Ford revealed the new 2022 F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup at its “Glass House” headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, in a dramatic the end multi-media presentation. Ford wishes this large EV will be the blue-collar hero, making the Lightning obtainable to mainstream buyers and also providing proceeding employment for workers at Ford and also its suppliers.

The F-150 Lightning could additionally make heroes out of carriers that quickly adopt the F-150 Lightning as a job-related truck for local jobs. Electric power to fee EVs prices less than the price of gasoline, and also routine maintenance is less. Brakes last longer, there room no mufflers and electric motors have fewer parts than burning engines.

The F-150 Lightning maintains a close physical resemblance come its gas counterpart. That will sell buyers a standard-range battery that can travel an approximated 230 mile on a complete charge and a bigger extended-range battery projected to deliver 300 miles of range.

Pricing because that the 2022 F-150 Lightning will certainly start approximately $40,000 for the entry-level model. The mid-level XLT will expense $53,000. Both prices carry out not include location fees. They also don’t reflect the easily accessible $7,500 commonwealth EV taxes credit.

“We’re not here to do an electric truck because that the few,” said Kumar Galhotra, chairman of Ford north America. “Ford is cursed to structure one the solves real difficulties for actual people.”

“The Ford F-150 Lighting deserve to be a best-selling electric vehicle in the U.S. If they market it and get that on the road and also in the neighborhoods where the truck chauffeurs live,” stated Katherine Garcia, acting director of the Clean Transportation campaign for the Sierra Club, a grassroots environmental organization. “Drivers will certainly talk and also will say the it’s the best car you have the right to buy.”

The Sierra club is hopeful Ford will certainly manufacture significant quantities the the truck to make sure that people can purchase it. “Some EV models have waitlists and also we want to make certain that potential buyers space not grounding in a queue,” Garcia told glossesweb.com Wheels.

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The Ford F-150 Lightning is not only comparable in format to the F-150, however in stature together well. Available initially as a crew cab (the pickup version with the biggest 2nd row) v a 5.5-foot bed, the F-150 Lightning pickup follow me 232.7-inches in length and also has a 145-inch wheelbase. Both figures autumn within a couple of slivers of the typical F-150’s 231.7-inch length and also 145.5-inch wheelbase. (By contrast, the renowned Ford expedition full-size SUV is 210.0 inches long with a 122.5-inch wheelbase.)

Beneath the aluminum skin, it’s clear the F-150 Lightning has distinct DNA. In addition to the noticeable items like the four-wheel journey EV powertrain, the framework is unique and also constructed of “the strongest steel ever before put in an F-150 frame,” Ford says. It likewise has an independent rear suspension, a first for Ford pickups.

This style sketch indicates exactly how Ford gotten in the design procedure with a clear idea of exactly how they wanted the F-150 Lightning to echo the architecture of the conventional F-150. Ford

F-150 Lightning Pickup Tow Rating and also Payload

The F-150 Lightning is rated come tow approximately 10,000 pounds, or 7,700 pounds with the standard-range battery. But it doesn’t come close to the 14,000-pound max tow rating the a an in similar way equipped F-150 with the 3.5-liter turbocharged (EcoBoost) V6 engine. (To it is in fair, many configurations the the standard F-150 don’t break the 10,000-pound barrier either.) The F-150 Lightning is rated because that a 2,000-pound payload (1,800 pounds v extended-range battery), falling ideal in organization with peers.

The Lightning comes obtainable with Ford’s Onboard Scales, a an innovation that provides sensors to weigh payload. The Lightning variation of Onboard Scales additionally is incorporated with Intelligent variety to relay an accurate estimate of the load’s influence on estimated range. Also available is pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which automatically controls steering, throttle and brake entry to eliminate hassle from hitching to a trailer.

Rated to tow as much as 10,000 pounds, we’re anxious to view some data on just how towing affect range. Ford

Two Motors, Standard-or Extended-Range

The F-150 Lightning is it is provided by a pair of resolved magnet AC motors–one an installed to each axle providing four-wheel drive. 2 lithium-ion battery packs are offered, both liquid-cooled. The 230-mile 10.5 kW standard-range battery provides 426 horsepower, while the 300-mile 17.6 kW extended-range battery is great for 563 horsepower. Torque is 775 pound-feet because that both. Ford did no disclose the classic measure the battery capacity, kilowatt-hours (kWh). We think the basic battery procedures 110-130 kWh while the extended-range battery is 150-180 kWh. The base battery weighs around 1,800 pounds. In comparison, a 26-gallon F-150 gas tank would organize 156 pounds that fuel (at 6 pounds per gallon). The big win for an EV is the an it uses half to a third as much energy to go the same distance once a carbon-based fuel is melted in a generating station.

More impressive, the F-150 Lightning is quick. The extended-range variation sprints indigenous zero come 60 mph in the mid-four-second range. That’s quicker than the Ford Raptor, the name Ford offers to that is highest-performance combustion engine F-150. All the underhood room consumed by an engine in the Raptor and other conventional F-150s is a frunk–front trunk–with enough room to organize two sets of golf clubs and also cargo approximately 400 pounds. The frunk additionally has 4 110-volt outlets and also two USB chargers as well as 2.4 kW of calculation to power tools, TVs and also more. A drain helps it traction double-duty together a food or beverage cooler.

The battery stays underneath the passenger compartment through motors placed one every on the front and rear axle. There’s a specific elegance come the tidy layout the the hardware. Ford

F-150 Lightning charge Time

Ford will market three level of home charging options, consisting of 32-amp Ford mobile-charging unit that runs on either 120- or 240-volt household AC, which is standard v a lease or purchase. Ford claims this unit will totally recharge the standard-range battery in 14 hours and also the extended selection battery in 19 hours. A 48-amp Ford Connected wall surface mount charge station is optional. It calls for a 240-volt resource and have the right to charge the batteries in 10 and also 13 hours, respectively. But all house chargers that draw more than 40 amps must be hardwired to the electric wiring fairly than go with a plug; the raises the cost. See exactly how To Buy and also Install The ideal EV Charger because that details.

Ford likewise offers the 80-amp Charge terminal Pro, i m sorry shortens charge time because that the extended-range battery come 8 hours.

Buyers with accessibility to an Electrify America DC Level 2 50 kW fast-charging station can increase the battery charge from 15% come 80% in 91 minutes because that the standard battery and also 122 minutes because that the expanded battery. A DC charger the operates in ~ a full 150 kW output drops the time to about 40 minutes for both batteries. Additionally, a fast 10-minute fee session can include up to 41 or 54 miles. (Such chargers attract too lot power and are as well costly for residence installation.) whereas an hour top top the typical 32-amp house charger to add 14 or 13 miles, respectively.

The interior follows the lead of the effective F-150. The recent Sync 4a infotainment system makes the debut ~ above the F150 Lightning. Ford

Advanced Technology

The latest variation of Ford’s Sync infotainment system, Sync 4a, debuts top top the F-150 Lightning with a 15.5-inch portrait orientation touchscreen. All the normal cons—natural voice control, cloud-connected navigation, to apologize CarPlay, Android Auto, integrated Amazon Alexa and also SYNC AppLink apps—are ~ above tap.

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Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free driving application is part of the obtainable Co-Pilot 360 package and allows for really hands-free control on more than 100,000 mile of pre-qualified split highways in the U.S. And also Canada.

Similar come the ProPower Onboard system of the F-150 Hybrid, the Lightning has Ford Intelligent backup Power, which offers 9.6 kW the power during a strength outage to store the lights on, power residence appliances, protection systems and more.