Gabourey Sidibe is an American actress, that made an pure splash and a breakthrough in her career once she to be nominated for the Academy compensation for finest Actress in the movie, Precious.

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Even though that was way back in 2009, that catapulted her right into the public’s eye, making she ‘famous’ overnight.

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Young adult yearsGabourey MaLingair Sidibe, born on might 6, 1983, starts her weight loss journey in 2017She has actually some the her own weight loss advice to help you start your very own weight ns journeyFrequently inquiry Questions around Gabourey Sidibe (FAQs)Conclusion

Early years

Gabourey Sidibe to be born in Brooklyn and was carried up in Harlem.

Her mother Alice was a teacher who became a experienced singer. She father, Ibnou, to be a Senegal-born cab driver.

Apart from Gabourey, there were two brothers and she likewise had pair sisters.

Unfortunately, her parents split up as soon as she was simply 12.

She was aware of her load from very early age and told Nylon the her father had actually beaten her and also called she “fatso” reminding her of the truth all the time.

She admitted the her childhood offered her “a many practice acting,” saying, “I prospered up pretending i was okay as soon as I wasn’t.”

She likewise shared through Nylon that “For a lengthy time, mine father was dead to me.”

She stated she’s tried to move on, saying that “the six-year-old in me is tho pissed, but I don’t think ns am a victim.”

She apparently also had to put up with a lot of bullying from her older brothers – he constantly had nasty things to say to her.

Because her parents split up when she was only 12 and also in the 4th grade.

So she, her mother, and also brother went to live through her aunt.

“Every day, had to gain up and also go to college where everyone made funny of me,” she says, “and I had actually to go house to whereby everyone made fun of me.”

Young adult years

She stated that she actually had actually no interest in acting.

She quite wanted to walk to college and study psychology.

So she took on a part-time task as a receptionist so.

Later, a friend concerned her and also told her she essential to go and audition because that the lead role in the movie Precious.

She feeling a little bit of an affinity through the duty as her mom had provided her the novel, Push, to review which was all about this movie.

But she go anyway, and it wasn’t lengthy that Lee Daniels realized that Gabourey was the perfect star to do in Precious.

Gabourey had actually leaned top top her own experiences to portray Precious, who had been an obese, illiterate, teenage mom that enrolled in a special education project.

But Gabourey outshone herself and also beat much more than 300 girls to get the role, and very soon, this star to be hanging out v all the various other stars.

Precious obtained a variety of accolades which incorporate three gold Globe nominations.

When she heard that her portrayal in the movie had earned she an Academy award nomination for the best lead actress award, she jumped up screaming, ‘I’m walk to acquire a car! I’m going to gain a car!’

It was she dream to come to be a therapist indigenous a young age

Gabourey was studying psychology in ~ Mercy college in new York City because the subject had been a passion for her already from the period of six.

She stated that by the moment she was 10-years old, she was currently “reading psychology books and also studying treatment techniques.”

She also underwent therapy to help with her very own issues, telling Andy Cohen from civilization Magazine the “I obtained a lot of therapy in mine life. I champion for therapy — therapy is everything.”

In her 2017 publication This Is simply My Face: try Not come Stare, Sidibe talks around how as soon as she was 21, her therapist at the time said to her that she should obtain a telemarketing task to pay the bills.

When the therapist said ‘telemarketing’, Gabourey taken it as ‘phone sex’.

In she sex treatment job, she had actually to store callers long enough on the heat to ring up the bill

Gabourey stated that once she was the sexy voice on the other finish of the phone, she had to ~ do so to be white because “The average caller is a white male and also they wanted to talk to a white woman.”

But what she had actually seen in ~ the sex therapy agency that she functioned for was that the average sex-talker was a plus-sized black color woman.

She let most of the males think the the person on the other side to be their sex-related fantasy such as talking to Megan Fox!

But in actual fact, lock were talking to, “well … me!”

She offered her voice seductively in the phone sex business

She was a call sex therapist for around three years, after i beg your pardon time she began to work on the movie, Precious, i beg your pardon would adjust her life and bring in the bucks.

But she had learned a lot of on the task that she knew would be of advantage to she in her exhilaration career.

She took all that she had actually learned; the secrets, pleasure, and also the shame, and also used it in the real world about her.

She had actually learned just how to flirt and in the real world, she knew how to ask for what she wanted.

