But he is an American guy, no so much as one actor, although the does the too; but he go screenwriting, producing films, and also being a movie director.

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He ended up being prominent through the comedy Clerks, in 1994 – he additionally acted in Clerks, as silent Bob.

He has actually made many, plenty of movies since 1994.

Besides movie work, smith has likewise worked ~ above a few television collection as well.

When he was young, he to be actually one of the sexy young filmmakers around, following up Clerks through Mallrats and Chasing Amy – the audiences love them.

Chasing Amy, you could say, to be what conserved Smith’s career earlier then.

These days, though, he has been quieter and this, supposedly happened, according to him, once he began a family.

He’s happy through the life he has actually now v his family, even if his work has quietened down a lot.

These days, the spends his time record podcasts.

He likewise still renders live appearances, plus the still does fairly a little bit of television occupational – one’s prefer Supergirl and also The Flash.

Then he likewise had his really popular comic publication store, called Jay and also Silent Bob’s an enig Stash. Many human being just called it The Stash.

It to be filled with all comic-related merchandise and film-related ingredient such together apparel, posters, activity figures, etc.

It is located at 35 vast Street in Red Bank, new Jersey.

This store has been supplied for the setups in Kevin’s fact television mirrors such together Comic publication Men.

Podcasts such as Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave! and I sell Comics were recorded there too, and some illustration of SModcast and Highlands: A Peephole History.

This store attracted human being from anywhere the world.

Apart from his effective career, he also lost a substantial amount the weight and also we want to call you just how he walk it, and also why.

So let’s present you to him first:

Here"s What"s In keep For You...

He made it through a huge heart strike on February 26th, 2018 which turned his life around and his healthFrequently inquiry Questions about Kevin smith (FAQs)

Kevin Patrick smith – Born 2 respectable 1970


Kevin to be born in Red Bank, brand-new Jersey, however he flourished up in Highlands, brand-new Jersey in the USA.

He is now 51 year old.

He was the child of grace Schultz, a homemaker, and Donald Smith, who was a postal worker.

He has actually an larger brother, Donald Smither, Jr. And an larger sister, Virginia.

He was elevated in an ireland Catholic household and also attended the Henry Hudson local High institution in Highlands.

After graduating from this school, the met Jason Mewes.

Jason Mewes would be a recurring actor in Kevin’s films.

His young adult years

He attend The brand-new School for Social research in brand-new York however left there together the authorities complained around his undisciplined behavior.

Then he started working in ~ a convenience store.

He joined the Vancouver movie School; he met Scott Mosier, who would be his movie producer in every movie the Kevin made.

Kevin majored in film but decided come drop out halfway.

He rather determined to take a partial tuition reimbursement since he wanted to finance his an initial movie.

The convenience keep he worked at together a youth was specifically the store where his debut movie, Clerks, was actually filmed.

He was allowed to execute filming only at night after the store had closed.

For Kevin, this movie gained him the highest possible award in ~ the Sundance film festival.

It to be such a success the Kevin made another movie called Mallrats just one year later, but it didn’t carry out well at package office.

It’s done very well on the video shelves though!

The 2 were likewise dating at the moment he was creating the manuscript for Chasing Amy, yet their connection didn’t last lengthy – they ended it ~ above friendly state though.

Kevin blacksmith marries in 1999

Around the time the soul awards were coming up, Kevin met who would it is in his wife later, Jennifer Schwalbach.

They married in April 1999.

They go on to have actually a infant girl referred to as Harley Quinn, called after the movie, Batman: The animated Series.

Both his wife and also the baby had actually roles in his movie, Jay and Silent Bob win Back.

In 2004, he wrote and directed the movie Jersey Girl and in 2005 he created the screenplay because that Clerks II.

Then in 2005, he was invited to audition because that Susannah Grant’s new movie.

After the audition, in fact, it could not have actually been an ext than 5 minutes later that his phone rang to let him know he obtained the role.

Filming began in 2005.

That expected he had to postpone the filming the his Clerks II but he controlled to submit it come the Cannes movie festival.

There it gained an 8-minute standing ovation because that it.

There space too many films to point out to date, so you can look in ~ his work over the years here.

