Hollywood is full of committed celebrity actors who have gained a many weight or lost a many weight for a movie role, most of the time, becoming fully unrecognizable.

These extremes have altered some actors in irreversible ways, favor Tom Hanks, who has actually diabetes as result of extreme dieting for film roles. Together for Robert De Niro, weight acquire was no large deal compared to his cultivation obsession with his film Raging Bull.

He to be willing to do everything it takes to prepare because that the film, including obtaining 60 pounds.

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Robert De Niro has been roughly a lengthy time


Robert De Niro | Samir Hussein/WireImage

De Niro has certainly made a name for himself in Hollywood with hit movies consisting of (but not limited to) Cape Fear, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Silver Linings Playbook, and also Limitless.

Some the De Niro’s finest movies range from Meet the Fockers (and sequels), The Godfather component II, The Deer Hunter, Midnight Run, and also Raging Bull. He has actually been credited with creating 36 films, acquisition on roles in 124 films and also shows, and according to IMDb, winning 63 awards and also receiving 133 nominations.

Not to point out he is also one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood, pulling in $3.2 billion in his lifetime so far.

If friend aren’t impression by De Niro’s experiences yet, you could find that intriguing the he newly received the Presidential Medal of respect presented by Barack Obama.

He called Skylife in one interview, “I felt honored and gratified . My household was there. Going ago to the past and listening to mine success with them present was an extremely emotional.”

His role in the movie ‘Raging Bull’

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De Niro play Jake La Motta in the 1980 film Raging Bull. It to be a biographical drama around an Italian-American middleweight boxer that was self-destructive and had one obsessive and also animalistic rage around him. He additionally had a continuous fear and suspicion that his wife, Vickie, to be cheating on that with other men, and also even let it fuel his anger once he brutally beat Janiro in response to a comment she made previously in the film.

His connection with his wife and also family to be understandably damaged, and Vickie later demands a divorce. The movie is a series of brutal and destructive habits on Jake’s behalf.

Roger Ebert explains, “Raging Bull is not a film about boxing but about a male with paralyzing jealousy and sexual insecurity, because that whom gift punished in the ring serves as confession, penance, and absolution.”

According come Vanity Fair, The real-life Jake La Motta helped De Niro train because that his role in Raging Bull but admitted, “I didn’t particularly like the film” since he to be disturbed by the portrayal of his very own behavior. The recalled questioning his wife, “Is the the method I was in real life?” and she responded, “You to be worse.”

How he gained ready for the film, including acquiring 60 pounds!

De Niro to be passionate about Raging Bull and also couldn’t envision it there is no his long-time friend, Marty Scorsese. Follow to comprehensive overview of the making of Raging Bull by Vanity Fair, the friendship sparked the breakthrough of the movie in offices, restaurants, and also the hospital room end the timeless sets and also editing rooms.

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They additionally report the “De Niro said a period of full isolation and also immersion—no phones, no distractions of any type of kind” whereby they go a ton of study on boxing and also Gloria Norris, one assistant, recalls De Niro “rising beforehand to operation along the beach.”

She likewise remembers “him and Scorsese talking the end the manuscript scene by scene in the mornings composing up the brand-new material top top yellow legit pads in the afternoons.”

Scorsese explains, “It was full concentration. Every little thing was excellent at that little table through that stunner cabana umbrella, and also we’re looking the end at the ocean.”

De Niro’s commitment and also dedication come the movie Raging Bull resulted in his 1981 Oscar victory for finest Actor.