She was no afraid come say anything to anyone and she was not afraid to it is in anyone since of the phone sex work she did.

She had actually needed patience in the job and this had taught she to survive.

She knew that once the acting opportunity came up, it was the right answer come say “yes” come it.

Today, she is an acclaimed actress, and also even v her overnight success through Precious, she still retains her warm down-to-earth attitude.

She claims of herself that she is just a “normal girl, trying to execute abnormal things”.

But have the right to you think that she endured from bulimia?

Yes, this actress reportedly weighed 300 pounds and also she set about losing 150 pounds after ~ going under the knife.

We room going to tell you about how she conquered her incredible weight loss that started her load loss journey in 2017 and also how an excellent she watch now…

Gabourey MaLingair Sidibe, born on might 6, 1983, starts her load loss trip in 2017



Before undergoing surgery, there were details sad events in her life that led approximately it and bulimia was one of them.

Gabourey claimed she suffered from bulimia, something the she began suffering from currently in her college years.

She suffered from suicidal thoughts and bulimia

It hasn’t been a sunshine and also roses story for the priceless start because she also suffered from psychological illness and also you can read about her battles in her new memoir This Is just My Face.

Yes, she endured from bouts of bulimia <1> and depression.

“Here’s the thing about therapy and why it’s therefore important. Ns love mine mom, however there’s so lot I couldn’t speak to she about.”

She described that there to be times as soon as she just couldn’t avoid crying, hating everything around herself.

When she did try to open up up to she mom, her mom appeared unconcerned.

If she was sad around something and also told she mom, her mother would tell she to ‘get a thicker skin.’

And when she to be upset, her mom said, ‘stop nitpicking.’

Sure, her mother had confidence that someday things would certainly be okay, but saying it simply wasn’t enough for Gabourey.

So she just kept her sad thoughts to herself and also kept thinking around them – think even about dying.

Finally, she reached out and did look for treatment.

“I found a doctor and also told her everything that to be wrong through me”

“The medical professional asked me if I wanted to kill myself.

I said, ‘Meh, not yet. But when i do, i know just how I’ll perform it.’

She stated she wasn’t afraid to die, and also if there had actually been a button, she can have propelled it to erase her visibility on earth.

After her initial diagnosis, Gabourey has actually prescribed one antidepressant and also went come therapy.

Today, the star still actively manages her psychological health.

“I just accepted depression as something that’s part of mine anatomy; it’s part of mine chemistry, it’s component of mine biology,” Sidibe told human being Magazine…

She describes her bulimia to be a way to cope through her depression, not to shed weight.

That’s fantastic advice, Gabourey. She claimed the bulimia lasted about three years.

“Throwing up made me feel high. I felt a release about my head choose a halo that made me feel lighter physically and also emotionally.”

She told Nylon that as soon as she remained in high school, she didn’t want to be seen eating in front of others.

She claimed that when she got to college, she constantly wanted to throw up since she to be so sad, revealing the she had constantly struggled v depression and also panic strikes – the she had also contemplated suicide.


In in march 2017, Gabourey claimed she underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery – she go this since she had actually been unsuccessful in do the efforts to shed weight by her very own means.

This is to aid with load loss whereby the surgeon locations a band around the top component of the stomach so the there is just a small pouch left to host food.

With such a little pouch you soon feel complete after eating just a little amount of food.

She says it remained in no way taking the easy way out (but what does it matter if it was – great for friend Gabourey!) as surgical procedure comes through risks.

But she felt that was her last option.

She realized the her connection with food had to readjust and surgery assisted to do that.

“My surgeon claimed that my mind chemistry would readjust and I’d want to eat healthier. I’ll take it!”

That was no the only reason she go under the knife

According come People, another reason why Gabourey went under the knife was the both she and her brother, Ahmed, were diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Not only that, she said she used to it is in bullied a lot when she to be young and this was another reason that triggered her to obtain surgery.

She says that her battle with weight loss has constantly been a personal pursuit.

“Yeah, I have actually been struggling through weight my whole life. Ns realize the as lengthy as I have actually a body, it will be a struggle.”

Why walk Gabourey Sidibe decision she wanted to shed weight?

All ladies dread listening the words from anyone that they are “fat” and “ugly”.

Often, if you room not the wanted shape, size, or look, particularly in the entertain industry, it method you might easily get ousted or not ‘used’ again.

