The previous Today present co-host publicly praised his eldest child, Josie, top top Instagram Tuesday together she celebrated 29 months of sobriety.

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And Billy, 45, didn’t pass up the possibility to congratulate his daughter ~ above the personal milestone.

“It’s the hero’s journey my love,” he comment on the photo. “Very proud of you and also that amazing fact.”

Josie’s mother, Sydney shrub — who likewise shares daughters Mary, 16, and also Lillie, 12, v Billy — also left part words of affirmation for she oldest: “Beyond proud.”



Last summer, Billy and also his wife got equivalent cross tattoos because that Josie’s 18th birthday. “This is the most painful process in the world,” that told the Today show of acquiring the irreversible ink ~ above his wrist.

But months later, Billy challenged an even much more painful — and also public — hardship the left him feeling “totally and fully gutted.”

In May, Billy opened up about his second daughter Mary’s reaction come his leaked Access Hollywood ice cream on ABC’s Good Morning America.

In his an initial televised interview since the tape was leaked back in October, the told alphabet News’ Robin Roberts the 2005 conversation — in which listeners hear Donald Trump phone call Bush, “And when you’re a star they allow you execute it. You can do anything. Grab castle by the p—y. You have the right to do anything,” while onboard one Access Hollywood bus — carried his 16-year-old daughter come tears.

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“She was really upset, and I said, ‘Mary, it’s, it’s, walk to be OK. You know, don’t worry,’ ” Bush, that was fired from Today numerous days after ~ the tape’s release said. “And she said, ‘No. Why to be you laughing at the points that he was saying on that bus? Why to be you playing along with it, Dad? the wasn’t funny.’ ”

“I said, ‘Mary, i am sorry. And there is no an excellent answer for that,’ ” bush said.

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