aroon 5 is in the middle of a 13-month tour spanning 5 continents. Along the way, the pop-rockers have grossed an average of $1.5 million every stop. But when they play Super bowl 53’s halftime present in Atlanta top top Sunday, the tape won’t be payment a performance fee. Neither will their other halftime acts, Travis Scott and large Boi the Outkast.

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This isn’t unusual. Everyone from Beyoncé come Bruno Mars has headlined the event and performed basically for free. As in the previous Super Bowls, Maroon 5, Travis Scott and huge Boi will acquire union scale, a portion of the six- and also seven-figure sums this acts have actually banked top top a nightly basis. Why work for a pittance? they do get to be in what quantities to a huge commercial in former of end 100 million people—without having to front any kind of of the costs, which have actually been approximated as high together $10 million.

“The halftime display at the supervisor Bowl continues to be a highly coveted clues for plenty of artists,” claims entertainment lawyer Lori Landew that Fox Rothschild. “Some of those artists execute not watch their appearance as a politics statement, nor do they check out the present as a cultural battleground, yet rather view their live performance together an possibility to entertain an enthusiastic crowd and to share your music and also their talent with millions of viewers.”

This year, however, more and much more observers—and some big-name artists—have come to view the halftime show as an proof of the NFL and also its practices, an especially its teams’ refuse to authorize Colin Kaepernick (who hasn’t to be signed because leading the activity to kneel during the nationwide anthem). Together a result, acts consisting of Rihanna and also Cardi B reportedly turned under an opportunity to perform, and also Jay-Z and also civil rights groups are said to have pressured Scott to earlier out. Possibly in an effort to minimize some of the fallout, the NFL made a $500,000 donation to Dream Corps, a social justice advocacy group, on behalf of Scott and partnered through Maroon 5 and Interscope records to give the exact same amount to huge Brothers large Sisters.

The acts have been conspicuously quiet top top the matter. The NFL newly canceled its usual halftime display press conference, and also representatives for Maroon 5 and huge Boi no respond to requests because that comment. A spokesperson because that Scott pointed come a statement the rapper made quickly after the Dream Corps donation.

“I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in,” Scott said. “I understand being one artist that it’s in my strength to inspire. So prior to confirming the Super bowl Halftime performance, ns made certain to companion with the NFL on this essential donation.I to be proud to support Dream Corps and the work-related they perform that will hopefully inspire and promote change.”

In any kind of case, this year acts have the right to expect come provoke many of change—at least in your music usage numbers, if recent history is any indication. Madonna’s 2012 Super key gig spurred 165,000 digital download of her brand-new track “Give Me All her Luvin” and boosted purchases of standards like “Vogue” (+1,033%) and also “Like A Prayer” (+2,437%) in the week that followed. In 2014, Bruno Mars’ show pushed his album Unorthodox Jukebox indigenous No. 7 come No. 3 on the Billboard charts, virtually doubling his previous week’s sales. Last year’s performance assisted the song Justin Timberlake performed run by 45% compared to the prior day, indigenous 4.84 million to 7.05 million.

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As music usage has change from CDs to digital download to streaming, the super Bowl rise has come to be less valuable to artists on a per-unit basis. But with tours accountancy for the bulk of income for many successful acts, play the halftime present is still valuable as ever when it involves moving tickets. Madonna, because that example, supplied her 2012 gig to help publicize her brewing MDNA people Tour, which would certainly go on to gross $305 million. And with Maroon 5 and also Travis Scott both in the middle of major arena tours, this year Super bowl halftime present should interpret into increased need for both acts.

In contrast to the artists who decreased to pat in Atlanta Sunday, Maroon 5, Scott and huge Boi space in a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too situation. They’ll obtain the commercial bump from performing—and if they want to make a statement, over there are couple of bigger stages to do so than the supervisor Bowl. In 2017, quickly after Donald Trump’s inauguration and with his take trip ban ensuing, Lady Gaga punctuated her Super Bowl collection with a coherent rendition that Woody Guthrie’s “This soil Is your Land.”

“Artists identify that the Super bowl halftime show is a rare opportunity to do an ideology system statement with their performance, including the song they sing, what lock wear, who joins lock onstage, and the gestures they make,” says Landew, the entertain attorney. “And while part statements may be an ext subtle 보다 others, it’s always interesting to see the selections that artists make as soon as presented through the chance to speak to millions v their music.”


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