The free Las Vegas show weaves together lights, water, and music in front of Bellagio mesmerizes hundreds of visitors a day, and also Bellagio touts the show as “the many ambitious, choreographically complex water feature ever before conceived.”


Fountains the Bellagio display at night, facing the Bellagio hotel.

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Whether you have seen the present a thousand times or are witness the spectacular performance for the an initial time, a protect against by the Bellagio fountains is crucial with every trip to the ras Vegas Strip.

New for 2019 is a game of Thrones-themed display that is a collaboration in between HBO, MGM Resorts, and WET Designs, the original creator the the Fountains of Bellagio water and also light show.


Bellagio fountains as checked out from above.

The present is 4 minutes long and combines pyrotechnics v the water and Game the Thrones practice score i m sorry uses facets of the theme song and also soundtrack. Hardcore video game of Thrones fans will love spotting the Easter eggs sprinkled transparent the four-minute show as well as special appearances by The knight King and Viserion.

History that the Fountains that Bellagio Attraction

Romantics from roughly the human being gather at the Bellagio Fountains come watch more than one thousand fountains dance to music and also light with water soaring more than 460 feet high.

At times over there are much more than 17,000 gallons that water in the air at one time!


View that the Bellagio fountains in Vegas

The whole performance spans much more than 1000 feet offering viewers fantastic performance from almost anywhere in prior of the Bellagio Fountains. Travelers by auto on ras Vegas Boulevard can likewise enjoy the present as that is common to be stuck in web traffic on this component of the strip.

The fountains were produced in teamwork with WET design on the 8.5-acre lake in former of Bellagio on the las Vegas piece in 1993, the year that the hotel opening. WET Design additionally created the renowned Mirage Volcano and the elegant water attributes for the Aria hotel.

A specialized staff of 30 world works every work of the year come clean, service, and maintain the top fountain attraction.

Bellagio Fountains Location

Visitors to the ras Vegas Strip can enjoy the Bellagio Fountains day-to-day at the intersection of ras Vegas Boulevard and also Flamingo Road.

The 8.5-acre lake is clearly shows in former of the Bellagio Hotel Casino.


Another great view the the Bellagio Fountains show!

A couple of minutes prior to each display is collection to begin visitors deserve to see the nozzles rest the surface of the water and also the hotel tower will illuminate in purple, or a themed shade depending top top the music selection.

Bellagio spring Times and Show Schedule

The fountains start at 3 pm during the week and also noon or 11 to be on the weekends however run until midnight nightly.

Current Schedule

Days & TimesSchedule
Saturdays & Holidays - 12:00pm to 8:00pmEvery 30 minutes
Saturdays & Holidays - 8pm to 12:00amEvery 15 minutes
Sundays - 11:00am come 7:00pmEvery 30 minutes
Sundays - 7:00pm come 12:00amEvery 15 minutes
Monday-Friday - 3:00pm to 8:00pmEvery 30 minutes
Monday-Friday - 8:00pm to 12:00amEvery 15 minutes


The schedule may vary. Special shows are occasionally performed for weddings and other time performances may be skipped to accommodate various other special events on the strip.

Shows are subject to cancellation due to weather.

Bellagio spring Songs

A diverse range of musical compositions was favored for the Fountains of Bellagio native opera, to pop music and Broadway hits.

The choreography designed because that these song takes viewers native romantic and whimsical, to energetic and commanding which create a dynamic show for all audiences.

Note: These space not 100% confirmed for 2021. These are previous songs.

