Don’t allow the iphone 8 name fool you – this is very much the iphone phone 7S, one incremental update on the 4.7-inch iphone phone 7 through a couple of additions here and also there, yet nothing to really wow you beside other smartphones in 2018.

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Apple"s iphone phone 8 wasn"t also the top-of-the-line iOS phonewhen it come out, yet it"s quiet a robust choice for functionality and speed, through a timeless home button packing an easy-to-use Touch i would fingerprint sensor come boot. In short, it"s as an effective as the iphone phone X in ~ a significantly lower cost – i m sorry is still impressive years after both phones have actually come out.

If you"re scouring for the finest iPhone best now, think about Apple"s newest iphone 12 range, which includes four phones. They"re 3 years newer than the iphone 8, yet a fair little bit pricier to match. Thankfully, the price for the iphone phone 8 has actually dropped since it launched.

When to apologize announces brand-new iPhones, it commonly drops a few aging devices, but the iphone phone 8 has control to make it through unscathed, and enjoys the brand-new features in iOS 14 to boot. Apple still considers the a "budget" entry come the iPhone series for world who desire Apple"s tech without paying for a high-end phone, despite it"s now much more in line through the new mid-range iphone phone SE 2020. That method it"s still an extremely easy to choose up the iphone phone 8 native a variety of places at half (or more) off the price tags of the latest iPhone.

The 8 is a heritage iPhone through and also through: if you"ve own an to apologize handset from the iphone phone 6 onwards, you"ll know precisely what you"re acquiring with this smartphone. There haven"t been as well many changes over ahead models, however for some, that"s a bonus.

iPhone pessimists and Android fans (sometimes the very same people) will be rapid to allude out the seemingly young incremental upgrades end 2016"s iphone 7, but for those v an iphone 6S or before, that"s less of a trouble – specifically with the 8"s much more powerful chipset.

While it may not offer much over its straight predecessor, the iphone 8 has enough about it to do it an interesting upgrade because that those with older iphone handsets. It also enjoys every the goodies in iOS 14, choose widgets, Dark Mode and a variety of application speed increases, therefore you deserve to make the many of her iPhone experience.

Update: The iphone 8 will certainly be gaining iOS 15. Apple shown as lot while unveiling the software at WWDC 2021. The update will land later this year (probably in September) and also it bring spatial audio come FaceTime, the capability for Android customers to join FaceTime calls, brand-new details for commercial districts and also buildings in apologize Maps, a redesigned weather app, and lots more.

iPhone 8 vs iphone XS

Apple hasn"t transformed the wheel right here – if you"re craving development (within the iphone phone bubble, at least) see the brand-new iPhone XS (which has actually replaced the iphone X).

You"ve probably already heard, but the differences between these two phones is pretty huge - and also the very first point is the cost. In ~ launch, the iphone phone XS began at $999 / £999 / AU$1,579 if you desire the 64GB model, where the iphone 8 now starts in ~ $599 / £599 / AU$979 for the very same capacity.

Those prices have actually gone down since, though the iphone phone 8 isn"t sold directly by Apple as it"s been replaced in the lineup through the iphone SE 2020, for this reason the pricetag might vary by retailer.

The iphone XS

So what room you getting for that extra money - and also is it worth buying? The an initial thing is the display screen - you"ve gained a bezel-less 5.8-inch display with a 1,125 x 2,436 resolution, and it"s OLED display an innovation too – that"s remarkable to the 4.7-inch 750 x 1,334 display screen on the iphone phone 8. You"ll notice a huge difference in between the two.

The other big difference to think about is just how you unlock this phone - with the iphone 8, it"s Touch identifier fingerprint scanning, together it has actually been because that years. V the iphone XS, you"re unlocking v your face, making use of the nattily-named challenge ID.

Touch i would is familiar and fast, while challenge ID feels futuristic and also recognize encounters fast enough – but it"s not going to it is in for everyone doesn"t adjust well to drastic change. For those people, the iphone 8 is walking to be far an ext appealing.

The notch in ~ the top of the iphone XS consists of a camera that enables for Animoji and also MeMoji, whereby emoji can be animated by mapping your confront - this function is locked to the iphone X, XS, XS Max and also XR, and the TrueDepth prior camera, therefore not feasible to do on the iphone phone 8.

The iphone phone XS has double cameras wherein the iphone phone 8 has actually a single sensor, which permits for lift de-focus and also a an ext comprehensive photographic endure - although this is also possible on the iphone 8 Plus.

In short: the iphone phone 8 is the safe, cheaper option. The does the iPhone points you"d want, and also is a hard package you"ll identify all the method back to the iphone 6.

iPhone 8 price and availability

iPhone 8 price (64GB): $449 (£479, AU$779)iPhone 8 price (128GB): $499 (£529, AU$859)Launch price (64GB): $699 (£699, AU$1,079)Launch price (256GB): $849 (£849, AU$1,329)iPhone 8 release date: September 22, 2017

The iphone phone 8 set a brand-new bar in state of price for Apple"s many mainstream handset, together it upped its start price tag once again.

