You’re probably acquiring a tattoo because that the an initial time or you’re an ext experienced and are rocking lot of tattoos.

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Whatever the situation is, you’re in search of an effective and also affordable method to prevent your heal tattoo from getting infected or damaged and also you heard that the jar of Aquaphor sit in your medicine cabinet just could be it.

Although it is no a product designed particularly for tattoo aftercare, Aquaphor is generally recommended through tattoo specialists for keeping your freshly-inked skin hydrated and protected.

If you considering trying that or you haven’t even heard that it, this article gives friend a in-depth account that what it is and if the is great for your brand-new tattoo.

What is Aquaphor anyway?

Aquaphor is a skin ointment that has actually been about for decades. A major constituent the this ointment is petroleum jelly which supplies its hydrophobic nature to type an adherent layer end the skin surface on which that applied.

This layer offer to protect against evaporation of liquid from the skin and hence, retaining the humidity on the surface of the skin. Also, due to its high petroleum jelly content, Aquaphor inherently offers part soothing properties and forms a physics barrier against bacteria and infective organisms.

Additional ingredients favor mineral oils and also cresins in the ointment provide added protection for your new tattoo.

Bisabolol i beg your pardon is extracted from the chamomile plant is a minor herbal component of Aquaphor the is known for its innate anti-inflammatory and also soothing properties.

It consists of less active, stabilizing ingredients like lanolin alcohol, panthenol, and also glycerine the work together with the energetic components come moisturize, nourish, and also protect the skin.

Another good thing about this ointment is the level of adaptability that it offers, as it can be offered for a wide variety of skin conditions and also for avoiding dry skin.

It can also be quickly acquired over-the-counter indigenous your neighborhood grocery or medication stores at a an extremely low cost.

When must I placed Aquaphor on mine tattoo?

Aquaphor is great for speeding the healing procedure in the first couple of days that tattoo healing after the bandage you got from the tattoo shop is removed, and also you’ve correctly cleaned the freshly inked skin.

It is throughout these first few days that the wound is many prone to bacterial contamination and damage as result of itching, irritation, and other physical trauma.

Ensure friend clean the wound correctly with gentle antibacterial soap at least three times a work before applying a thin layer of Aquaphor.

How lengthy should I usage Aquaphor?

As lengthy as you strictly adhere to every tattoo aftercare instructions and also your tattoo is heal well, you want to use Aquaphor for only the very first three days, around three time daily.

After this, you deserve to switch to a lighter, water-based skin moisturizer.

At what point should ns switch from Aquaphor to constant lotion?

After the first three days to a main (specified by her tattoo artist), girlfriend would at some point have to move from Aquaphor to utilizing a thinner, water-based lotion. At this point, the wound would have actually

stopped oozing plasma.

You may be wonder why you have to make this switch and also what the difference the move makes.

Both assets offer moisturizing properties however the significant difference is the the scent is a water-based moisturizer compared to the oil-based Aquaphor.

This method that the scent would work much better as a skin moisturizer while also letting the skin breathe contrasted with the more heavy-duty Aquaphor ointment.

Lotions are likewise easier to spread to cover larger portions of skin than Aquaphor, making the a much more effective moisturizer.

To acquire the maximum benefits out of the lotion, the is advised the you usage it at the very least three times a work after cleaning and drying the wound properly. This is offered in place of Aquaphor after the an initial three job and/or when the wound stops oozing plasma.

Finally, you need to never use lotions with hefty fragrances, dyes, or irritating ingredients prefer alcohol which can worsen the irritation and drying while likewise increasing the heal time.

Aquaphor vs A+D – which is better?

We’ve been focused on Aquaphor therefore far, for this reason it’s fairly strange to be introducing another product in ~ this point. A+D however, is an additional petroleum-based ointment that is commonly recommended by skilled tattoo artists as an aftercare ointment.

So, what are the key differences and similarities between these two seemingly same effective and popular products?


Both these ointments room petroleum- and also mineral oil-based, v A+D consisting of around 53.4% petrolatum i beg your pardon is an ext than the 41% petrolatum uncovered in Aquaphor.

This higher petroleum content method that A+D is an ext occlusive but still allows oxygen to get to the skin, even though in a lesser amount 보다 Aquaphor.

A+D consists of lanolin and cod liver oil i beg your pardon is rich in vitamin A & D (get it? A+D), both of i beg your pardon are an extremely healthy because that healing skin. It additionally lists fragrance as among its ingredient while Aquaphor is largely fragrance-free.


