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Lizzo has actually responded to fans and followers who have actually been unleashing ~ above her virtual for fostering diet society after she took on a 10-day smoothie detox.

The Grammy award-winning singer, who is huge on cultivating body positivity and self-love, posted videos of she diet development to TikTok, including footage of her daily intake regimen.

While top top the diet, Lizzo stated she made her way through three environment-friendly smoothies and also detox supplements, drank many of water and also a superfood shake, and ate little snacks, consisting of apples with peanut butter, a vegan protein bar and also nuts and cucumbers in apologize cider vinegar.

She likewise claimed she to be “practising safe detox methods” v a nutritionist and also warned others not to try it there is no research.

But since she very first uploaded videos of she diet, the singer has actually copped a barrage that criticism.

Lizzo posted glossesweb.comparison picture of before and after the diet. Credit: lizzobeeating/Instagram
“Never thought I would watch the day whereby Lizzo promotes unhealthy “slimming” detoxes,” one disappointed fan stated on TikTok.

“Please hear to her fans, we understand you aim for transparency yet this is no the kind of ingredient you should be promoting,” one more added.

At the finish of the diet, the singer glossesweb.common glossesweb.comparison image of days one and ten and also responded to the an adverse glossesweb.comments.

She also explained she go not do the diet in an effort to shed weight.

“So ns did the 10-day smoothie detox and as you know I would normally be so afraid and also ashamed to post things choose this online because I feel, like a large girl, world just mean if you room doing miscellaneous for health and wellness you room doing it because that a dramatic load loss,” she said in a video clip to Instagram.

Lizzo at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Credit: Jordan Strauss/AP
“And that is no the case.

“In reality, November emphasize me the f*** out, i drank a lot, ns ate a lot of spicy things and also things the f****d my stomach up and I want to turning back it and also get ago to where I was.

“My sleep has actually improved, my hydration, mine inner peace, my mental stability, my f*****g body, my f*****g skin, the whites of mine eyes.

“I’m a large girl who did a smoothie detox and also I want to share that with you guys.

“I got exactly what I want out that it and also every huge girl must do everything the f*** lock want through their bodies.”

‘Do life your way’

Lizzo later made several other short articles promoting human body positivity, encouraging human being to “DO WHAT friend WANT with YOUR BODY”.

“I detoxed my body and also I’m still fat. I love mine body and I’m quiet fat. Ns beautiful and also I’m tho fat. These things room not mutually exclusive,” she wrote.

“To the world who look glossesweb.come me, please do not starve yourselves. I did no starve myself.

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“I fed myself greens and water and also fruit and also protein and sunlight. Girlfriend don’t need to do that to it is in beautiful or healthy. That was my way. You can do life your way.”

Despite the negativity, lot of of fans and also followers also showed assistance for the singer, praising she for she transparency.