In the meantime, these are a few interesting tidbits about Kevin Smith’s lifeHe owns a comic book store referred to as Jay and also Silent Bob’s secret Stash. It’s in Red Bank, new Jersey. He marketed it though so he could film his movie Clerks, and also then after seeing the the movie had actually been a success, the bought the comic book collection back again.He i graduated from Henry Hudson regional in Highlands, brand-new Jersey in 1988.He received an honorary degree (Doctor that Humane Letters) from Illinois Wesleyan university on may 7, 2000.He claims that once his career is over, that would choose to teach creative writing process at a college and additionally teach film.He has a bit of German, Irish, and English ancestry.When he was in high school, he videotaped his school’s sporting events and also town meetings because that the local cable accessibility station.When that was small he to be a vast fan the Tom Savini’s special impacts work.Although Kevin and also his siblings were increased Catholic, he states he just goes come mass the work before beginning producing a brand-new movie, and then ~ above the day before it premieres.Before his movie Clerks, he to be a staunch non-smoker.When he to be a teenager, his girlfriend’s mother wrote “Kevin blacksmith will never be a famed writer” top top a item of paper. She told him if he ever proved her wrong, she would eat the paper. He’s still acquired the piece of document but the mommy is a close friend of his.He share the exact same birthday through his brother, Donald Smith.He is a great fan of the Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team.In 2010, he was so heavy he was escorted off the place due to the fact that he couldn’t fit in one seat

That was when he to be at his heaviest.

At 5ft 9in, he weighed in at 150 kg.

The above story do headlines roughly the world, and also you have the right to imagine the the internet trolls to be merciless.

For the very first time in his life Kevin, who always thought he hid his fat well, unexpectedly saw it because that himself.

‘They understand I’m fat’, the thought.

So he began to quit street <1> ~ that and said it to be an experience for him choose withdrawing from heroin.

But finally, the craving for desserts and also sweetness stopped and 5 stones just melted away from his body.

But that drove the to make a documentary dubbed Too Fat because that 40.

Then in 2014, he saw the movie Fed Up which readjusted his perception

Fed Up to be an Oscar-nominated 2014 movie; one anti-sugar documentary that Kevin saw and which fully changed his perception.

That’s what he told Men’s Health.

He to be 44 then, and also after seeing that movie, the made part serious alters to his lifestyle.

Two large things that changed

1) He began juicing…

…and stopped drinking drinks with sugar in.

He says once he quit drinking sodas and juice and also stuff, the pounds simply flew turn off him.

He states his the atmosphere has changed and his power levels.

Now also when he goes on stage, he’s type of reasoning “Gimme among those juice-thingies.”

2) He also started walking:

He bring away his dog out to job-related on the hill close to his house.

He states he’s no your “fifty reps” type of guy, therefore he just walks every day.

He made it through a substantial heart assault on February 26th, 2018 which turned his life around and his health


His heart strike turned his life around and also that led to him to have actually a massive weight loss change in 2018.

He was simply doing his common routines as soon as the assault happened

He was just in-between mirrors whilst in California.

Doctors said him the if that hadn’t canceled the 2nd show and also had been rushed come the hospital, he wouldn’t have actually made it.

And he stated he was merely feeling ill; that was emotion nauseous and also sweaty, which to be something he to be not provided to.

He felt himself needing come vomit and he knew he to be lying top top the tile floor.

He was rushed off to the hospital wherein he to be told he was having a enormous heart attack.

Doctors said him that the kind of heart assault he suffered is known as a “widowmaker“.

This name comes from the short survival price of those who endure it.

Doctors uncovered that Kevin had a 100% blockage in the left anterior to decrease artery (LAD).

This is one of three arteries that the love receives its it is provided of blood from.

Can you think the medicine today?

He was awake as soon as the doctors inserted a stent in his love which went v his groin come insert it.

This to be to save his life.

He says he was talking to the medical professionals all through the entirety operation; that the physician who had functioned on the said, ‘you’re really chatty.”

But the wonderful point is the the stent offered Kevin immediate relief once the doctors opened up it. He claimed he felt instantly better.

That would certainly make sense, see he had actually been living for so long with insufficient blood gaining to his heart for that knows exactly how long!

That supposed he had not been getting adequate oxygen <3>.

After the attack, that tried the potato diet


Now that was encouraged to obtain into the finest shape the his life at an larger age.

And also though top top the outside he came across as upbeat, he to be trying to make peace on the operating table just shortly after ~ his enormous heart attack.

He said, “I was all set to go”.

So instead of walking plant-based, he first tried the potato diet.

Jillette has a publication out called “Presto! exactly how I Made over 100 Pounds Disappear.” 

Apparently top top the diet, after dieters have actually gone through the early potato phase, they have the right to then start adding other salads and also vegetables because that a period of 3 months.

At this stage, fruits and nuts are not component of the plan, because it’s all around weight loss.

