The governor did not specify how long the wall would it is in or where it would certainly be built. He command the Texas infrastructure Commission to hire a program manager to start that research.

through James Barragán June 16, 2021 Updated: June 17, 2021


Flanked by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and House speaker Dade Phelan, Gov. Greg Abbott hosted a press conference in ~ the Capitol Wednesday come provide more details on his plan for Texas to build its very own border wall. Credit: Sophie Park/The Texas Tribune
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Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday announced some new details of his plan for Texas to construct its own border wall, starting with the hiring procedure for a regimen manager and providing $250 million in state funds together a "down payment."

"Texas will develop a border wall in our state to aid secure ours border," Abbott said.

The governor did not specify exactly how long the wall surface would be, wherein it would certainly be developed or the complete cost that the project, saying that those decisions will must be identified by a program manager. ~ above Wednesday, Abbott command the Texas infrastructure Commission to rental a program manager to start that work.

A appointment to building a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border was a hallmark of former President Donald Trump’s time in office. His management built about 450 mile of barrier, mainly in Arizona, follow to The Washington Post. However Trump, that is touring the border through Abbott later this month, also met fierce resistance from personal property owner unwilling to allow the federal federal government to develop on your land.

Abbott stated he expected civilization to both donate their very own money and also volunteer their land for the barrier.

​"My id based top top conversations the I"ve currently had is the the mix of state land and also volunteer land will certainly yield thousands of miles to develop a border wall in Texas," he said.

The funds for Texas" $250 million "down payment" will certainly come indigenous the state budget. Lawmakers will allocate money from the Texas department of Criminal Justice right into a disaster account, which will certainly then be relocated to the Texas facilities Commission because that the border wall construction. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, residence Speaker Dade Phelan and also the Legislature"s top budget writers Sen. Jane Nelson, R- Flower Mound, and Rep. Greg Bonnen, R- Friendswood, joined Abbott because that his notice Wednesday and signed a record allowing the deliver of the money.

Jeremy Desel, a spokesman because that the Texas department of Criminal Justice, stated in a statement that the company was all set to aid the governor"s arrangement through the carry of the money indigenous its 2023 budget year budget.

"State leadership has actually assured the company that this is a temporary measure, and also the money will certainly be reappropriated there is no a negative impact top top TDCJ," that said.

The relocate took Democrats who oppose a border wall by surprise. Sen. Cesar Blanco, D-El Paso, said he had "zero indication" when debating the spending plan during the legislative branch session the the money would certainly be offered for a border wall.

"Building a wall kind El Paso to Brownsville is the most expensive and also least effective way to perform border security and also it"s a huge waste of taxpayer money," he said, adding that if the state wanted to spend money on border security it must spend it on modern-day technology the is less expensive and more effective than a wall.

Abbott recognized that building of a wall would cost "far much more than $250 million" yet said he and also lawmakers will follow v with your plan.

"It"s my commitment as well as the meeting of the people in this room, as well as the world in this Capitol, to make sure that we watch this project through," he said.

Federal lawmakers have actually said structure portions the the wall in Texas price $26.5 million every mile. The Biden administration, which has actually ordered the federal federal government to stop building and construction of the wall surface where possible, said last main that structure the wall cost taxpayers $46 million every mile in some areas along the border.

Texas will also take exclusive donations for building and construction of the border wall at Abbott said the website will certainly be monitored by his office and the Texas department of Emergency Management and also all the money donated would certainly be publicly tracked and accounted for.

The branch was surrounding by a slew the lawmakers for his announcement, consisting of Patrick and Phelan — the leaders of the two chambers of the Legislature. No democrats or state officials indigenous the border were present, yet Abbott said regional officials native border counties had urged the to take it action.

Critics have questioned the state"s authority to undertaking into immigrant regulation, i m sorry is the purview of the federal government under the Constitution. The league of joined Latin American Citizens has threatened come sue the state as quickly as Abbott finalized his arrangement for the border wall.