While the iphone phone 8 price in ~ launch was $699 (£699, AU$1,079) because that 64GB of storage and $849 (£849, AU$1,329) because that the larger 256GB storage option, it has because dropped.

The iphone 8 price currently starts at $449 (£479, AU$779) for the 64GB model, and rises to $499 (£529, $829) for the 128GB different (somewhere along the way, Apple lower the max storage under from 256GB). For the best UK contracts, inspect out our iphone phone 8 transaction page.

Even despite Apple has actually launched three new generations of iPhones since the iphone phone 8"s arrival, the handset is still widely available from apple itself and also most significant phone retailers.


Glass behind looks and feels great, and enables wireless chargingFront tho bezel-heavy and almost identical to past three generations

The iphone phone 8 significant the most radical readjust in iPhone design for three years – but don’t get too excited.

One of the large upgrades to apologize has given its new iPhone, and also the emphasis of the design, is the glass rear – it’s an upgrade over the aluminium body used since the iphone phone 5, and also its inclusion method a brand-new feature in the shape of wireless charging.

However, in terms of size, shape and look the iphone 8 provides the same type factor together the iphone phone 7, 6S and 6, and from the prior it’s nearly impossible come differentiate between the 4 generations of handsets.

The iphone phone 8 is a portion of a millimeter more thickness (7.3mm vs 7.1mm), more comprehensive (67.3mm vs 67.1mm) and taller (138.4mm vs 138.3mm) 보다 the iphone phone 7, yet you won’t notice. The point we’re make is that it’s similar... Very, an extremely similar.

It’s heavier too, an extra 10g over the iphone 7, which might be a little much more noticeable – yet it’s not overbearing, and also we to be still able to comfortably host the phone call in our palm.

The ‘if the ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ debate can be tossed about here, and Apple certainly hasn’t had any trouble shifting large quantities of its smartphone in current years; yet in a year when Samsung and also LG substantially slashed the bezels to offer us striking, futuristic designs, the iphone 8 drops flat.

It’s not choose Apple has actually missed this trend – the bezeless iphone X is testament to the truth that the hasn’t – but it method the iphone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus look ever-more dated versus the competition, i beg your pardon now has a competitor in their own camp.

There’s quiet a camera bump as well – this is easily remedied v a case, yet for those wanting to present off the brand-new glossy behind of the phone it increases the chance of damages when you location it ~ above a flat surface.

The power/lock crucial is still easy to struggle on the appropriate side the the handset, together is the central home button with Touch i would fingerprint scanner located in the bezel listed below the 4.7-inch display. The mute switch and also volume keys reside on the left that the phone, and are again well placed for simple manipulation.

It every works, the style is functional, and also it’s no a bad-looking handset – yet glance at the price tag and also it’s difficult not to feeling a tiny short-changed on early inspection.

A final word on the glass rear as well – we prefer the means it looks and also feels matches the metal body the the iphone phone 7 and also co., yet it also means it’s even an ext slippery.

If you’re who who’s responsible to drop their smartphone, the iphone 8 comes v a high hazard warning, so invest in a bumper, together there’s glass to be smashed ~ above both sides now.

Apple states the glass is super-tough, yet we’ve found that that does scrape – and if friend opt for the an are Grey shade it’s additionally quite the fingerprint magnet. The silver model we the review was more forgiving though, i m sorry meant less time cleaning it v our shirt sleeve. Apple also offers a to mark gold shade option and, now, the Product Red iphone 8 if you organized out because that the one-of-a-kind edition hue.


4.7-inch Retina HD display, same as the iphone 7Apple’s True tone tech boosts colors and contrast

On record there’s nothing between the iphone phone 8 display and also the display screen on the call it’s replacing. Both it and the iphone phone 7 boast a 4.7-inch IPS screen with a 750 x 1334 resolution, giving a 326ppi pixel density.

In fact, it’s the exact same size and resolution together the iphone 6, which was launched earlier in 2014.

While on record this may seem favor the same old story of apple refusing to be thrust on upping specification, the hasn’t left the display alone completely, adding True ton display technology to the panel.

What this walk is monitor the ambient light around the handset, and calibrate the screen to best suit the lighting problems you’re in. It outcomes in more powerful colors and also improved contrast, which does do the screen look better than iPhone displays that came before it.

Place True Tone and also non-True tone iPhones side by side and you can see some improvement, however the iphone 8’s display still doesn’t have quite the same vibrant punch, or clarity, together the QHD+ AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S8.

The shade reproduction is improved as well, with Apple concentrating on what actually makes the display look good rather 보다 pushing the pixels because that the sake of the spec sheet... But a boost to complete HD would have actually made one actual difference to the quality and clarity.

Games and also videos look at bright and also vivid though, and the display itself is responsive, offering a solid overall experience. It’s hard to punch the display on its very own merits, as it’s only when you placed it alongside rivals the it lacks the very same clarity.

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The truth that the display screen is smaller sized than a most flagship rivals also means it’s simpler to hold and also use one-handed, and also we were able come stretch our ignorance comfortably come most areas of the screen, i beg your pardon isn’t as easy on the bigger iPhone 8 Plus.