Whether the financial or health reasons, the conventional pour for hard drinks has actually received comments on gift too little or as well little. In whiskey succinct or ~ above the rocks, the best serving is 2 ounces in a whiskey glass.In this article, you’ll discover why whiskey is offered in particular amounts and also factors the can aid you with your pour.

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The traditional Whiskey Pour

There are various whiskey orders, such as a shot, neat, on the rocks, and double. Depending upon what friend get, the typical whiskey pour will certainly vary.


A shooting of whiskey is 1.5 ounces or 44 milliliters. You deserve to use a shooting glass because that measuring, or you deserve to do a free pour whereby you counting to 3 seconds if a shooting glass is unavailable.

Neat or top top the Rocks

The standard pour for a whiskey practiced or scotch ~ above the rocks is 2 ounces or 59 milliliters. You have the right to use a tall shot glass due to the fact that it carries exactly 2 ounces, or you have the right to practice totally free pour by counting to 4 seconds as you pour on her whiskey glass.


A whiskey dual is 3 ounces or 88 milliliters. You have the right to use the conventional shot glass because that measuring due to the fact that it holds around 1.5 ounces, or try your hand at free pouring by counting to 6 secs as friend pour.

Why pour a specific Amount of Whiskey?

Money Matters

Whiskey is an expensive drink. The cheapest whiskey bottles can range from $15 come $25, so you need to gain your money’s worth.If you"re bartending, wasting an excellent liquor amounts to a ns of profit. Pouring too much way you can lose money in the long run, and also pouring too little could bring about a disgruntled customer and bad reviews.If you"re hosting a party, the typical whiskey pour ensures the no guest is left unhappy v the amount lock got. Depending upon how many guests friend have, to buy whiskey deserve to be an expensive endeavor, therefore make certain that every pour counts.

Health Concerns


Hard drinks like vodka, gin, and whiskey have tendency to have higher alcohol concentration since of distillation. A whiskey’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) might vary from 40-68%; the greater the serving, the an ext dangerous the gets for the drinker. Following particular serving guidelines for whiskey deserve to prevent any health risks like blacking out and alcohol poisoning.

Things That assist You to water Whiskey Accurately

Pour Spout

Pour spouts are small, compact bar accessories with a small passage for a much more controlled high circulation pour. Investing in a great spout deserve to make your cost-free pours less complicated with lesser spills.There room different varieties of pour spouts, each with a distinct design and mechanism. But the standard complimentary flow pourers are highly recommended because that parties or tiny gatherings. They have a long nozzle to assist liquid flow as smoothly and also as easily as possible.


Jiggers are dual-sided hourglassed-shaped measuring cup usually provided for making cocktails. Investing in this bar device will assist you avoid overpouring her whiskey. Jigger dimensions can variety from 1.5 x 0.75 come 2 x 1 ounce. 

Shot Glass

Shot glasses room not only provided for party tricks and beautifully layered social media-worthy pics; lock are also for measure drinks. As discussed earlier, the conventional shot glass have the right to hold up to 1.5 oz., while high shot glasses hold up come 2 oz.

Practice complimentary Pour

The counting an approach has been taught to bartenders for numerous years. Friend can complimentary pour there is no a to water spout, but having one certainly helps. Every number represents 0.5 ounces. Therefore if you pour for 3 seconds, you’ll get 1.5 oz., or 3 oz. If you to water for 6 seconds.

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Whiskey is a luxurious drink, and too much of it can be attention to her health and wallet. The perfect whiskey pour relies on the form of glass used. Pouring approaches like complimentary pour and investing in bar tools deserve to also aid you measure up the ideal amount that whiskey. Did you uncover this article informative? share it v your fellow whiskey connoisseurs, or leave her thoughts in the comment section below.
Thank you because that the informative article. Just wondering just how much ice cream is generally used when serving top top the rocks?
Indeed having a measuring stick walk come an excellent as you absolutely will be practicing a more secure whiskey drinking habit including spending reasonable amount of money

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