A+D is slightly much more expensive 보다 a comparable quantity that Aquaphor. So, based on the price I would certainly say Aquaphor has the top hand.


Since A+D has higher petroleum content (53.4% vs 41% in Aquaphor), it is thicker i.e an ext viscous than Aquaphor.

Based top top my an individual experience through both products, I would certainly say that the final an option on i m sorry product to walk with counts on your tattoo artist’s recommendations and also your an individual preferences and also idiosyncrasies.

That gift said, ns would imply that you call your doctor to find out if you have any background of hypersensitivity to any kind of ingredient in one of two people product.

For instance, if you’re allergic to lanolin, you should most likely stay away from A+D to avoid getting an allergic rash or worse.

Can i sleep with Aquaphor on my tattoo?

Not only deserve to you sleep v the Aquaphor ointment on her tattoo, but it is additionally recommended the you perform so during the first few days the the healing process when the tattoo wound is still fresh and you don’t want to rewrap the spot v a bandage.

All you have to do is clean the wound and also apply a slim layer the Aquaphor or A+D over it once it’s time because that bed. The thickness and oil-based nature of one of two people product reason them to efficiently protect and also soothe your brand-new tattoo.

What happens if I usage too much Aquaphor on my tattoo?

Use of extreme quantities that Aquaphor (like a special scoop) or past the recommended time structure of use can lead come occlusion of your pores i m sorry may reason the formation of pimples (skin breakouts) depending on the place of the tattoo.

The opportunities are a lot higher if the tattoo is situated on the confront or upper chest regions.

To protect against this:

Ensure you apply only a thin layer of ointment together this is more than adequate to execute the job without exposing you come potential outbreaks.Switch come a lighter, water-based lotion after ~ the first few days of heal (the certain time frame depends on individual differences and also the tattoo artist’s recommendations).

Do I put Aquaphor on my skin tattoo?

Peeling is a stage of tattoo wound healing wherein the outermost great of the tattooed skin begins to flake, lot like a sunburn.

At this point, the area becomes dry and also itchy hence, applications of a petroleum-based product favor Aquaphor would be counterproductive.

It is at this allude that you must make the switch to good quality, water-based, fragrance- and also alcohol-free lotion.

What space the potential pros of making use of Aquaphor?

Some potential benefits of making use of Aquaphor top top a new tattoo include:

Has anti-infection and anti-irritation properties.It efficiently hydrates and moisturizes injured skin, providing all-round protection.It reduces the chances of short-term hard cruising and long-term scabbing.Results in less damages underneath the tattoo scab throughout healing.It decreases as whole healing time by simply the right amount and also not also much regarding cause damage.It properly seals the skin from irritants.It is really cost-effective, widely available, and easy to acquire.

What are the possible cons of making use of Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is an significant product for tattoo aftercare, but like every other medication, it has some feasible downsides specifically when supplied in large quantities and for prolonged periods.

These feasible disadvantages the Aquaphor use include:

Possible skin breakouts because of clogging of skin pores.Some people may build a rash due to sensitivity to part ingredients. So, that is necessary to call your doctor and also go with your hospital graph to dominance out any history of hypersensitivity come petroleum products.

Additional brand-new tattoo aftercare tips

In addition to the application of Aquaphor and also subsequently, a water-based lotion to save the healing tattoo moisturized, this tips aid shorten the healing time and reduce the risk of infection and damage come your brand-new ink.

Avoid obtaining immersed in bodies of water prefer swimming pools, oceans, and also rivers for at least two mainly after gaining the tattoo. No doing this can reason the leaching of squid from your skin, increasing your need for a touch-up.Protect the newly tattooed skin from direct and lengthy sun exposure for at the very least 2 or 3 main by making use of high SPF sunscreens or safety clothing. The ultraviolet beam of the sunlight may failure the ink in ~ the tattoo, leading to damage and also increasing the need for a touch-up.Do not scrub the tattoo while cleaning it. Lightly patting the area through a record towel moistened by lukewarm water comprise a fragrance-free mildly antibacterial soap would certainly do.Resist the urge to gain the tattoo or pick at any kind of formed scabs since doing so would reason flaws in the last healed kind of the tattoo.


Aquaphor is a an excellent unscented, petroleum-based product the serves together a reputable physical barrier, moisturizer, anti-inflammatory ointment.

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These properties and a lot an ext make Aquaphor good for brand-new tattoos that’s why for years it has been kind of one unofficial sector standard for occluding new tattoos, at least for the first couple of days.