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Less 보다 eight months before the scheduled start the its new pro league, the Alliance of American Football has rolled out details about player allocation, a combine, a draft and also salary expectations.

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League co-founder bill Polian, an NFL analyst, said the league will give players three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000 each.

Players have the right to leave the league, i beg your pardon is set to kick off Feb. 9, to walk to the NFL. Polian said it"s right now unclear even if it is a player"s civil liberties will revert ago to the AAF after ~ a three-year duration expires or if the clock stop ticking ~ above a team"s three-year rights when a player gets "called up" come the huge time.

Salaries will be in line through AAF competitor the XFL, which has actually said it will certainly pay football player an median of $75,000 per season. That league launches in 2020.

Polian claimed a contract will encompass state-of-the-industry wellness insurance and an education and learning stipend to any player who completes a year in the league.

The AAF will scout players who don"t do NFL and CFL teams. They will certainly be allocated to rosters based mostly on wherein they play college, if over there is one AAF team in ~ a reasonable radius. When that isn"t the case -- i beg your pardon will regularly be true for players from the large Ten and the huge 12 -- players will be allocated based on their many recent NFL or CFL team.

Players who college doesn"t have an AAF affiliation and also who haven"t played in the NFL or CFL space eligible to it is in tendered a contract by any type of team.

"Each that our groups will have at least 5 colleges who players become theirs, four designated NFL teams and also a CFL team the is assigned," Polian said.

Polian said modeling suggested that this format would lead to a vain league, taking right into account that the Birmingham team, for example, wouldn"t it is in loaded through Alabama players since many that those players actually make the NFL. The one exception the league has actually made is because that quarterbacks: Teams deserve to only take one former college quarterback in your region.

Polian stated the college version will have actually immediate organization implications because that the teams.

"If the Birmingham teams has Trent Richardson, we think that will be miscellaneous that would be a significant gate attraction," Polian said.

The organization will host three combines next month -- in Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta. Players who desire to shot out will be charged $175.

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The AAF has actually teams in Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, mountain Antonio and San Diego. Coaches include Steve Spurrier (Orlando), Brad childress (Atlanta) and also Mike Singletary (Memphis).