Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died on Nov. 8, 2020 ~ a fight with pancreatic cancer. If the country mourned the loss of the charming man who had showed up on their TV screens for decades, his family members felt a deeper feeling of grief. Now, they proceed to storage him. Top top their an initial Father"s Day without Alex, his oldest daughter, 55-year-old Nicky Trebek, shared a rare photo of him with all 3 of his children. Check out on to view the photo and check out Nicky"s tribute to she departed dad.

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On June 19, Nicky posted a snapshot to Instagram that Alex Trebek sit in a chair v his children around him. The photo functions 31-year-old Matthew Trebek, Nicky, and 28-year-old Emily Trebek. "Seems favor a minute ago," Nicky captioned the household photo. Alex and his first wife, Elaine Trebek, adopted Nicky together. He climate went top top to have Matthew and also Emily through his second wife, Jean Trebek.

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Following Nicky"s first post of Alex and his children, she mutual two an ext throwback photos of she father. The an initial picture featured Nicky and also Alex looking lovingly at each other. Because that the caption, Nicky wrote, "I will miss out on you forever. … The world is no the very same without you, yet you certain left the many beautiful mark!" The last photo Nicky mutual showed Alex feeding a musk ox. "He yes, really loved this mammal," she wrote.

In respect of Father"s Day critical year, Jean Trebek mutual the children"s musings on their father. "For Father"s Day, I created an article devoted to Alex and our family members … and I can"t help but think the our tiny family was intended to be!" she composed on Instagram.

When asked what they admired around their father, Matthew said, "His persistence when it concerns solving challenges." Emily answered, "His determination … once he has his mind set on something, nothing will adjust it!" Finally, Nicky added that she admired "his generosity to everyone and also his humility around it. Ns personally experienced him writing hundreds of thousands of thank-you notes while he battled for his life. It"s important astounding. I honestly can"t even put it right into words."

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In her article, Jean common some understanding into her family with Alex. "The stars every were aligned to bring together such distinct personalities which deep support and also respect every other," she wrote. "What"s exciting for me to witness is that they each have had their own distinctive experiences v Alex, and also that really reflects earlier different perspectives top top the guy I married."

She added that she"s so happy that the youngsters are all so close. "When we"re together, ns feel such joy," she continued. "It yes, really pleases me that Matthew, Emily, and also Nicky have end up being such an excellent friends and also close siblings."

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