A new section of the border wall surface is checked out in November 2019 southern of Donna, Texas. Trump"s 576-mile border wall surface is intended to cost virtually $20 million every mile, i m sorry is much more expensive than any other wall under construction in the world.

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The pricetag for President Trump"s border wall has topped $11 billion — or practically $20 million a mile — to come to be the many expensive wall of that is kind almost everywhere in the world.

In a status report critical week, U.S. Customs and also Border Protection, i m sorry is overseeing wall construction, reported the $11 billion has actually been identified because Trump took office to build 576 mile of a new "border wall system."

And the Trump management is top top the hunt for funding to construct even more. The department of countryside Security has actually asked the Defense department to come up v money because that 270 added miles that border wall that DHS states is essential to block medicine smuggling paths on federal land. The Pentagon is examining the request, which did no come with a disagreement figure.

If the Trump management completes every one of the wall projects it has set in motion, three-quarters the the U.S. Southern border would be walled off from Mexico. The federal government inherited about 650 miles of border structures erected under Presidents George W. Bush and also Barack Obama.

"You"re going to have actually a wall like no other. It"s walk to be a powerful, terrific wall," chairman Trump stated at a rally in Milwaukee last week. "A very huge and very an effective border wall surface is walk up at a document speed, and we are completely financed now, isn"t that nice?"

To obtain an idea why the government is safety so much on Trump"s border wall, look no more than the building and construction sites down in the Rio Grande valley of Texas.


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~ above one side of a caliche road, you can see the pedestrian fence the was erected much more than a decade ago. In ~ 18 feet, the looks downright puny. On the various other side of the road are substantial steel bollards topped v an "anti-climbing plate" that rise 30 feet above the noodle fields, surrounding by men in hardhats and heavy equipment.

Bush"s fence average $4 million a mile; Trump"s wall surface costs five times that—$20 million a mile. The in its entirety cost of $11 exchange rate is draw close the price the a nuclear-powered plane carrier.


Customs and also Border security spokesman Christian Alvarez points the end there"s a lot more to Trump"s barrier.

"The border wall system will include a 150-foot enforcement zone, lighting, cameras, other technology, and also most important an all-weather accessibility road make it much easier to respond come (undocumented immigrant) traffic," Alvarez said. "So it"s not simply gonna be the obstacle itself."

There"s more steel — an high-quality commodity — in a 30-foot structure. Also, there are powerful floodlights, and also every mile will have conduit for electric power and fiber optics that affix the surveillance cameras. Electronic gates that permit passage through the wall surface cost up to $1 million a piece. And also there"s a graded, graveled enforcement ar as broad as a six-lane highway.

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Border wall surfaces are much in vogue in the post-Cold battle era, that said, and also there are now at least 60 about the world. Israel"s wall surface on the West financial institution ranks together the 2nd most high-quality — in ~ a paltry $1 million come $5 million a mile.

Congress appropriated accumulation to develop the wall in the Rio Grande Valley, yet the federal government now states it demands more. CBP is dipping into $600 million that the Treasury Forfeiture Fund, which holds money seized in criminal investigations.

Some of the extra money will certainly be offered to develop the wall greater and 10 miles longer. There have also been "increased project expenses due to unforeseen site conditions" — to wit, major seepage difficulties where the levee wall crosses a canal the empties right into the Rio Grande.

Taking private land with eminent domain entails multiple agencies, consisting of the room of Justice, and can lead to lawsuits. The process "significantly boosts the hurdles the the government has come face," claimed Scott Nicol, a longtime wall opponent with the Sierra society in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Where you have actually private property and also the government has come go with the court to acquire that property, it takes a lot of longer and it cd driver the cost up since you need to pay for that land," Nicol said. "You have to send DOJ lawyers in to obtain that land."

By mid-January, the government had created 101 mile of border wall. A hundred mile of this is instead of or second wall; only one mile has actually been built where no obstacles previously existed.

Contrary to president Trump"s claims, the wall surface is not "going up at a record speed." In fact, construction has fallen month behind schedule due to the fact that of the complexities of getting private floor in the south Texas.

The massive wall surface projects the are right now underway are completely financed, primarily due to the fact that of the president"s willingness come sidestep a defiant Congress.

over the last two spending plan cycles, a Democrat-controlled house authorized $2.75 billion for the wall — much much less than Trump request for. Therefore Trump shut down the government, declared a state of emergency and diverted billions much more from the Defense room to pay because that his wall.

Pro-immigrant teams promptly sued, and also initially thrived in getting federal injunctions to block military capital for the wall. However conservative majorities ~ above both the U.S. Can be fried Court and also the commonwealth appeals court in brand-new Orleans remained the injunctions and let the administration proceed v construction.

"I mean, through all early out respect to the president, he"s obsessed through this wall," claimed Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat indigenous Laredo, Texas, who sits on the residence Appropriations Committee. "It"s a campaign promise, and what happened to that Mexico was going to pay because that this?"

democracy say they do want border security, yet the means to carry out it is with manpower and technology, not steel and concrete.

"I live on the border. I don"t desire to see chaos. I want to see law and also order at the border," Cuellar continued. "But i don"t want to simply be security billions the dollars to those commonwealth contractors."

The federal builders are mainly giant construction companies with suffer handling facility federal projects.

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Then there"s Fisher Sand & Gravel. The phibìc Dakota company snagged a $400 million wall surface contract ~ CEO Tommy Fisher walk on Fox News — a channel Trump frequently watches — come boast exactly how he could develop the wall faster and also cheaper the end on the California border.

"So that existing fence they"re building right currently in Calexico, the federal government has been given basically 300 job to develop two miles. Through one crew, we can build 15 miles in one year," Fisher told a Fox interviewer.

Now, the Pentagon inspector basic is reviewing the contract. Auditors want to understand if the White residence steered it to Fisher, who maintains his bid to be the best.