Songs during Fountains that Bellagio performance

Title: negative Romance.Artist: Lady Gaga. Composer: RedOne, Lady Gaga.Work: The reputation Monster, Year: 2009. Length 4:54Title: One, Singular Sensation.Artist: original Broadway Cast. Composer: Marvin Hamlisch.Work: A Chorus Line, Broadway Musical. Year: 1975. Size 4:43Title: fly Me to The Moon.Artist: candid Sinatra w/ counting Basie Bart Howard. Composer: Bart Howard.Work: The an extremely Best of open minded Sinatra. Year: 1957. Length 2:28Title: simple Gifts.Artist: London Symphony Orchestra. Composer: Aaron Copland.Work: Appalachian Spring. Year: 1988. Size 3:12Title: Singin’ in the Rain.Artist: Gene Kelly. Composer: Alex North.Work: Singin’ in the Rain, Movie Musical. Year: 1952. Size 3:32Title: Rondine al Nido.Artist: Luciano Pavarotti. Composer: Vicenzo de Crescenzo.Work: La Rondine, Opera. Year: 1990. Length 3:23Title: Overture/All the Jazz.Artist: Catherine Zeta-Jones. Composer: Fred Ebb & john Kander.Work: Chicago Soundtrack. Year: 2002. Size 4:34Title: God Bless The USA.Artist: Lee Greenwood. Composer: Lee Greenwood.Work: American Patriot. Year: 1992. Length: 3:57Title: Star Spangled Banner.Artist: Whitney Houston. Composer: Francis Scott Key.Work: CD Single. Year: 2001. Length: 5:08Title: The Ecstasy of Gold.Artist: Ennio Morricone.Work: Length: 3:22Title: Pink Panther.Artist: Henry Mancini. Composer: Henry Mancini.Work: The Pink Panther, Movie Soundtrack. Year: 1964. Length: 2:39Title: UpTown Funk.Artist: note Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. Composer: note Ronson feat. Bruno Mars.Work: UpTown Special. Year: 2015. Size 4:29Title: Luck be A Lady.Artist: frank Sinatra. Composer: frank Losser.Work: guys & Dolls, Broadway Musical. Year: 1955. Size 5:14Title: Hey, huge Spender.Artist: Gwen Verdon & original Broadway Cast. Composer: Cy Coleman.Work: Sweet Charity, Broadway Musical. Year: 1966. Length 3:35Title: Con car Partiro (Time come Say Goodbye).Artist: Andrea Bocelli & buy it Brightman. Composer: F.Sartori, L.Quarantotto.Work: popular music Song. Year: 1996. Size 4:04Title: Rhapsody on a layout of Paganini.Artist: Mikhail Rudy. Composer: Sergei Rachmaninov.Work: design template of Paganini. Year: 1992. Length: 2:55Title: Viva ras Vegas.Artist: Elvis Presley. Composer: George E. Stoll.Work: Viva ras Vegas Soundtrack. Year: 1966. Length: 3:22Title: Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.Artist: The Beatles. Composer: john Lennon & Paul McCartney.Work: St. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts club Band. Year: 1967. Length: 3:29Title: Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.Artist: The Beatles. Composer: man Lennon & Paul McCartney.Work: St. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts society Band. Year: 1967. Length: 3:29Title: In the Mood.Artist: Ralph Carmichael. Composer: valley Miller.Work: Ralph Carmichael Presents large Band. Year: 1999. Length: 3:30Title: my Heart will Go On.Artist: Celine Dion. Composer: James Horner. Lyrics by will Jennings.Work: Let’s Talk about Love & Titanic: Music indigenous the movement Picture. Year: 1997. Length: 5:08Title: Believe.Artist: Cher. Composer: Cher, Brian Higgins, Paul Barry, Tim Powell, Steven Torch, Matt Gray, Stuart McLennan. Year: 1998.Work: Length: 4:13

Fountains vacation Music

Title: Hallelujah Chorus.Artist: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Cast. Composer: Handel.Work: The Messiah, Oratorio. Year: 1992. Size 3:53Title: Carol of The Bells.Artist: Los Angeles understand Chorale. Composer: M. Leontovich.Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1996. Size 1:29Title: O divine Night.Artist: Placido Domingo. Composer: Placide Clappeau.Work: Christmas Carol Year: 1984. Length 3:57Title: It’s start to watch a Lot prefer Christmas.Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Meredith Wilsom.Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Size 2:18Title: The most Wonderful Time the the Year.Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Eddi Pola & George Wyle.Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Length 2:45Title: Sleigh Ride.Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Leroy Anderson.Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Length: 2:57Title: Santa Baby.Artist: Madonna. Composer: J. Javita & P. Springer.

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Work: Mame, Broadway Musical. Year: 1987. Length: 3:57


Where is the best place to watch the Bellagio fountains?

Many say that the ideal place to watch the Fountains that Bellagio is right in the middle of ras Vegas Boulevard.

How deep is the water in ~ the Bellagio fountains?

Based on media reports, the Bellagio fractional is around 13 feet (4 meters) in ~ its deepest point, through an average of around 8 feet (2.5 meters)