For the last couple of years, Oprah Winfrey has had actually a highly public love-hate connection with she weight. Fans have watched the media mogul experience numerous ups and downs while on her weight loss journey and have seen whatever from the great and bad to the ugly.

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Today, Oprah is living she best, most healthy and balanced life yet has actually Weight Watchers and consistent exercise to thank for this. Though she regularly gushes around her love the the famous weight loss program, she hasn’t excellent the same when talking around working out — simply due to the fact that she “hates” act it.


Oprah Winfrey | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A look back at Oprah’s load loss journey

Oprah very first opened up around her ongoing struggle to maintain a healthy weight once she began hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 1980s. Due to the fact that she was never one to sugar-coat points on she show, the media mogul mutual the gritty details the her connection with food and also weight with viewers.

In 1988, Oprah revealed the she lost 67 pounds through pulling a wagon filled through 67 pounds of gloppy fat behind she on The Oprah Winfrey Show during an episode referred to as “Diet dreams Come True.”

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While showing off she slimmer figure, the media mogul revealed the she had actually lost weight with the assist of a fluid diet and also daily 6.5 mile runs.

However, that soon became painfully clear to Winfrey (and ultimately to everyone adhering to along) that maintaining a weight that she found acceptable would come to be a lifelong fixation.

After she began eating solid foodstuffs again, Oprah stated she got 10 pounds simply in 2 weeks. From there, the pounds ongoing to pile on, and also in 1992, Oprah said her weight had increased come 237 pounds, i beg your pardon was her heaviest.

Oprah Winfrey and Weight Watchers

In 2005, Oprah made it a score of hair to preserve a healthy and balanced weight. She was ultimately successful because she regulated to slim down to 160 pounds. Yet after that, Oprah quickly learned that maintaining a slimmer number was walk to take a lot more than simply eating right.

“I assumed I to be finished with the load battle. I was done. I’d conquered it. I was so sure, ns was also cocky,” she claimed in she O Magazine. “I had actually the nerve to say to friends that were struggling, “All you have to do is work out harder and eat less! gain your 10,000 measures in! none of that starchy stuff!”

After becoming aware of some underlying health and wellness issues, Oprah found herself gaining the weight back. She even shared a photograph of it s her at she 2006 weight alongside photo of she at her load in 2009 on the covering of O, through the quote, “‘How did i let this take place again?"”

Eventually, Oprah was presented to load Watchers and also found that the program aided her maintain a healthy weight if still eating her favourite foods.

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Since then, the media mogul has been using the program and regular practice to aid her store the load off. She now says the she is “not struggling anymore,” and also has taken on the mindset that “healthy is the new skinny.”

“Wherever you space in her weight loss trip if you’re focusing on mind, body and also spirit and making yourself as well and whole as possible, climate you’re on the appropriate path,” Oprah called Today‘s Jenna shrub Hager while fostering her WW 2020 Vision Tour earlier this year. “That’s what this tour is all about.”

Oprah claims she “hates” functioning out

Just prefer many people in the world, Oprah is no a pan of functioning out.

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Though acquiring in regular workouts has actually helped her live her best and most healthy life, the media mogul claims that she still “hates” exercising — however notes the it’s always worth that in the end.

“Here’s the thing around exercise, i still hate it therefore much,” Oprah told shrub Hager, including that regardless of her feelings, “I still do it.”

She continued, “I think everyone’s waiting to love it. You’re no going come love it yet you do the thing you must do to do yourself feeling whole and well.”