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Minor league Baseball is far from a glamorous sport. Unequal its major League Baseball counterpart, where ballplayers Mike Trout and also Bryce Harper rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for your on-field services and also the Los Angeles Dodgers hand out massive significant League contracts, young leaguers space paid squat.

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Despite MLB teams being worth billions that dollars and hauling in millions every season, very tiny of that money is spread to the players at the Rookie, Single-A, Double-A and also Triple-A ranks. In fact, it’s an ext than just poor pay.

Minor leaguers have actually to resolve terrible living conditions, terrible food and also have to work-related extra work to afford to live — every while trying to attain their dreams of making it come the display one day.

Top breeze picks don’t need to worry around these nuisances. Part first-year players out of high school and also college knife six-figure and seven-figure signing bonuses once they sign. But for those the don’t, which is many of a franchise’s boy leaguers, they take home means less than any type of state’s minimum wage.

MLB issued a memo prior to the 2020 season instructing significant league teams to progressive the minimum incomes for minor league players, which will certainly reportedly increase by anywhere from 38 come 72 percent. Still, that’s not nearly enough considering the amount of hrs these players put in during the season and also in the offseason.

Just how poorly compensated for their job-related are young leaguers paid? Let’s simply say they make much less than the mean high school janitor.

Minor organization Baseball Player Salaries

Simon Rottenberg's 1956 document reports mean minor-league salaries in 1950 through level. I've convert them to annual salaries in 2017 dollars, presented beside the existing MiLB value scale. Https://t.co/M7enKcqMrr pic.twitter.com/toKvFQntMJ

— J.C. Bradbury (

We recognize that minor league salaries room minuscule, yet just exactly how low castle are can shock you. According to The Athletic, the typical player salary because that a minor organization player to be $6,000 in Single-A, $9,350 in Double-A and $15,000 in Triple-A in 2018.

The abovementioned pay bump will increase player salary at the very least a tiny bit. Follow to the Associated Press, rookie and also short-season level players’ minimum weekly pay will be raised from $290 to $400. Class A level player pay will jump indigenous $290 come $500, when Double-A player minimum weekly pay will certainly go indigenous $350 come $600. Triple-A players was standing to earn the most, going native a $502 minimum weekly salary to $700.

Still, minor organization teams play periods as short as three months long. That way way much less pay.

Minor organization Pay at different Levels

The average earnings of a boy leaguer for the an initial 7 years of your career is $6,884 every YEAR.

Any player below Low-A makes much less than $4,000/yr.

A player in the Dominican Summer organization makes less than $2,500/yr #standwithmilb https://t.co/cjHnK6ccj7 pic.twitter.com/BgP13CVvVS

— more Than Baseball (
Rookie & Short-Season: $400 weeklySingle-A: $500 weeklyDouble-A: $600 weeklyTriple-A: $700 weekly

Still, $400 a main is only $1,600 per month. Also if a player’s season is a five-month season, that way they’re just earning $8,000 playing expert baseball that year. They additionally have come train and also practice in the offseason (for which they aren’t paid for) while most likely working one more job if in a minor league system. The federal poor line for individuals? $12,880.

?I would play hungry, and also I would go to bed hungry,? Jeremy wolf told PennLive.com. ?I played in prior of 10,000 human being a night, and also I wouldn’t have actually food to eat after a game, and I wouldn?t have sufficient money to go acquire food.?

What’s worse is that these experienced athletes make less than a usual school janitor. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, janitors in educational services earned much more than $28,000 per year ~ above average. Also if a Single-A boy leaguer were paid over the food of the entire year for your minor organization season, they tho wouldn’t make that lot cash.

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Minor leaguers also don’t obtain paid throughout spring training despite working as lot as 12 hours per day.

Average MLB value Is much Higher

The minor organization life is luxurious as soon as you make $1180 a month