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Kevin had been called by his medical professionals he essential to lose 50 pounds.

His wake-up call came and along with it Kevin’s brand-new potato diet.

After the potato diet, he moved over to the plant-based diet.

These were at least successful in helping him come heed the doctor’s advice and to with his target.

In just 9 days he dropped 17 pounds on the potato diet.

And ~ all, potatoes space nutritious and also have many of fiber in them.

They additionally have zero cholesterol and also low calorie (that’s as long as you nothing deep-fry them!).

He has admitted that he didn’t follow the vegetables diet for ethical reasons; that he knew the his “widowmaker” heart strike was because of his lifestyle and diet choices.

He found that he might rectify his negative choices with the vegetables diet.

He knew he ‘had to’ do the selection if he wanted to extend his life.

“I don’t recognize if I call myself a vegan,” he says, “Maybe a non-animal eater.”

He states he will never ever eat the way he offered to.

Now today, he says eating animal products is the end of the question for him. And after all, veganism is not new in his family.

It was his daughter, Harley Quinn, that is vegan and is really supportive that his brand-new eating habits.

“My son is thrilled because she’s a vegan, ‘She’s like, ‘Welcome home brother,” Smith stated.

Let’s look at what nutritionists think that the potato diet in case you are thinking of make the efforts it

Dena Champion is a registered dietician. She is based in ~ the Ohio State university Wexner medical Center.

She claims she i will not ~ recommend a potato-only diet, absolutely not to a recent heart strike victim or anyone actually, that is make the efforts to shed weight.

She says the diet would certainly not be sufficient in protein and also it also contains no fat.

It shouldn’t yes, really be recommended to everyone for any reason, she says.

A registered nutritionist, Daniel O’Shaughnessy, indigenous the united Kingdom, is additionally skeptical about Kevin eat the potato diet after his heart attack.

“I don’t think it’s healthy and balanced for anyone, because of the lack of nutrition, variety, and also psychological boredom” – that’s what he told MensHealth.com.

Yes, sure it is very low calorie, and also that would cause someone to lose weight quickly.

But the not suitable diet for long-term sustainability, he says.

He was on YouTube, going as “Spud Fit.”

He declared to have actually lost 117 pounds ~ above this diet over the food of a year.

He make the efforts to get over the ‘potato boredom’ by seasoning his potatoes through dried herbs, spices, and also fat-free sweet-chili sauce, and barbeque sauce.

The author of The Fat ns Prescription book, Spencer Nadolsky, D.O. Claims that the potato diet “Is very restrictive”

He states a vegan diet is restrictive, and also even the ketogenic diet is restrictive.

So image how restrictive a potato diet is!

He likewise discussed v them how he had gone vegan and also the transforming effect it had actually had top top his recovery and physical health.

“The LAD is the artery the goes across the front of your heart, 100 percent clogged by cholesterol,” says Kevin.

He stated that he offered to eat a lot of of pet food products, and also drinking two-gallons the milk a day.

But finally, his daughter, that had end up being vegan because that the past three year or for this reason already, had encouraged him to become vegan, and also he had.

He explained that also though the disliked eat veggies, still, the mix of fasting and also a plant-based diet functioned well for him.

He said that if he had the selection between broccoli and also kumquats, that would fairly not eat.

So he rather skips meals to execute his intermittent fasting.

He no eat breakfast, break his fast at about 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Then from 8 o’clock in ~ night, he no eat.

He uncovered going vegan the easiest way for the to it is in healthy.

For him, even still, the thinks the vegetables suck contrasted to what eat a item of cake or steak is like.

But that looks at it like this now, “I know what that stuff tastes like. And also it’s no going anywhere.”

Having a close brush with death has provided Kevin a new perspective top top life now

He states for 47 year he ate precisely what he wanted.

Then he claimed he would try the means he was claimed to eat for simply one year and also see what happens, and also that’s when he shed 50 pounds in 6 months.

Does that workout?

Every day, he and also his personal trainer, Shecky, go out for one hour-long walk.

Shecky is a miniature dachshund, and also they go the hill near Kevin’s home.

But today, he is still difficult to his vegan and also low-sugar diet.

And he claims he additionally practices part control.

He scans the brand on food now, and also for his bad cholesterol and inflammation, he states he take away Lipitor.

A year after ~ his heart strike required adjustments

A year ~ a huge heart attack, Kevin blacksmith has adjusted his life about as much as diet goes.

He has been may be to see all that he has actually gained.

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To begin with, he’s obtained a whole lot an ext energy; he’s never ever tired, always ready to it is in on the go.