Abbott"s office walk not automatically respond to a question about the state"s government to construct a border wall, however the two-term Republican governor has blamed chairman Joe Biden for the increase of migrants on the state"s southern border.

"The Biden administration has abandoned its responsibility to use federal regulation to secure the border and also to enforce the immigration laws and also Texans space suffering as a repercussion of that overlook by the Biden administration," he said. "In the commonwealth government"s absence, Texas is stepping up to acquire the task done."

Abbott stated he will send a letter come Biden questioning the federal government to return land the Trump management took from exclusive property owner in Texas to develop a border wall. He likewise said Texas would certainly ask those residential property owners to use their land to develop a state-funded wall.

Land Commissioner George P. Shrub said Wednesday he would provide emergency authorization for the structure of the wall on state lands. The state owns roughly 591,595 surface acres along the border.

Abbott has actually blamed Biden"s immigration plans for the increase of immigrant on the state"s southerly border, saying in an previously disaster statements that new federal policies have actually paved the method for “dangerous gangs and also cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs choose fentanyl to pour into our communities.” last week, Abbott announced a partnership with the state that Arizona phone call for various other states to send legislation enforcement public official to aid border says arrest and also jail immigrant crossing the border.

There to be 180,034 border crossings last month, compared to fewer 보다 25,000 border crossings in late 2020, follow to data native the U.S. Customs and also Border Protection. Throughout the trumped administration, the highest recorded number of apprehensions was practically 150,000.

Oklahoma, Arkansas, north Dakota, southern Dakota, Iowa and also Florida have actually sent regulation enforcement officers and also Georgia and South Carolina have sent national Guard members, Abbott said.

Earlier in the year, Abbott deployed Texas national Guard troops come the border and also ordered the Texas department of Public safety and security to arrest immigrants and also charge them because that state legislations such together trespassing, illegal entry, smuggling and also human trafficking.

Immigrant legal rights advocates have actually said arresting and prosecuting immigrant parents that cross the border with their children seeking asylum might lead come the same separation of family members seen under the trump card administration. Proponents have also expressed concern that the move basically criminalizes seeking asylum.

In response to a question about asylum seekers, Abbott responded the he was focused on the results of boosted immigration and also drug smuggling ~ above Texans.

"Texans top top the border space suffering with a humanitarian crisis by having actually their lives disrupted through guns and also gangs and also being riddled v crime," he said. "We have actually a responsibility as leaders of this state to action up and address their humanitarian crisis and that is what began today."

David Donatti, staff attorney in ~ the ACLU of Texas, claimed in a declare state officials are trying to reinstate harmful policies implemented by the trumped administration.

"Abbott’s proposal could tear families apart at the border and enable law enforcement to terrorize people getting here in the joined States searching for safety and also refuge," that said. "The announcement reflects how small Abbott and also his cohorts care around fellow Texans."

U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso, blasted Patrick because that likening the rise of immigrant at the border to an "invasion," i m sorry she claimed is rhetoric used by white supremacists choose the alleged El Paso shooter who wrote online prior to the killing the he want to protect against a "Hispanic invasion."

"Texans will gain this done," Patrick said. "We will not let our state and also our country be invaded."

Escobar responded on Twitter: "If world die again, blood will be on her hands."

Patrick go not automatically respond to a inquiry for comment.

Abbott’s setup to crowdfund the border wall’s construction is storage of We build The Wall, a exclusive fundraising initiative that raised an ext than $25 million for construction of a border wall. Last year, four people affiliated in We build The wall — consisting of Steve Bannon, Trump’s previous adviser — to be charged through allegedly defrauding donors to the effort. Trumped pardoned Bannon prior to leaving office in January.

The arrangement has one more parallel come a 2011 initiative by the Arizona legislature to develop a website that raised funds for constructing a fence ~ above its Mexico border. That initiative received virtually $270,000 by 2014, and an advisory committee provided most of that in 2015 come a ar sheriff that invested the money in security modern technology like general practitioners systems, according to The Arizona Republic.

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Farah Eltohamy added to this report.

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