Conor McGregor, the only UFC fighter ever to make’ highest-paid athletes list, is undoubtedly the world’s height earning blended martial artist. Given that fact, the odd that “Mystic Mac” would feel the need to overstatehis richesat the UFC 205 press conference ~ above Tuesday.

Before a arsenal of media members and raucous fight pan in The theater at Madison Square Garden, McGregor laid outhis all at once fight earnings for 2016 — a figure accounting for his appearancesat UFC 196, 202 and 205.

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“I feeling by the moment 2016 close the door out, I’ll be closing in on $40 million,” that said. “This is a $40 million year for me.”

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Not long prior to making the statement, the UFC featherweight champion stated he made $25 million because that his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 in August.

Conor McGregor"s guarantee because that UFC 202 was $3 million. Just said he came away v $25 million.

— Darren Rovell (

Did that really, though? acquisition a closer look,McGregor"s reported 202 payoutdoes not come close to aligningwith his year-end target.

If McGregor pocketed $25 million because that his critical bout, he would certainly surely be making the same, if no more, because that his superfight through Eddie Alvarez in ~ UFC 205. Include in the $10 million-plus paycheck he claimed for his first meetingwith Diaz in ~ UFC 196, and also the Irishman would certainly be guaranteed $60 million minimum in 2016.

Conor McGregor beat Nate Diaz by majority decision at UFC 202 top top Aug. 20 (Steve Marcus/Getty... <+> Images)

Realistically, that made what in the$10-$15 million range for his record-setting rematch in ~ 202, and also will be compensated a similar amount forhis champion vs. Champion clash in ~ 205.If McGregor"sUFC 196 payout was also pushing$10 million, climate his $40 million estimationwouldn"t it is in too far off.

To put that in perspective, the Irishman"s salary because that the calendar year would be see a 100% increase contrasted to hisreported earningsfrom June 2015-June 2016 ($18 million, follow to The course, that"s just an educated guess, as McGregor"s re-superstructure in pay-per-view revenue — an undisclosed cut of each PPV sold — provides up the vast majority of his complete earnings. His disclosed hit purses ($3 million for UFC 202; $1 million because that UFC 196), performance bonuses ($50,000) and also Reebok sponsorship money ($40,000), only consist of a small portion of what the champ is taking to the bank.

But while McGregor’s exact reduced of PPV sales is unknown, $25 million turn off 1.65 million buys would equate to roughly $15 per unit sold, or 25% that UFC 202"s pay-per-view revenue. Provided that a fighter"s PPV share typically ranges from$1-$5, or approximately 2%-12%, that"s merely too big a leap— even for a fighter with "The Notorious" one"s popularity.

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