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What"s it precious to view your team try for the first championship of your lifetime? Cubs and Indians fans room driving ticket prices for game 7 of the World collection tonight to record levels.

The mean price paid because that a video game 7 ticket in Cleveland has actually hit $2,700, according to resale company TicketIQ. That"s higher than any kind of other baseball game, edging the end the $2,600 the fans payment to see video game 3 at Wrigley critical Friday. That was the first World collection game there due to the fact that 1945.

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"Game 7 will certainly be in a organization of its very own for MLB prices the we"ve tracked over the last 7 years," claimed Jesse Lawrence, CEO and founder that Ticket IQ.

Cleveland hasn"t winner a World collection since 1948, while the Cubs haven"t won due to the fact that 1908. That"s made both team"s long-suffering fans willing come spend expensive prices because that the possibility to view their team make history.

prior to this year"s people Series, the most expensive mean ticket price for a baseball video game was $1,147.18 for video game 2 that the 2010 World collection in san Francisco, follow to TicketIQ.

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prices for game 7 climbed sharply during Game 6 Tuesday night, together the Cubs built an early lead that set the stage for another match-up. The mean asking price for game 7 tickets jumped 56% in between the an initial pitch and also the finish of the game, and also now sit at $4,200.

The many expensive tickets offered for tonight"s video game were for 2 seats simply behind the Cubs" dugout. They sold for an ext than $15,000 each throughout Tuesday night"s game.

Ticket prices room being thrust up partly by the reality that so plenty of Cubs fans space headed to Cleveland for the game. TicketIQ said it"s actually offering far much more tickets to world from the Chicago area than it is to Cleveland area fans. And it"s not just tickets that are going for peak dollar --Cleveland hotels have actually jacked up their prices. Rooms room going because that even much more than they cost during this summer"s Republican national Convention.

there are much less than 10 rooms left in downtown Cleveland because that Wednesday night, stated Emily Lauer, spokeswoman for location Cleveland, the city"s convention and visitors bureau.

"It"s not fully impossible to uncover a room, but you"re payment a premium because that sure," she said.

The university Hotel and Suites, a two-star hotel around a mile from steady Field, has actually one room noted online because that $475. Top top Thursday night that same room will certainly go because that $75.