People, too, frequently feel environment-friendly with envy and threatened through good-looking beautiful world with beautiful bodies.

Gabourey Sidibe knows around being rejected, in fact, she was once told by a renowned actor that she need to quit the industry since it was so image-conscious!

It was probably all of the over that make Gabourey Sidibe look for weight ns surgery.

But another thing the really made her take notification of her health and wellness seriously was when she learned the she had type 2 diabetes <2>.

She to be alarmed to know that she life to be at risk, and it was then the she made decision she had actually to lose weight.

“I just didn’t desire to worry,” she said in the magazine.

“I important didn’t want to worry about all the results that go in addition to diabetes. Ns genuinely worry all the time around losing my toes.”

She also said the she walk care around her health, saying…

“It’s to be my body my totality life, and also I didn’t desire to be afraid anymore. And also I’ve to be feeling choose that for part time.”

How did Gabourey Sidibe shed her weight so quickly?


Soon ~ Gabourey learned that she had actually type-2 diabetes, she consulted v her doctor.

He was a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Bradley Schwack.

After seeing him, she determined to experience the important weight loss surgical procedure where he would remove 80% of she stomach to reduce its capacity.

She would certainly feel complete after eating much smaller meals. She certainly went under the knife looking fabulous afterward.

She had the ability to flaunt she ‘new’ human body on Instagram.

The 300-pound star of precious dropped 150 pounds!


Gabourey Sidibe

1) She prevents soda

When she was growing up, Gabourey love to drink sodas commonly – maybe that would certainly go along with a burger and fries.

All this unhealthy and also poor eating choices were the factor why she started acquiring weight.

When she opted to lose weight, that was the very first thing she reduced out of her brand-new health regime and that was sodas.

She choose to start drinking ice-cold water with a couple of lemon slices in; this maintained her hydrated and also flushed out all the toxins from her body.

2) Out with the junk food

Another step she took was to oust junk food from she life and also diet.

When she little, her life consisted of heaps that junk food.

Oreos and fries were high on the list as were burgers, pizza, and plenty of other processed foods.

Getting to escape of these would aid to lower the trans-fats and salt input <3> which space super huge when it pertains to putting on weight.

She replaced these with snacks such together veggie chips, hummus, and also saltine crackers.

3) She additionally eats in ~ the best time now

Not only is she making healthy food choices, yet when she eats, she eats at the best time.

No longer late-night snacking.

4) She preserved much smaller portion sizes

Maintaining portion sizes is actually an essential when you space trying to shed weight.

No matter how healthily you eat, girlfriend still need to part control also the healthy and balanced foods; otherwise, you will still obtain weight.

Gabourey Sidibe chatted come a nutritionist and her an individual trainer for this reason she might get advice on eating the right quantities of great carbs.

Good carbs space veggies, fruits, and also grains.

Other healthy food would certainly be protein and also healthy fat <4> such as avocado oil, olive oil, nuts, and also seeds.

5) small plates replace big plates

The best method to practice section control is to use a smaller sized plate.

Your mind tricks you into believing the your bowl looks complete with a comfortable lot of food, yet in fact, it is lot less.

6) She reduced down top top salt and also sugar

Gabourey adored eat beloved Oreos, cupcakes, and also fries, binging on lock whenever she had actually the whim.

But due to the fact that her diagnosis, she made a certain decision to offer them up because she realized just how high the sugar content was.

When you are diabetic, it is essential to regulate the amount of sugar you consume <5>.

She followed an exercise plan too

After she began eating healthily, Gabourey might feel her power coming back and she discovered that she was much more active.

Here’s her practice routine:

She began with low-impact exercises. She would certainly go on sluggish walks utilizing the treadmill, the stair stepper, and the Versaclimber. She want to placed minimal pressure on she joints. This cardio helped her to burn calorie effectively.She additionally did various other exercise varieties three times a week – 30 minutes. This contained leg presses, lunges, squats, barbell curl, and also lat pull-downs.She tried aerial yoga too and even post an outstanding photo of her working out top top this. Possibly you won’t watch her a entirety lot in a yoga studio though due to the fact that she has actually said “I hate yoga for this reason much. Like, if yoga to be a person, I’d stab them.” in ~ the finish of the day, “it doesn’t make any type of sense to death yourself, since who room you trying to it is in beautiful for? It’s a mind game, no a human body game.”She says, however, the she does work-related out frequently by also swimming and riding a huge tricycle, and of course, with the assist of she nutritionist, is likewise eating better. She states she offered to “swim 100 laps a day.”

