Renée Zellweger is among the growing list the Hollywood stars to transform your bodies because that roles. Some actors acquire in remarkable shape to play superheroes when others pack on pounds. 


Renée Zellweger at the premiere of Bridget Jones’s Baby | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The gibbs famously readjusted her appearance to play Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones’s Diary, a must-see Zellweger movie. The Oscar winner’s physical change wasn’t virtually as drastic once she reprised her function in the franchise’s third installment. 

Renée Zellweger gained virtually 30 pounds come play Bridget Jones

Zellweger famously placed on a reported 30 pounds because that the 2001 romantic comedy, according to CBS News. She play 32-year-old Bridget Jones, a woman determined to take regulate of she life.

That had exercising regularly and also shedding a couple of pounds. Zellweger’s character even weighed herself regularly. 

Zellweger lost the load she obtained when filming ~ above Bridget Jones’s Diary wrapped. The movie go so well the gibbs reprised her duty in a sequel. That supposed looking the part of Bridget as soon as again. 

Renée Zellweger filming Bridget Jones’s Diary | Darren/Goff/The LIFE photos Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

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Zellweger regained the load she’d previously lost for 2004’s Bridget Jones: The leaf of Reason. Audiences experienced the next chapter of Bridget’s life whereby weight and body image continued to be a major part of her life. 

Renée Zellweger gained ‘a couple of pounds’ come reprise her function as Bridget Jones in ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’

12 year after moviegoers last witnessed Bridget and only six years after ~ Zellweger stepped far from Hollywood, the actor reprised her duty in Bridget Jones’s Baby. However, this time things were different. Yes, Bridget’s love life was together eventful as ever yet she to be no longer obsessing over her weight. 

Zellweger called The day-to-day Telegraph she supposed to put on weight for the movie yet director Sharon Maguire want Bridget to it is in in a location in she life where she’d accomplished her “ideal weight.” 

“Sharon was hoping we can show that Bridget had achieved her appropriate weight, yet at the exact same time the didn’t average her life to be perfect,” Zellweger said.

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The actor continued, speak she wanted Bridget to acquire weight.

“I no sure around that one though since we all have something us think is wrong, that requirements fixing, that in our own minds to represent the best that we room meant come obtain,” Zellweger said. “And I choose the idea that that remains with united state throughout our lives.”

The gibbs admitted in a different interview through Vogue she ended up acquiring some load — yet not lot — because that Bridget Jones’s Baby.

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“I put on a couple of pounds. I likewise put on some breasts and a baby bump,” she said, adding that “Bridget is a perfectly typical weight and I’ve never taken why it matters so much. No masculine actor would acquire such scrutiny if the did the exact same thing because that a role.”

Bridget Jones is reportedly getting a documentary

What’s following for Bridget? A documentary. Helen Fielding, the author of the Bridget Jones publications that influenced the movies, told Stylist in 2019 that a documentary dubbed Becoming Bridget was in the works for 2020. In ~ publication, further details about the documentary have yet to it is in announced.

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