Megyn Kelly and NBC have actually parted ways, through the network purchase her out of a three-year contract two months after ~ she to be suspended for making ill-advised comments about blackface top top air.

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Megyn Kelly shares her emotional appeal v the "Megyn Kelly Today" audience ~ above Monday morning.Credit: NATHAN CONGLETON/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

For most employable human beings on this planet, speak racist things in public would be grounds for instant termination with no pay. Megyn Kelly isn"t most people.

Almost 3 months and $69 million later, the disgraced TV organize who acquired suspended for her thoughtless on-air remarks about blackface in late 2018, is no much longer an employee that NBC. The dollar amount represents the complete Kelly stand to earn from she three-year contract, had actually she stuck about for all of it.

In other words: NBC purchase Kelly the end of she contract. Megyn Kelly Today introduced in Sept. 2017, so she didn"t also make it halfway through her three-year commitment before the network chose it to be wiser to simply fork over $69 million and show she the door immediately.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes via an unnamed source, Kelly"s contract didn"t even encompass a non-compete clause that would protect against her from walking ideal into one more job.

Her NBC project has remained in limbo because Oct. 2018. In ~ the time, the network pulled she off the air after Kelly safeguarded the use of blackface once it"s component of a Halloween costume. She remarks triggered an instant outcry that resulted in Kelly"s suspension and also eventual removal native Today.

(There isn"t any kind of time or occasion in the 21st century that renders blackface OK for white people, to it is in clear. No a single one.)

Kelly"s departure from NBC to be greeted on society media through a mix of celebration event and vital barbs directed at the network. Most seem to agree the she needed to go, however there"s a great deal that puzzlement end the decision come hire she in the very first place. Plenty of predicted as soon as the previous Fox News pundit was lugged in the Kelly"s tenure at NBC would finish in disgrace. And hey, below we are.

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Sometimes the peanut gallery has actually a point. Probably NBC should have read the room a little better back when hiring Kelly was only a possibility.