly and also strong” small man.

“Jacob, us longed because that you. Us prayed because that you. Us walked a long, difficult road in order to one day host you,” she wrote. “You love come play and sing and follow your big brother around. You space loved. You space cherished. You space an tremendous blessing from God. Happy birthday, sweet boy!”

Their tiny Blessing

Mike likewise commemorated Jacob’s distinct day. The NHL alum uploaded the most precious snap that the birthday young wearing Batman-themed pajamas, sunglasses and ice hockey skates.

“Happy second birthday, Jacob!” Mike penned. “You’ve lugged so much pleasure to our household the last 2 years! your laugh may just be the finest thing in the world. Can not wait to see what God has in store for girlfriend in the year ahead!”

Holiday Joy

Carrie uploaded the most precious snap of she youngest son, Jacob, licking his plate clean while wearing Christmas-themed pajamas on December 24. “Mood,” she captioned the pic via her Instagram Stories.

The great Outdoors

Carrie and Mike’s boy Jacob had so much fun as soon as he was play in the backyard v their dog. “The laugh …” Mike captioned this beloved clip on august 30.

Gone Fishin’

“Isaiah reflecting Jacob the ropes. He’s a good big brother v a vast heart!” Mike wrote beside a photo of his guys fishing in July. “I love watching these two thrive up, yet sometimes, you just want to push the pause button! every you can do is take it in and also thank God because that these tiny moments!” 

Snuggles for Mama

Mike offered fans a rarely glimpse within Carrie’s life together a mom while posting a photo hugging she two youngsters in respect of Mother’s job in May.

Birthday Boy

Isaiah had actually so much fun through his mom and dad while celebrate his 5th birthday in February. In ~ the time, Carrie uploaded the cutest photos from she tot’s celebration in ~ a trampoline park.

Cake Monster!

During Jacob’s first birthday celebrations in January, the “Two black Cadillacs” singer common the many adorable breaks of her small man munching top top his date of birth cake.

Best Pals

The pro hockey alum’s two children shared a sweet minute while playing on the floor together in January. “Happy birthday, Jacob! You’ve brought us for this reason much pleasure this previous year,” the love dad captioned his post.

Mama’s Boy

On tour, Isaiah had actually a good time watching his mom perform onstage. Who knows? possibly one day he’ll become a singer too!

Her Love

For mummy Day, Mike mutual this amazing photograph of Carrie and also Jacob. “Beautiful, fun, loving, kind, faithful, nurturing and competitive. Just a few words to describe the most vital women in mine life. Love you!” he stated in the caption.

Playtime v Dad

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Mike has actually been safety even much more time playing around with his kids!

Family Memories

Carrie and also Mike had a an extremely stylish Christmas in 2018. Their totality family dressed up in equivalent pajamas and also gathered roughly the Christmas tree to open their presents.

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