Anyone can attain the same results she did to attain a much better shaped; and also healthier body. Gabourey Sidibe is a living example of exactly how it paid off for her.

She is a motivation for everyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and overall well-being.


Gabourey Sidibe with boyfriend Brandon Frankel

Gabby’s wellness isn’t the only thing the has adjusted her life a whole lot – something else has actually made headlines and also that is she love life – the is blossoming!

She announced that she was dating a guy, Brandon Frankel.

He works in the branding and also marketing industry.

Just recently she announced the they had recently got engaged after dating because 2019.

We will certainly watch eagerly to see when she and he bound the knot!

Gabourey shared a video on Instagram that the two of them with each other flashing she engagement ring.

She says...

She revealed to us Magazine that the finest advice she had ever before heard was to just simply shower hands v rejection.

She claims that in life, you will certainly fail probably an ext than you will win, so you require to obtain used come that and also keep relocating forward.

She likewise hopes the her success in her movie career will certainly encourage and also motivate rather to follow and also chase after your dreams.

Initially, she didn’t want to do acting for a living, return it aided her in school. That is why she encourages young people now to uncover their own passions. "Junior high institution sucked because that me.

High institution sucked because that me," she says.

But she claims that once you decision to begin feeling great about yourself is as soon as you do feel good ... You have to number out what around yourself you love."

What space Gabourey’s Meatless Mondays about?

Gabourey’s Instagram account permitted fans to acquire an insight into exactly how her eating habits changed.

She revealed to her fans on she Instagram account, i beg your pardon has about 1.5 million followers, the she had started “Meatless Mondays”.

She told every her fans that she tries to go meatless ~ above Mondays.

She is trying come cook much more now and also made her own recipe indigenous a friend of hers referred to as ‘spicy cabbage mix stir fry.’

Did she really end up being a version for roadway Bryant?

Somewhere in 2016, Gabourey to be a design for roadway Bryant.

Just look just how stunning and also alluring her modeling ad looks in the subway. Fans started to take notification of she ‘new’ shape that was changing all the an ext as she posted pics of it s her on Instagram.

She is a reminder the representation and diversity in fashion, be it around the size, gender, or ethnicity, is all-important.

Fashion and also beauty space so inspirational, especially when we deserve to relate to civilization who have actually suffered the exact same setbacks and also weight problems as so plenty of others have; and her poster with Lane Bryant celebrates all women; impressive women.


Can you believe that Gabourey’s name method “the one with the beautiful cheeks,” and also her middle name way “my queen?”

Isn’t that a exorbitant reminder of who Gabourey is and also who she has actually become?

For Gabourey though, she states her weight was always an issue for her from very early age, through her battling her weight her whole life.

She told Oprah Winfrey that her an initial diet was currently at the age of six.

Not only did her father speak to her fat, yet so did her mother.

Then she underwent weight-loss surgery to acquire started with losing weight and to get her fitness level up.

This was likewise because she found that both she and also her brothers suffered currently from stage-2 diabetes.

She has a wonderful feeling of humor and always lets this shine through, continuing to be a function model for young girl coming increase behind her.

This is what she said Nylon...

“Listen, I’m a solitary, selfish person. I have actually no kids and also I feel bad around my selfishness.

But i hear civilization tell me around how mine struggles have helped them, and also I’m glad the my selfishness is valuable to someone else…I love my body and I worthy love.

We all do, at any size.”

When it pertains to weight loss, Gabourey has actually realized the the stars space really similar to everybody else.

The world in Hollywood understand that the subject of weight is frequently a very big topic, sparking countless discussions, articles, and also tabloid features.

And so it deserve to be nice frustrating because that stars to carry on a few extra pounds as soon as they understand that that affects their high quality of life, their work.

They know, inevitably too, the their weight will certainly come under the spotlight as well.

That is why so many plus-sized celebrities; men and women, have made huge transformations in their bodies.

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Each of castle has complied with their own path, with amazing results.

Gabourey is one such mrs who adjusted her life for the better, because…

“I remained in a war with my body for a long time. If I’d started treating it better sooner, i wouldn’t have actually spent so plenty of years hating myself. Yet I love my human body now.”