Recognizable to people all the human being over, the Bellagio Fountains are photo synonymous with Las Vegas. The fountains put on a number of totally free shows day-to-day that take place in Bellagio’s 8.5-acre artificial lake i beg your pardon is located between the will tower and Las las vegas Blvd. Lurking just below the water’s surface are over 1,200 individual sprayers the are capable of shoot water end 460 ft in the air. Three species of sprayers utilized, Minishooters, Extremeshooters, and also Supershooters are stationary and also fire water vertically, while Bellagio’s Oarsmen sprayers move around and also do the “dancing”.

Although many believe the lake and fountains use reclaimed water native the resort, the actual source is an underground fine previously used to water the Dunes golf course.

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As a las Vegas landmark, the water present is the step of numerous selfies, marital relationship proposals, and even weddings. Every once in a while, one “over-served” tourist even jumps in because that a quick swim that generally doesn’t end well for the perpetrator.

As one of the many popular cost-free activities in las Vegas, plenty of guests time their visit to capture a show. Through that in mind, we believed it would certainly be valuable to detail Bellagio fountain showtimes in 2021 along with what songs are being featured currently.


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Bellagio fountain Schedule in 2021

Monday v Friday: The Fountains of Bellagio go off every 30 minutes from 3pm to 8pm and then every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight. Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: mirrors are reserved every 30 minutes from noon to 8pm once the schedule switches over to a show every 15 minute from 8pm come midnight.

*Note the shows deserve to be canceled due to high winds.

Where to watch the Bellagio Fountains

Spanning end 1,000 feet in length, there is lot of of room on the sidewalk in between the lake and also the piece to take it in the show. Daytime shows are commonly uncrowded and there will certainly be plenty of real estate for you and your group.

The sidewalk in front of Bellagio’s Fountains. Plenty of space.

Restaurants at Bellagio such as Lago and Scarpetta sell nice views in addition to your meal. Our favorite spot to catch the fountains is sipping a beer throughout the street in ~ Paris’ Beer Park rooftop bar which overlooks the fountains. Inspect here for our complete rundown of restaurants through a Bellagio spring view.

If the crowds are thick, escape by walking increase the sidewalk toward Bellagio’s Porte Cochere to watch the fountains native the resort side v Cromwell, Flamingo, Paris, and Bally’s in the background.

Rooms in ~ Bellagio with a check out of the Fountains space labeled together “Lakeview”, “Fountain View” and “Tower King Deluxe” on booking websites.

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Bellagio Fountain song List in 2021

Offering musical selections for every tastes, the Fountains the Bellagio dance to melody to include Lady Gaga, candid Sinatra, and Lee Greenwood. The diversity in genres and also energy levels make each fountain display a little bit different and also worthy of lot of stops during your trip. Listed below is the existing Bellagio water display playlist:

Bad romantic Lady Gaga4:54
My Heart will Go OnCeline Dion5:08
In the MoodRalph Charmichael3:30
The Ecstacy that GoldEnnio Morricone3:22
UpTown FunkBruno Mars4:29
Lucy in the skies with DiamondsThe Beatles3:29
Hey, huge SpenderGwen Verdon 3:35
God Bless the USALee Greenwood3:57
Viva las VegasElvis Presley3:22
Overture/All that JazzCatherine Zeta-Jones4:34
Pink PantherHenry Mancini2:39
Rhapsody top top a theme of PaganiniMikhail Rudy2:55
Rondine al NidoLuciano Pavarotti3:23
Star Spangled BannerWhitney Houston5:08
Simple GiftsLondon Symphony Orchestra3:12
Con car PartiroAndrea Bocelli4:04
One, Singular SensationOriginal Broadway Cast4:43
Luck be A LadyFrank Sinatra5:14
Fly Me come the MoonFrank Sinatra 2:28
Singin’ in the RainGene Kelly3:32
Bellagio Fountains Playlist

Many additionally wonder what wake up to the coins tossed into the fountains. According to a evaluation Journal story native 2017, the coins are accumulated and spread to regional charities.

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