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Let’s not acquire too excited! The Titanic II’s architecture has no yet to be completed and also the ship has actually not been built. Us don’t also have a date for construction to start. I even wonder if they have finalised the number of cabins and also how many of each grades. We room a long way away, from being able to view ticket prices, permit alone to buy tickets!

The RMS Titanic had actually three classes of accommodation: first, second and third. She can accommodate 833 fist class passengers, 614 second class and 100,6 third class. This provides a complete of 2,453.

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3rd class (Steerage) cabin

Mr. Palmer has proclaimed that the Titanic II will accommodate 2,435 for this reason very similar to the original. However it is no clear how he will divide up the three classes in the same proportions. Offered the fact that Titanic’s third class (nicknamed Steerage) cabins were pretty cramped, Palmer might not want it to accommodate the full 1006 passengers. The may determined to increase the very first class cabin supplication or the first and second.  I have actually a separate page around Titanic II’s accommodation – HERE

The Original

Ticket Prices because that the initial Titanic, if you were to to buy a ticket this particular day are:

First class Suite- £49,642 or ($75,788)Second Class- £684 or ($1,044)Third Class- £171-£456 or ($261-$696)

(All numbers are really approx. Based upon $1.5 to £1)

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Titanic and also Queen mary 2

Titanic II is not a very big ships by contemporary standards (56,000 gt, 2,435 passengers), so Mr. Palmer will certainly not advantage for the economic situations of range that some of todays huge ships do (like the ‘Oasis’ class), transporting 5,000+ passengers. However I would mean the ticket prices because that the Titanic II to normally be in line with the likes the the QM2, which also carries a similar variety of passengers come Titanic II. But when a ship is brand new, they can command a premium price. Provided the fact that the Titanic II will be together a novelty and also all pan will desire to take her maiden cruises, her fares can be elevated by 50% come 100%.

This is purely a guess, not based on any kind of facts:  yet I would not it is in surprised if a crossing from Southampton to brand-new York go not price at the very least £1,600 ($2,000) per person* (at 2021 prices), or more, based upon sharing the cheapest/smallest pair cabin (Steerage) for her crossing. If we are talking around the ‘maiden’ crossing, the fares might well be much higher.

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At 24 knots maximum speed, the crossing would most likely take eight nights.

Best start conserving up!

*(Alcohol on-board, take trip Insurance, transfer to Southampton, flights ago home and also gratuities would probably all it is in at additional cost).