UFC events are an amazing spectacle that any type of MMA fan would want to it is in a component of. There’s nothing quite choose seeing your favorite fighters go at it, live and also in the flesh. However of course, to attend a UFC event, you have to pay the price.

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And that course, vital question to ask is, exactly how much should I pay for a UFC ticket? perform you want to have actually a high-ticket front row seat amongst celebrities and fighters? Or are you comfortable watching native the nosebleeds?

Well if you desire these concerns answered then you pertained to the right ar my friend. In this post, I’m going come delve right into the background of UFC ticket sales to answer all her questions.

How much do UFC tickets cost?

For an mean UFC event, tickets can variety from around $65.00 for the cheapest seats, to $500.00 if you sit cageside. However, because that high profile events, such as UFC 246, ticket prices selection from $300 come $1,500. The course, resale prices go much higher, going together high together $25,000 because that cageside seats at UFC 205.

In the remainder of this post, I’m walking to detail the typical prices that tickets for UFC events, as well as historical data top top ticket price for very anticipated events.

Ticket prices For median Events

So as stated already, ticket prices for median UFC events can variety from around $65.00 up to $500.00. But what exactly is considered an median event?

If you arrived on this page, it’s probably since you’re considering attending a UFC event, and you want to know how much the tickets will certainly be prior to they’re available.

The UFC struggle Night event between Benavidez and Figueiredo is what ns would consider an average event, in spite of it being for a Championship.

You can inspect if tickets are obtainable for the event you are looking for on the UFC’s occasion page.

So right here are my criteria because that what would certainly be taken into consideration an typical event: commonly UFC fight Night events immediately fall under this category. UFC pay-per-view occasions can additionally fall under this classification if they function a lackluster main event or sustaining card.

It might sound harsh, but the reality is battle aircraft who perform not carry in views have cheaper tickets to your events.

The fight in between Chris Weidman and Jack Hermansson has cageside seats set at $800, quite high for a struggle Night event.

However, that’s no to say the the variety given will be the exact selection for every “average” fight card. As of the time of this writing, tickets for Fight Night Hermansson vs Weidman begin at $70.00, yet go every the way up to $800!

That’s a little bit too expensive because that me to call it one “average” event.

Ticket prices For very Anticipated Events

For UFC cards that human being are excited come see, the UFC will certainly charge an ext to make more money. It is a company after all.

I’m going to usage Conor McGregor’s occasions as the main examples in this section. Speak what friend want around McGregor, however the male sells tickets.

Any occasion that McGregor is a part of will have a many attention about it, such together his current bout against ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

So how much space tickets come a McGregor fight?

In short, ticket to see Conor McGregor hit can variety from $100 to $300 ~ above the short end, all the method up come $1,500 for cageside seats. Resale prices are known to skyrocket because that McGregor’s occasions however, going as high as $25,000, and also will likely continue to rise with the sport’s cultivation popularity.

The $100.00 entry-level tickets were the price for a McGregor show back in 2016, as soon as he to win Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Championship in ~ UFC 205. Ns should also mention that the price of an average resale ticket for this occasion was $2,093, nevertheless of the seating section.

Despite losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in ~ UFC 229, McGregor still retained lot of the fans’ attention in his return in ~ UFC 246.

Just a few years later, the entry-level price for a McGregor ticket has actually gone approximately a $300 minimum because that his UFC 246 event versus Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in 2020. McGregor did suffer a significant boost in popularity since UFC 205, having actually attained champ-champ status, then boxing Floyd Mayweather, and then making his return versus Khabib Nurmagomedov.

So far, we have only looked in ~ the low and high finish of the ticket pricing. Currently let’s take it a closer look at just how the ticket prices vary by wherein your chair is.

How Prices vary By Seating Area

As v any significant event (sports or otherwise), ticket price have different ranges relying on which section you space seated in. Currently obviously, the seats closer to the Octagon will certainly be the most expensive. But how lot do lock vary?

This is the seating layout that a UFC event. You deserve to see the various sections, which each have actually their very own price range.

The arena because that a UFC occasion is usually separation up into three significant sections: the floor seats (cageside), the inner stadion seats, and also the external stadium seats. First, we’ll take it a look in ~ the price range for cageside seats for the occasion in question (Hermansson vs Weidman).

Below, you’ll watch a closeup that the cageside seating area, taken indigenous the screenshot above.

You have the right to probably guess: v this merely by looking at the image, yet the best sections right here are 6, 4, and also 2, i beg your pardon are likewise priced. The front heat seats begin at $800, v the pricing going down slowly by row.

For example, prices for the 2nd row room $600, third row $500, fourth $400, and also continues this sample until obtaining down to about $200 for the last row cageside.

The edge sections, those being 7, 1, 5, and 3, are considered the inferior seat on the floor, and are priced adequately. Below the heat pricing goes prefer this: first row $500, 2nd row $400, third row $350, etc.

As you have the right to see, the corner seating is generally less expensive than the seats best in former of the cage, and with an excellent reason. For this reason for edge seats you will pay $200 – $500, while with adjacent seats you will pay $200 – $800.

Now let’s look at the stadium seating. Keep in mind that the screenshot listed below is only a corner of the arena, therefore there room 3 other sections the are specifically alike come the ones shown here.

Section 115 starts indigenous $150 and also goes up to $300, together they space the best seats (after cageside ones). Section 114 is an in similar way priced, varying from $100 – $275.

Sections 111, 112, and 113, likewise have similar pricing models (although 113 is the slightly cheaper the the three). These sections range from $80 increase to around $150.

Lastly, we have the outer stadium seating. This sections (216 – 220) all have the exact same price, $70.00.

Like I stated earlier, this is just one corner of the stadium, however the other three corners follow the exact same pricing model and range.


The ticket prices space pretty straight-forward, and as discussed at the start of this post, you can always check out the UFC’s occasion page to watch if tickets are provided for an upcoming event.

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In short, UFC ticket prices can selection from $65.00 for a UFC hit Night, all the method up to $1,500 because that a cageside seat in ~ a pay-per-view event. However, price ranges differ based upon how lot attention surrounding the event. Because that example, tickets because that UFC 246 started at $300, compared to the average beginning price of $80.

I hope this write-up helped clear up any type of questions friend had about ticket prices because that UFC events. If the did, please consider checking out other articles on the site, such together those ~ above the Martial Arts history page. Many thanks for reading!